What causes a Gingerbean is sit up and get her nose into your business????

That happens when you get your swap package from Cynthia!!!! I got it yesterday and I loved it!!
She sent me a sweet card, a Halloween dishtowel and cloth and a super sweet little flower pot that she painted in a Halloween theme!!!!

See...there is her nose! Wanna know why she is being so nosey??? Cause Cynthia tucked puppy treats into the flower pot! She had a fit while I was taking pictures!
And kept trying to steal my stuff off of the table!!

Gingerbean and I say thank you so much Cynthia!! We love everything!!

....who is blogging in her pj's cause she has a new laptop!!!


  1. I love the lip-lickin' picture.

    The laptop is the best news. I can't live without mine. I can write anywhere and go from school to home to coffee shop without missing a beat.

    You and Gingerbean and Molly are welcome.

  2. Sooooooo sweet!

  3. I just wanted to say Wow what a swap package.AndI hope you like mine .I love the rubber duck, and the pumpkin she is just so sweet.When it came today all thefamily said what in ther e.Thegrandson 7 help me open it .And when he seen the nose he grab it and ran.And thecandy was a big hit.Thank you for the cute pillow too.It will make a good pin cushion.

  4. ooh she (like you) is adorable.
    What a lovely gift in your swap

    And YAY for the laptop :)

  5. I am so excited about your new computer. YEAH for MOM GATOR!!!!! I got my swap package sometime this weekend. I am not sure when since I was out of town. I am fixing to blog about it in a little bit. It is super cool!!!

  6. Anonymous5:35 AM

    She is just too cute!
    What kind of laptop did you get?

  7. Oh, teh cute!!
    Enjoy the new laptop!

    Word verification: catter.
    I guess if Gingerbean were bold (and foolish) enough to chase Molly, that would make her a catter.

  8. Love, love, LOVE the chops-licking photo! Way cute!

    Cynthia rocks, obviously.

    And there's a new development over at my blog...

  9. That last picture is cracking me up!!! Love it!

    Mailed my package last week. Yessirreebob.

  10. How very VERY darling... Gingerbean is so wise to know that anything and everything requires a CUSTOMS INSPECTION.

    And huzzahs for the new laptop!


  11. I'm so glad you like it. I couln't remember what I put in there I was so sick.Yes I made the mice house .

  12. what fun to see what everyone got! being on vaccay i just mailed out my swap partner's stuff yesterday... or was it the day before? one too many mojitos on vaccay and i have no sense of time....

  13. Swap sent and received. Fun had. Thanks for organizing again!


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