1. Sometimes the best flowers are the ones that do no cost anything. My brother sent these to me via my mom the last time she came to see me. All of the flowers are from his garden. Each and everyone of them. I LOVE the rosemary tucked in. I have used off of it this week.2. Sometimes you drop your cows all over the floor and you have to stop and pick them up.
3. Sometimes people die when they should not. Sometimes they die in ways that they should not. Life is sometimes very very unfair.

4. Sometimes, your grow a Prince Charming

does not grow fast enough to take you out to lunch.
5. Sometimes your friend from Finland sends you cow postcards cause she knows how much you love them even though you cannot read the front. And it does not matter that you cannot read the front cause you know what her heart is saying.

6. Sometimes you forget just how beautiful your friends really are until you take a good look.

7. Sometimes, when you accidentally shred your paycheck, you can take the 1,000,000,000 pieces to the treasures office and look really pitiful with big tears in your eyes and they will re-issue you a check for you right then and there.

8. Sometimes you buy some stuff and then wonder why in the world you did that. Then later, it all comes together. This is a frame that I have had for about 2 years. The pic is of one of my daddy's sunflowers that I also took about 2 years ago. The paper that I mounted it on is from my wonderful shopping experience in a cute little out of the way paper shop in Santa Fe with Flutterby. It looks as though it has always been put together this way. This hangs in the hallway right outside of my room.

9. Sometimes, you see yourself in places that you never expected.

10. Sometimes the cat will not let you finish making the bed because she does not want you to leave. So she will fling herself in your place and not let you put your pillows there.
And, when you insist, she will then take your blush brush out of your make-up bag and will hide under your dresser where she assumes that you cannot see her.

11. Sometimes it is alright to listen to your cat and just stay home.

12. Sometimes it is best to keep your myspace and photobucket accounts set to private when you do not want your probation officer finding them and realizing that you went to Vegas and California without her permission.

13. Sometimes your friends will be really jealous when you are all bad a@@ sporting a tattoo and will say things like *You cannot be bad a@@ when your butterfly is farting stars.* But that is alright cause you know that they are just jealous.

....who is working on her studio this weekend!!


  1. Lovely post! (I guess if the people you are in charge of were smart enough to hide the myspace and photobucket pages, they might not be in bad enough shape to need a probation officer, huh?)

    Your butterfly is the only one I've ever seen that farts stars. Very, very special.

  2. As I clicked over to your blog, I was thinking there had not been any Friday Cow blogging in a while. Then I read number 2 and I was all - YES Cows and its Friday. Then there was number 5 and then I knew it was all going to be OK.

    Love this post! My kitty is a little bit of a trouble maker too.

  3. butterflies farting stars made me giggle. priceless

  4. This is such a cool post! You've learned a lot lately, haven't you?
    The flowers are gorgeous!

    I can't believe you shredded your paycheck! Lawsie, that must have been scary. I'm glad you were able to get it replaced quickly.

    Love the butterfly farting stars tattoo!!

  5. PS I really liked your sunflower photo on that paper and your believe sign.

    Can't wait to see pics of the studio!!

  6. Is that a for reals tattoo on your skinny little arm? If I had a butterfly tat it would probably be dyslexic and fart rats.

  7. Sometimes it takes a friend to get your attention. To help you stop long enough to breath in deep and exhale completely. Thanks for helping me slow down and enjoy where I am for just a moment!

  8. That is all so right and true. Except I would say it's trailing stars.

  9. The paper shop in Santa Fe is closed!!! :(
    I was so going to go there--for you and me both.

    Prince Charming is a bit creepy. You'd better wait for a taller one, who's not blue.

    Re: the paycheck: yikes! I love direct deposit.

  10. The paycheck......(shudders) That's just scary. The butterfly......Well, no sense in havin the same thing as everyone else. Be different! The flowers...(blush) I just thought you might like 'em. :D

  11. LOVE the butterfly!

  12. Sometimes your friend from Finland sends you cow postcards cause she knows how much you love them even though you cannot read the front. And it does not matter that you cannot read the front cause you know what her heart is saying.


    didn't I translate it on the top of the card (on the reverse side) ... I meant to

    love what you write ... and love who you are ...

  13. bad ass to be sure sister. and you don't need no farty stinkin butterfly to tell you so.

  14. Love this post!

    PG is soo funny!

  15. Same question PG asked... is it for reals?? And a butterfly??!! Yayy! I have not used my paper from the paper store yet. I still haven't found anything I want to do with it. But I want to go back to that store and buy some more anyway. So now we're calling it a studio instead of a craft room huh...

  16. The flowers are beautiful!
    Sorry you dropped your cows, but they looked liked the wanted to graze.
    The pictued turned out wonderul!! It looks like you bought it that way.
    I'd rather not have a blue prince charming in a jar of water thanks.
    I can't believe you shredded your paycheck!

    LOVE your tatt! Now when you are you going to get a real one??

    It was a very lovely post. :-)

  17. Well.

    That is one reeeeally horrid picture. Reeeaaallly horrid. I guess that's what happens when one disses yer lame-ass tattoo?

    ha ha!

    Love the cat. She's a smart one. I like the things you've learned, even the not so pleasant ones. (And lord - the orange carpet looks even worse on film. How do we live with this stuff??!)

  18. This post made my heart sing!

  19. one question: what else would a butterfly fart?!

  20. Elastigirl makes a good point - stars are most appropriate for a butterfly to, well, emit.

    Nice post.

  21. elastigirl - fairies?????
    Mindy - loved the post, glad the paycheck thing worked out. I had a stomach dropper yesterday when I realized I had booked the wrong flight on priceline - hours later! They let me cancel and start over without giant change fee. Whew! So I know the gut wrench and the incredible relief. Wouldn't your job be boring if they were smart enough to hide their myspace...?

  22. Oh, I just love this post!!!

  23. This post made me smile several times over. The blue guy, the cows...goodness. The paycheck made me cringe at the thought. Glad your tears got you a reissue.

    And the butterfly is cute, cute.

  24. I have cat help whenever I try to make the bed. After the bed is made, a cat lump appears...

    I love this post!!!!

  25. ROFL.... I was giggling and then let out a true GUFFAW over the "butterfly farting stars!!"

    King Henry the First says that cats are required to Get In The Way. It's in the catly Code of Conduct.

    Mindy. You are WONDERFUL!


    P.S. Glad you are using the cow sprinkles! :)

  26. LOVE the tattoo!!


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