*giggles* I can hear Rachel gagging from way over here!! She HATES poor Carol and Carol has never done a damned thing to the girl. For Rachel's birthday, I think that I will get her an autographed toilet tissue cozy from Carol.

Anyway, just a bit more from the kitchen and then we will take this tour on down the hall. There is an expensive pull down blind that goes across the window over the sink. Yep, you guessed it, pretty pretty birds! I came up with the bright idea to try to cover it. I set these birds free!

And it worked!! Here is the crafty cat giving it the Molly butt seal of approval. The minute I would lay this shade down she was on top of it!

Don't you think it perks up the kitchen?

But this is what is rockin' my world!!! They are in!! My new built in oven and my cook top! AAahhhhhh the sweet life!

This is the shutter shades over the window in the dining room. I had material left over so......

I consulted with the cat and Molly put her butt seal on this project and.....

TADA! New shutter shades (I know that these are not really shutters cause they do not have the little slates right? But what would they be called??)

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful warm comments. They mean the world to me. It is so nice to have a dream come true and have you all be able to share it with me.

...who is afraid she will wake up and it will have all been a sweet dream.


  1. GaahhhH!!!!!!! More birds?????
    SO glad that MOlly gave them her seat of approval.

    And yes - Beth is still short, now about $400. Any and all help is appreciated. If your bloggers are interested and have spare $$ rolling around, we are not to proud to say WOW THANKS!!!!!

    P.S. Molly should blog with RevPetBlogPals! They are a mouthy bunch.

  2. Molly has some fine decoratin' taste! Now Wonderboy and I favor David Bromstad and Candice Olson over Carole Duvall. Though CD is more inspirational when you want to do things yourself.

    Those are lovely flower shades and shutters (they are still shutters.).

    Just keep a little opening on one of your walls. You're gettin' something, probably by next week at the latest.

  3. Mindy! She's down to $200!!!

  4. I would hit Carol Duvall with my car, given half a chance. She makes me nuts.

    I'm with PG - Candice Olson is way all better.

    Your cat is a poser.

    Glad the birds are gone. Are you sure you don't want to redo that shade in black to match the oven and cook top? With a bloody red stripe down the center or something?

  5. It's your house, you can freaking call them anything you want. If you wanna call them shutter then they are shutters. And something tells me I am glad I do not even know who the hell Carol Duvalle is. Especially if it could potentially involve toilet tissue cozies, autographed or not.

  6. I love the cooktop. And the oven. And the shutters. And the Molly butt seal of approval.

  7. Johnny Cat thinks that Molly is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Of course, Molly IS beautiful.

  8. You are one clever Princess!

  9. We have a cat who looks a lot like Molly. She is staring at me right now. Darn cat. Does Molly want a twin friend??

    I think they are still shutters even though they don't have slats. Think of the shutters on plantation homes that they close when a hurricane comes. Those shutters don't have slats.

    I just love the fabric you used to replace the birds!! It is gorgeous!

  10. Very nice! (Though I admit I do find some appeal in Rach's suggestion, too.)

  11. I'm still catching up after being away from the blogs for a bit. Congrats on the house! It looks great and the projects you're doing are wonderful. I know how excited you must be since we just became homeowners a few months ago. Have fun with the decorating.

  12. disappointed you aren't offering sweet tea on the tour anymore...

    who's carol duvalle? guess it doesn't matter cuz you apparently have taken over for her... shutters, custom this - custom that. you rock!

    mmm and tell rach wonder woman doesn't hit people with her car... geesh!

  13. I too do not like Carol Duvall. You use to make me watch her when we lived in Krum. Awful, Awful I tell you!!! Those dang birds were everywhere. Even the light switch covers had birds on them.

  14. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I think your Molly cat is the same psycho cat that attacked me and jumed out of my car. I think she ran all the from Indian to you to sit on stuff after she calmed down.
    Seriously, it's looking good!!

  15. Tell HCL that Wonder Woman wouldda hit Carol Duvall with her invisible plane.

  16. It's all lookin' good Mindy! I think we've ordered the same wall oven and cook top, only ours will be white.

    Cats do love to pose for the camera don't they?

  17. I'm with Rach...Carol Duvall? Not so much. But she doesn't make me want to tear at my skin.

  18. When we bought our house, it was the first house I ever lived in that I owned (or even my parents...they always rented when I was little). I felt someone was going to come in and pull me by the arm and say,"Who the hell do you think you are, missy, this kind of thing is not for you."

    I really enjoy watching you make over your house. It is a vicarious thrill and I will take anything I can get these days. I love the shades and such. By the way, I never commented on the bathroom.. OMG, you should win a prize for doing that with paint and elbow grease and good taste.


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