As you can tell from yesterdays post, I am very blessed and I realize it. I have a very very sweet life and there are many reason why. I thought that I would take this month and count down (or count up) my thankfulness list until we reach Pantipalooza and maybe beyond. These are in no particular order.

I decided I would start it off with friends.
I did not grow up with many close friends. I am not one of the fortunate ones that can introduce you to a friend that I have had since grade school or anything. I like to think that I was friends with everyone but no one that close. I have many people that I went to school with on facebook but few that I really keep in touch with.

Along came the Internet and my friend world exploded!! I have friends that I have not even MET in real life. People that love and adore me and I love them back. Friends that I email, call or text and BAM they are right there! I saw it most when my daddy was in the hospital. All of your text and emails helped so very much.

Before that, back in 1996, I landed at this place I call work. Oh lawsy, did I ever land in a strange land!! I thought that these chicks were weird! Then I got to know them and realize that they were just like me. I just did not know that was what I was like! Even odder, 5 of our paths had crossed at one time or another in my life and I did not know it until I got here. They calm me when I panic. They tell me to suck it up if my henny penny mode checks in. They sent me pictures on my phone when I was at the hospital when they were all dress up like cats. They laughed with me and cried with me. Heck, Rach's plan is to come live with me if the Apocalypse happens cause I have my 72 hour pack. I hope she brings her own beef jerky.

They are my homegirls.


I worked in one of our other counties yesterday. This morning I came into my office and THIS is what greeted me.

This was the brainchild of M2. Who GLEEFULLY told me that she got it for about 50 cents. She fully expected me to be proud of her thriftiness. It came would a mask and the noses to stick on the clown hence *PIN THE NOSE Clown Game* M2 did it but they all KNEW about it and not one of them told me. In fact I heard many *Darn...she got here before me so I did not get to hear her scream*

What WOULD I do without friends like these?

#1 Friends
......keeps hearing the song *Send in the clowns* and looking over my shoulder ~shudders~


  1. Now I know what that sound was! That's one creepy clown.

  2. Mindy, you are one awesome lady :-)

  3. Yes Kim it is isn't it?

    Kinda horrifying to know it was for a child's birthday party!

  4. Sally I think you are confusing awesome with odd.


  5. When M2 showed me this yesterday, I laughed so hard my sides hurt. DAMN, but she was proud of that find. And rightfully so!

    WV: achol. what you needed when you saw it on your wall.

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'm sorry but that is FUNNY!!

  7. Oh look Bunny ~blinks innocently~ There is a big hairy spider on your shoulder!!

  8. Well now, that is just a sign of true friend love if I ever saw one!!!


  9. Well now isn't it just that PG! ~rolling my eyes~

  10. Oh soul...they THINK they are SO funny!

  11. Friends are wonderful.

  12. Yes Jan they are and I am blessed with getting to work with them. I get to see my best friends almost every day.

  13. Gosh, does it get any more creepy than this? There is just something really sick and wrong about clowns!!!!!!

  14. You do have good friends, even if they do put clowns in your office on a regular basis.

  15. LOL and I would probably kill someone if they defaced my office that way. And it would be justifed.

  16. That's horrible! I'm not scared of clowns, but that one is scary.

  17. *shudder*

    You just wait until you get to my house and I show you my scary piece of decor that I can't talk about on teh Internets.


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