This one should be easy. There were lots of good suggestions and we are going to keep it simple.

*The theme is HALLOWEEN!
*You swap: what you would want to get!
*Sign-ups will run until Wednesday, October 10th.
*Mail outs will be NO LATER THAN Friday October 19th. That way everyone will get their package by Halloween.

*The spending limit on your package is not more than $10 not including postage.

Leave me a comment telling me you wanna play or zip me off an email to:


Swappers so far: Rach, KnittinPreacher, BabyGator, PG, Judy, Cynthia, Adrienne, Mary Beth, Midlife Rookie, Miss Smarty Pants, It's a Womderful Life, Bunny Bunster, Hot Cup, Becky, Cathyann40, debb, elastigirl, tulsi, Elizabeth, Liz and Me

......who is already wondering what is for lunch....


  1. Yes. Sign me up.

    But I refuse to be your partner because I am incensed at you and am plotting your horrific death even as I write.

    *evil eye*

    (She keeps callin' me a delicate flower!!!)

  2. Hai friend, Your blog is very nice and you had good content! Never give up, increase your creativity to be a great blog and always get the best idea to make new content of post. I just want support......

    Hope u have a great day!

    From: Ousizch

  3. Content is our friend! Yay!

  4. Yes it is Rach and Ousizch. Without content there would be no comments...

    I would rather swap candy than content.

  5. I'm in. *cackle cackle cackle!!*

    I love the new fall look. Is that sunflower pic from our delicate flower Rach?

    *runs and hides behind spider exterminator*

  6. That is my pic PG....but Rachel was my muse.

    *snickers and runs to hide behind pg*

  7. *adds second name to list of people to have 86'd*

  8. OOOH, I want to swap.

    And the new fall look makes me all happified. I never do happified, so I am wondering if someone is slipping happy pills into my food. I always do paranoid.

    *who is hiding behind no one, but running around in a virtual field of daisies... or sunflowers, as the case may be*

  9. Ohhh! I am so in! Thanks for organizing.

  10. I wanna play!!!!!!

  11. Sounds like fun! Count me in. Now, what would I want to get???? Hmmmm! FYI, I hope whoever I swap with wouldn't want to get peanuts or peanut butter cuz I can't have em. Sadly that knocks out R**ses and Sn*ck*rs!

  12. I just want to get some mail!! Mail that is not bills or an ad of some sort.

  13. Just trying to leave a comment!

  14. oh heck yeah count me in... i love packages! i'll be on vacation but will have access to the web... so heh heh heh my partner will get stuff from the road....

    i like the sunflower too... it might look delicate, but there could be a wasp, or a horrible wolf spider right in the middle and as you get closer to the flower.. eeek! so y'all don't tease rach too much she's got friends people... friends.

  15. Love your new look.
    I'd swap but I'm going on VACAY!!! for my birday! YIPPEE!

  16. Cathyann406:32 PM

    I'd love to sign up. I may need a little help along the way.

  17. I would love to join your swap,

  18. :(
    I'll just watch. And eat... uh... QUALITY TEST (yeah. that's it) the Halloween candy.


  19. i wanna play!! rach means business people!! she's not a bloomin' idiot over there!!
    do i need to hide too?!

  20. I'll join. I'm not exactally sure what to do. But, I'm game.

  21. Is it too late to join?Count me in if there is s till room!I have my box of goodies all ready to ship!

  22. This little witch is going to play.
    One thing I would like to say
    decorations is what this witch after
    handmade makes it more the better.

    Okay so the last part didn't rhyme...
    Count me in! Cackle, cackle....



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