And the WINNER is......

Well is smarter than I am. I see all the cool blogs using it and posting the widget on their blogs. "# so and so wins! and then what they said."

Yeah...well...I cannot make it do that. ~sheeze~

I cannot create a widget except for the one that generates a new number each time you press the button. I guess that could make everyone a winner. I don't think that is what CSN was looking for. LOL.

So this is what I did! I listed each comment in a document in the order that they were left and assigned them a number. I took my one comment and the deleted comment out. Then I spun the wheel at and the winner is:


Blogger Laura said...

What a Fantastic Giveaway hun!

If I won I would totally buy some fitness gear (hand weights... medicine balls)...

Or maybe a fancy lemonade dispenser? Or a cake stand? Endless possibilities!


Thank you to all that entered!!!
loves all the new followers!


  1. It was RIGGED!!!! I DEMAND a recount. :D Oh who am I kidding....I never win anything anyway. LOL Congrats to Laura!!!

  2. LOL I bet you were surprised that I did not win Jerry!

  3. Yeah Laura! Pretty good workaround with the widget!!!


    Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo!

    I screamed at my house... startled the boy! hehehe

  5. Congratulations to Laura! Have fun spending that gift certificate!

    And thank you, Mindy, for hosting such a great give away!



  6. Jerry, I am so with you on that. I was suppose to win.

    But I'll say congratulations Laura & that if she has any $ left over mine want wasn't expensive.....

  7. Way to go Laura,and Thanks Mindy for the chance!

  8. *sniff*...Oh well. *goes through Streisand and Madonna songs sheet music*.....gonna go empower myself on the karaoke machine again.....

  9. I know what you mean! How do they do that with a nice little picture of the random number generator result? Tricky bloggers.

  10. Yes yes, aren't we all happy for Laura! Good job Laura, way to be "randomly" selected. LOL, no for real congrats!

  11. must like you because there's a little something on my blog waiting for you to claim it. Wink!


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