What Have I learned During Win, Lose or Blog???

It's coming to an end and I hate for it to be over. I needed this at exactly the time it began. I had hit a big plateau on my weight loss journey and needed to kick start it. In fact, I have thought about how I would have handled the stress that has come my way if I was NOT accountable during Win Lose or Blog. I might have gone back to my old habits. Win Lose or Blog was what I needed and was at the time that I needed it. Though I hate to see Season 1 end, it will be so much fun to watch the second round of contestants and cheer them on!

So, what have I learned in the last 2 months?

1. Perfect strangers can be in a competition against you and still sincerely cheer you on.

2. People can be your followers and lift you up when you are down. Many time I have gotten emails asking if I was okay when I had not blogged for awhile. Peeps will have your back and not forget you.

3. You CAN get burned out on oatmeal. For reals.

4. Even though I am the oldest contestant this round (I am 47), I have not done too bad if I say so myself.

5. People who suffer from PCOS and Peri-menopause have a whole lot of the same stinking ugly symptoms without the baby part thrown in.

6. That I truly am in control of what I eat and my eating habits. Stress has been at the red alert level and I am still making good choices. It would be great choices but some veggies fell by the way side a week or so ago but they are making a come back.

7. I can post full body pictures with measurements on the Internet and not die. I have been really surprised that my pics have not been stolen and posted on a porn site. ~snorts~

8. You can be assertive about what you think it right and fair and people will listen.

9. Tilapia and cloves have no business being in the same recipe.

10. That no one has ever died from not eating flour or sugar.

11. That even though losing weight is very important to me....my weight cannot define who I am unless I allow it to.

12. A girl can never own too many bentos, tiffins or cute lunch accessories.

13. If you have a question, people WILL help you find an answer.

14. Walking corgis with two different speed settings can be an adventure in itself.

15. It really is alright to fall off the wagon as long as you hop up and climb right back on.

16. There is a big difference between excuses and reasons.

17. You cannot get burned out on bacon. I did a lot of scientific research to help y'all have concrete evidence on that one.

You're welcome.

18. You cannot always be the #1 winner. There always has to be runners up in order for their to be a winner.

19. I have learned that it is VERY important to take your measurements. I have not lost gobs during the competition but I have lost inches! I have gone done 1 size in shirts (would have been 2 if I did not have the breasts of a Russian peasant woman) and 1 size in pants. That knowledge kept me moving forward when before, I would have been upset about not losing and might have been tempted into going back to bad habits.

20. My camera weighs 1/2lbs. FOR REALS! I had to learn how to weigh, get the weight on the scale and THEN pick up my camera and take the pic.

21. I am really going to miss this and all of you.

What about you? What have YOU learned?

....does not want to say good bye.....*sniffles*


  1. hhhhmmmm....i will have to ponder on what i have learned over the past 2 months and get back to you...or i may just blog about it if that's okay...??? since this is Your Idea... :)

    i am soooo proud of you....you have done so well!! i feel like i know you now...even though i don't personally know you...

    even though you may not be a contestant after this week, im sure a lot of your viewers will still be in-touch by following your other blog and etc.
    and i know we will want to keep encouraging you coz the journey doesnt stop once the contest stops....as you well know... :)
    i know, i need all the encouragement i can get too....and i really appreciate you being my cheerleader too!!! it really means a lot!! :)

    so, there is no need to say "good bye"....but i do understand what you are trying to say....:)

    lots of cheers,


  2. LOVE this post Mindy! :) enjoyed getting to know you. I learned that complete strangers can help motivate each other!

  3. Thank you so much Tracy. By all means blog away!!!

  4. Thank you so very much Lindsey....especially for all of your help. I know this was not easy for all of you!

  5. I have learned that its not too late to get yourself up and back on track, I saw all that you ladies did and I was like, look how good they did all the while I was still eating bad, well as you lost I gained, and so after a weight defining moment the other day, I have now lost 2 lbs, and hope to get more serious about my choices now.

    I will miss all of you and hearing about your lives and all has been so wonderful, see to me it was not so much about the physical but the human spirit, the day to day challenges, the hurts and the triumphs.

    Hope to hear from some of you from time to time, and all I can say is Keep on losing Mindy!

    Take care of your Diesel, my Diesel is doing great :)

    We will talk again I am sure.

    Love Joyce

  6. Oh Joyce I love everything that you had to say. You have been one of the best cheerleaders!

    Diesel says *mawr*

    And we just won't lose touch!

  7. Gosh, you sure learned a lot, Mindy!! I am happy for you that you have been able to stick with improving your eating habits!!!

  8. Thank you so much Dyan! People like you made it easier.

  9. I can't believe it's done ... bummer it's for such a short time. You've done great and will continue to do so!

    Just so you know, I'm running my own experiement over here to confirm your bacon theory! ;-)

  10. I think that is a good idea Adrienne. That way, once you also prove it...we cannot be refuted.

  11. I learned that you are just as stinkin cool as I thought you were. Go you!! I'm so happy for you!

  12. Such awesome words coming from THE Captainwow!!

  13. Mindy,

    I'm so happy to read your list and be uplifted by it. I hope that you save this so that if you ever fall off your wagon, you can see that you REALLY DO KNOW what it takes! :)

    I'll be rootin' for you, even when WLorB is over!

  14. I am so glad that it made you happy Briana. You made a good point about saving it...I never thought about that!


  15. You're a rock star!

    I, for one, am sincerely grateful for your exhaustive bacon research.


  16. I knew you would be rach. I have your back.

  17. This sounds like a really cool experience - so glad to hear you got so much out of it :)

  18. I so admire your WON'T POWER! I'm getting so tired of falling off the wagon and dusting myself off. LOL.

    Thanks, as always, for visiting~

  19. Wow! You have done an amazing job! Going down a size in clothes is quite an accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself! I wish you continued success in meeting your goals. Have an awesome week!


  20. Thanks for letting me know I was a contestant! My emails from WLB went to Spam! HA! I loved your list...however...I'm not sure if I'll get number 7 for awhile now. *shudders*

  21. Insightful and witty...I especially enjoyed your #9 and #11.

  22. "Breasts of a Russian Peasant woman" HA. You crack me up!
    sorry I haven't mailed your present yet. I am a bum!
    xo, Cheryl


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