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Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. Eating the way I am has not been a problem at all....just the stress of real life. Stress mixed with peri-menopause makes for one happy girl. ~rolling my eyes here~ In fact, I shudder to think how out of control I would be if I was still 210lbs and eating everything that I could get my hands on.

Instead I just keep walking, doing yoga and not eating flour or sugar.

I am happy to announce that I have finally lost again! I am at 179.2. Yeah for being under 180!!

For lunch today we had pork chops and yummy sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are full of seriton and good for us. MMMMMMM I usually make my own but was so surprised to find that Ore Ida now makes them and they are in the freezer section!! I drizzled a little olive oil on them and then sprinkled them with salt and pepper.
When they were done, I sprinkled them with sweetner and chili powder. I love the sweet slightly hot kick!

Tonight I am trying out a new recipe and trying THIS:

I will let you know how it turns out!

Edited to add:
The fish was okay. I think I expected more since there was a butt load of spices. Instead, I found it kind of bland. If I ever made it again I would leave out the cloves. I think I will stick to the way that I normally make it and toss this recipe.


  1. The tilapia looks FABULOUS. Let us know how it goes, OK?

  2. I just can't make myself eat fish (unless it is fried catfish). I recently spotted those sweet potato fries and I'm glad to hear they are good. I might have to try them!

  3. Sweet potatoes look fantastic and I'm not into sweet potatoes.

  4. Mindy, congrats for the weight loss and that sweet potatoes looked yummy!

    I will look up that fish recipe that you posted soon.


  5. OMgosh those fries w/ those spices sound divine! Congrats on the loss girl!

  6. Mindy saw this and thought of you:

    though the prize does not look healthy-sorry!


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