I had some emails asking how I had covered my pumpkins. So here is a quick tutorial. There are several out there so feel free to look around!

I used several old pumpkins that were old and cracked...some were a little sticky in places. You know me...I don't like to throw anything away so I decided to modify them. This whole process is really easy and quick. I sat up the cardboard table and made mine while watching TV.

You will need: Pumpkins (These are new from Wal Mart since I had used up my supply.
The big ones were $5 and the small ones were $1.), Mod Podge, Tape, Brush and Spray Paint. I also used waxed paper and did not get it into this pic.
You also need tissue paper. I went with an animal print this year but there are so really cool prints out there!
I wanted the steams of my pumpkins to stay natural so I taped them off.

I then spray painted my pumpkins. It does not have to be a perfect white coat. Since some of my tissue paper is light, I wanted to knock the bright orange color down a bit so that it would not show through as much. Please note my uber sophisticated spray painting station. I use an old bar stool covered with a shopping bag. For things that I want elevated, I use a trusty old bean can. ~grins~ Reuse and re-purpose people!!

Want to know my bestest secret weapon when it comes to spray painting?!?!?!!

It is this WONDERFUL little trigger that fits over the spray button. You just press the trigger and No more sore tired painting finger!! It keeps paint off of your finger and takes a lot of stress off of your hand. It also gives you better control. You can find the spray paint trigger hanging out with all the spray paint cans at Wal Mart. It was less than $3.00.

Now just let those little pumpkins of yours dry and we will get started with the next step soon!


  1. Your pumpkins were so cute! They make me want to run out to WalMart right now and see if I can find some on clearance to do this project, except I am already in my jammies! I love the trigger thing for the spray paint can too!

  2. I normally see lots of people in Wal Mart in their jammies Annie so you would fit right in.

  3. Wow, this looks like a fun project, Mindy. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna have to make a trip to Wal-Mart, too. And tell Annie she'll probably see me there in my jammies! :o)



    P.S. Except that I'd probably get my photo taken by that guy that does the "People of Wal-Mart" series and then everyone would be making fun of me! :o|

  4. Who knew Ms. Mindy packed heat.

    I think I'm gonna have to load up and find some stuff to spray paint ;-)

  5. I'll bet they last quite a while - super cool!!!!

  6. I like your fancy punkins.

  7. I love love love the animal print pumpkins! Never thought of that.


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