My friends will think I have lost my flippin' mind when they see this picture. Know why? Because I always make my bed...each and every morning. They think I am insane. I think it feels better when I get ready to get back in it at night. Fresher somehow. You would have thought I would have tidied up a bit before taking the pic wouldn't you???

I love my bed.

I really do. It is queen size. It has 4 tall posters and...well....I just love it! It was bought new over 21 years ago. The slats have fallen apart and have been pieced back together. It has been moved hither and yon but...it is still MY bed.

I love to read in bed.

I love to watch TV in bed.

I love to sleep in my bed.

Not any snuggling goes on in my bed unless you count the cats. ~sighs~

I love my electric blanket on my bed. It is one of those that goes on the mattress. I like to turn it on high and get it warmed before I go to bed. You do not have to search for the cats when it is time for bed. They are already right there where the electric blanket has made it nice and cozy.

I have LOTS of pillows. I also have the first quilt that my grandmother ever made for me. I know it was made for me and I am certainly that many prayers were said while it was being made for me.

I used to be afraid of the dark. That is when I learned the secret of the sheet. Even when it is hot, I have to have a sheet on me. See, if you can keep your hand and feet under the sheet, nothing can get you. Not even anything that might crawl out from under the bed.

Don't be rolling your eyes. I am 47 years old and nothing has gotten me when I had that sheet!

This is our routine every morning. I work at making the bed and she works at stopping me from making the bed! She loves my bed too. Gingerbean will take longs naps with me. But if it gets dark, she will hop off my bed and get into her crate.

I guess she loves her bed too.

Wanna know what I miss?

I miss halfway waking up in the night and hearing someone breathing beside me. There is a comfort in that. It is something that can annoy the heck out of you until it is not there. Trust me on this one.

#2 on the thankfulness list---BEDS

and I know y'alls minds went straight to the gutter when I asked if you knew what I missed in bed! Naughty girls!


  1. I was gonna say you miss hearing a baby in the room!! Honest. A crib sleeping baby, not a grown man-baby.

    Your bed is nice. I have not had a bed to sleep in for a long time. I sleep on a Wal-mart mat on the floor. Funny thing is, my back prefers it.

    I totally understand the sheet thing. I have to have a sheet over my ear. If I have the sheet over my ear the closet monsters cannot get me.

  2. Do you need a bed PG?

    SEE! I am totally right about the sheet thing!

  3. I love my bed too, but I love my electric blanket more (it is cold these days).

    I also have to say that waking up to someone snoring louder than a pack of lumberjacks in a forest is not such a good thing.

  4. Dijea I should have totally added that! I am going to go back and change that!

  5. So you are a sheet gal too ... When I get hot - I stick out my knee/thigh/calf - NEVER my feet. Things can get your feet. But you already know this wise one.

  6. Nods at Adrienne. And sometimes you have to take a LARGE wide step to get out of bed so that nothing can reach out from under and grab your ankle!

  7. Glad i could be of service.

    FYI:My word verifications is satcharb which sounds like something that shouldn't be in beds.

  8. dijea....sounds like you would need meds for that.

  9. I have a key to your house. I could break in and in the middle of the night start breathing loudly next to you. Would you like that? I can do that!

  10. ~looks at bg~ Maybe I should have posted that I am also thankful for my gun.

  11. OK, now this has got to stop! I too, make my bed every single morning. The moment my feet hit the floor...because it feels so much better getting into a fresh bed!

    When I was a little girl, no one could get to me if the sheet was pulled up to my chin. The bad guy might think I had no arms and would feel sorry for me. Honest.

    I love my bed too!

  12. he might think you had no arms ~snickers~

    Maybe we all saw the same episode of Sesame Street or something that explained the super hero powers of a sheet?

    Wonderful...this is getting spooky!

  13. My mom says I need a bed. I would probably enjoy having one. But I just can't bring myself to spend the money when I am more pain free sleeping on the floor. I'd rather buy things like food, toilet paper and school tuition and spend extras on my son, because I am a f*&#ing saint.

    We have to add a chapter on proper bed sleeping feng shui in our divorce manual.

    Word verification: blessa, see I am a saint!

  14. what ya need if ya miss the sound of breathing then... is a bigger dog. trust me. a 100 lb. labrador retriever's breathing, wakes me up on more than one ocassion when i've thought #$%#! is there somebody in my bed? oh wait... it's the dog sleeping here, with his head on the other pillow... really he thinks he's a human.

  15. I love my bed, too. A kingsize soft-sided waterbed. Snuggly. Warm. Down comforter. Cats. Hubby. Yeah.

  16. Anonymous4:50 PM

    My bed is one of my great pleasures: a king-size Sleep Number - never in my life slept better. I can sleep without a sheet for protection as long as no body part is hanging over the side... my theory is that the monsters peek out from under, so as long as they cannot see anything draped over the side, they will not grab!! And last, I cannot sleep well if Mr Incredible is not breathing beside me... in fact, if he's out of town, I sometimes do not even go to bed - no use. I would be worthless if he traveled a lot.

  17. I know what you are talking about....I miss that TOO!

  18. I make my bed every.single.day.


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