CATHYANN40!! And Swap Updates

Cathyann40...please send me your blog link or email address to:

I have also gotten everyone paired up and emails sent out to many of you. If I did not have your email address, I left a comment on your blog asking for it. As soon as you get it sent to me, I will get your partner email to you.

Please exchange addresses, blog links and any other information with your partner. It is hard enough keeping up with email address so I will let y'all keep up with actual addresses.

Let me know when you send out and when you receive.

If you do not hear from your partner...PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

....who is feeling bossy today *grins*


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. How is the magazine swap going - has your partner been in touch?
    lisa x

  3. Wow! How you doing with reading that anonymous comment? :)

    I didn't get an email or a blog comment that I can find...but I signed up to play.

    my email is marybeth AT unt DOT edu if you have someone to pair me with...


  4. A little bebo birdie told me ... happy birthday to you ... happy birtday to you ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST MINDY ... happy 29th (again) toooo yyyyoooouuu .....

    have a great one!

  5. Happy happy birthday
    on this your special day!!!

    love you so much Mindy!!

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Happy, Happy Birthday Mindy!! Hope you have a clown free day!!

  7. Hi,
    I have emailed you but since I haven't heard back from you I was wondering if you have recieved it. Please let me know.

  8. Happy Birthday, Mindy!!!!!

  9. I am cyndihud at for the swap when matched. cynthia

  10. Happy Happy Happy!!!


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