How many of you grew up in a home where there was a TV and everything on it was only in black and white?

How many of you were your parents personal remote controls?? You know what I am talking about. They would send you over to turn the knob on the TV to see what was on the other 2 channels.
I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights with the family. Sometimes my daddy would go get up bottled coke. We liked to poke a hole in the top and suck it out slowly to make it last.

There are two of us that live in this household. We have 3 colors televisions with satellite and dvr.
What DID I do before dvr??? We also have 2 laptops.
How far we have come in such a short amount of time!!
The Internet has become a lifeline.

I visit with my friends, check out the weather, get the latest updates with the news, pay bills and enjoy a fair amount of popularity with this blog and facebook.
And seriously people....if you do not want someone to see you, make yourself private! You would be surprised to see what juicy tidbits I have found with just a few keystrokes. The net has introduced me to concepts I would have never considered. It has taken so much of what I thought and blew it up into a totally different way of thinking.

We have lost the net the last two days shortly after getting to work in the mornings.

We have been very cranky.

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  1. ah the days of B&W TV. We would get a gallon of Dad's Rootbeer and pop popcorn to watch Disney on TV.

    I was 6 years old before I realized Rob Petrie did not live in my TV as a little bitty person....slow learner I guess!

    My first memory of television was JFK's funeral - it must have been on for days....

  2. I hear you! I remember those B&W days. When I told my son about having to get up to change the channels, he looked at me as if I were a cave woman!

    Don't know how you survived these last few days. *sniff* You are so brave.

  3. OMG, I do remember those days! LOL. I also remember having a pair of pliers close by because we got carried away with the knob and stripped it out :-(

    Oh, having to choose between UHF and VHF, making adjustments with the rabbit ear antenna, so much aluminum foil wasted on those things. LOL.

    Do you also remember going to the store with your TV tubes and being able to test them???? Too funny!

    Awwwww, days gone by..............

  4. I make my bed everyday also. And I change my sheet at least once a week. People think I a crazy but I love a nice clean well made bed.
    Yours is lovely and I love the thought of an electric blanket to warm it up at night. I will have to check into that. Have a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Did my pantipalooza blog at my place!!

  6. mINDY, PINDY,
    We were absolutely the LAST family to get Color TV! My dad refused to buy a color to replace the B&W until the B&W "played out."
    I got to watch color on my Grandma's t.v. In my mind, she was "rich." I'm certain if she were here today she would have high-speed internet!
    Love, C in IN

  7. Oh, yeah. B&W TV. The first thing I remember seeing in color was "Get Smart". It must not have been the first season.

    I have been told that I used to ride my stick horse around in front of the TV when the "Gunsmoke" theme was on.

  8. We only have one tv, well we have 2 but we only have satellite hooked up to one. Biker complains about it sometimes. I find it brings us together more. Or at least he is forced to watch something I want to watch and then figures out that he likes it too.

  9. I'd almost forgotten about changing channels by hand on tvs. We have two tvs, but one isn't working, so I'm in the family room while husband is watching the Super Bowl in the other room.

  10. Our addition to the internet is even worse than to TV. We have Knology internet service and it stinks. Goes on and off all the time. Luckily it's on now because I can sign up to follow you. Stop by my place and read about the SuperBowl of love otherwise known as Valentines Day.

  11. happy friends' day Mindy

    sorry I haven't been 'around' much - have missed you though.

    we didn't even have a tv when I was a kid. we lived in London. The reception was so bad that the rental company wouldn't rent us one (as they'd be forever coming to sort it out!) ... I watched the astronaults landing on the moon on a friend /neighbours tv that we'd borrowed that's my earliest memory

    I still don't watch tv much though last night we had a girls night (two friends came over) sauna followed by a DVD (billy elliot) which was such a lot of fun!

  12. LOL Mindy. I knew we were twin sisters from different mommys!

    We also had a B&W TV until it croaked. Then, because it was prudent, we got my grandparents' old TV. It was color and had a remote like a clicker. And every time you clicked it, the sound got louder and LOUDER AND LOUDER!!!!

    And now -- we have remotes for everything from the CD player to the DVD player to the TV to the satellite... good grief.

    This is too complicated.

  13. Wonderful World of Disney. Loved it. Here's something funny-my word verification is "sonic".

  14. We were the last people to get color was unthinkable to replace something that wasn't broken! And I was the human remote because I was the youngest...

  15. Me! (I'm raising my hand) We have a TV,but it's only hooked up to a DVD player, not the world. We use laptops for watching most stuff, and save the TV for watching movies with company. I hope you never lose internet again! That's really tough to deal with, when that happens.

  16. Yeah I know I missed this a month or so ago when you posted it. My oldest was 11 or 12 when he found out you could actually change the channels on the TV buy turning the knob. He was sitting on the floor in front of it, complaining because he couldn't find the remote. I said "You've got one... it's called YOUR HAND." He had no idea what I was talking about. I had to tell him all he had to do was reach over and turn that little knob "right there."

  17. Lassie came on before Disney - and Campbell Soup was its sponsor. I remember when color tvs came out and a neighbor of ours was getting one, and you could get a discount to trade in your black and white. Well,we had a smaller one, so he traded his bigger one (which was on a swivel- woohoo) and he took our smaller one to trade in.
    Before that, I remember when our neighbor's grandparents got a color tv and we traveled 50 miles to go see the NBC peacock, because not all of the programs were in color, so we had to wait until the NBC logo showed up. My, times have changed.

  18. I told my kids that we didn't have remotes because the only batteries were the size of car batteries... they believed me until I busted up laughing... :)

    I remember The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and Disney. Oh. And Romper Room and Captain Penny and Captain Kangaroo... all in B&W.

    But I love me my technology too.

  19. I thought we were the fanciest family on the block when we got a TV with a remote. A WIRED remote! It had a 20 foot cord that draped across the living room, and whenever someone walked through we'd all have to warn them about the cord...

  20. Mindy,
    Stop over at sixty fifth avenue because you won my GIVEAWAY!!
    Send me your information please.
    Thanks, Londen

  21. We just got a dvr a couple months ago. Now I don't know how we managed without it! LOL. And we don't even watch that much television...:)

    I remember when my parents got a television with this super large remote. What freedom that was!

    Fun post.



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