Very slim pickin's at garage sales last Saturday. At the last one I went to, I found these dinosaurs. The sheep in the pic was already mine. I just like the *freaked out OMG they might eat me unless I stand really really still look* on his face.
My grandsons LOVE dinosaurs!! And Momdy is trying to build up a toy stash here at her house.

So I pick up the 2 dinosaurs and keep looking around when I notice a little blue eyed blond boy child following me and looking at them. I would wander... he would wander. I would stop....he would stop.

Me: These are really nice looking dinosaurs.

Him: ~missing a front tooth~ Yes Ma'am they are very good dinosaurs.

Me: Are they yours?

Him: Yes Ma'am they are.

Drats! I realize that he is having a hard time selling those dinosaurs.

Me: I was thinking about buying them for my grandsons. If you would rather keep them, I will understand!

Him: Well Ma'am they are really good dinosaurs and I love them very VERY much. But I think I can love the quarters you are going to give me for them too.

I gave him 4 quarters cause I am a sucker for cute handsome salesmen. ~grins~

Does this sticker make my ass look big???


  1. ROFLMAO!!!! You are so funny, Mindy! I probably would have given him 4 quarters, too!



  2. That sticker makes his ass look extinct! haha!

  3. 4 qtrs was a steal for that story!! And bc they come pre-loved they are even better!!

  4. Boy, you are a sucker for a sweet-talker aren't you? LOL.

    I'm sure your DGS will love them just as much. :-)

    BTW, thanks for the 'sweet' on the bathroom finish.

  5. I really, really love this. Way to respect a kid. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this story.

  6. Oh that is awesome! I wish I had been there for that. He's gonna love his quarters too. That is too funny. Kinda makes me sad that he was selling his dinosaurs, I wonder if it was because he wanted too or if he couldn't find anything else to get rid of and his Mom said he had to clean out his room. Food for thought right there. LOL

  7. You are hilarious! And very sweet too. =)


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