**It is time to mail out your swap packages if you have not already!! I have gotten both of mine in the mail. PLEASE let me know if you do not hear from your partner or if you do not receive anything!

**Also, please understand I still do not have a computer at home. ~It is MAKING ME NUTSSS!!!!~ I am totally behind on reading blogs and sending out emails. I am so very sorry if you feel slighted.

**Is anyone other than me tired of the election stuff? I am tired of it in the news....tired of it on the radio...tired of it in the blogs! Let's just all go and early vote and get this over with!!

**The meme that I should have done a long time ago!!

I am: very talkative. A little funny, a little witty, and there's a lot of me and my daughter intertwined.

I want: a laptop

I wish: I knew what to buy my children for Christmas

I hate: When people do not put their baskets up in parking lots! Also, people who scream about what other people are doing when they themselves are doing the very same thing.

I miss: snuggling with someone

I fear: letting my children and my parents down. losing my job, CLOWNS! *spits*

I hear: the girls laughing outside of my office. It is a sweet sound.

I wonder: if anyone from my past misses me.

I regret: always gaining my weight back

I am not: stupid

I dance: More than I used to...thanks Ester

I sing: EVERY chance I get and ALWAYS in the car!

I cry: when I watch TV shows

I am not always: awake when I take Gingerbean out to potty in the middle of the night

I make with my hands: lots of things from food to crafts

I write: a lot...every day and it is usually work related.

I confuse: not anyone that I know of

I need: to get a grip on myself

I should: clean house when I get home.

I start: LOTS of stuff

I finish: a lot of what I start...well some of the time. Maybe we should have a half done swap. I could send you my half done stuff and you send me your half done stuff and we can finish it for one another!!

I tag: Anyone that wants to play. Just let me know so I can go and read what you wrote.

...who has her shoes off under her desk.


  1. Oh, how very profound. I may play, Miss Mindy with her free-toes. Get it, Fritos? No shoes? Never mind......

  2. *snickers* too funny long lost siamese twin sister.

  3. I played. Check it out here.

  4. I am so glad that you FINALLY did the meme. I tagged Lydia, but she still hasn't done it. ~rolls her eyes~ What can you do???

    I mailed my package out today. I had to send it priority, because if it is over 13oz you can't send it first class...who knew.

    Anyways, I love it when you blog. You really should do it more often. Oh listen to me, it has been weeks since I blogged. Ok, new subject....~wondering off into the living room~

  5. Psssssssst...It's me, YT. Sorry I've been gone so long. Hope all is well with you. Let's email and catch up!

  6. got my package in the mail - & had the same issue as babygator - which is good since we are swap partners!!

    I love when I can free my toes in the middle of the day!!

  7. how is beanie doing?

    too bad about the lack of computer at home. not good.

    I don't think I signed up for the hallowe'en swap. If I did - I didn't get an address and so haven't sent anything to anyone :(

    how are you?
    I always think of you when I put my shopping trolley (cart) back in the right place. I never used to. Then you taught me that it's not the right way to behave. See, blogging is worth it :)

    hugs xx

  8. Sent and recieved my swap! You teamed me up with a GREAT partner. We ended up swapping jelly for a home made apron too!!

    Phew!! What's that smell?? Put your shoes back on!!

  9. You just make me laugh!

  10. Hell, I was tired of election stuff back in January!

    Love your answers especially the I wonder.

  11. YAYYYY. I luzzzz me some chocolates. Got the package and I am all Halloweinered up.

    By the way... um, I was just thinking... uh, you did know the treats in the bag were for Ginger Bean and Molly and not just some gourmet kind of girl treats. Cause I was just remembering I didn't mark them with a paw print or anything.

  12. I get to take my shoes off at work too!

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