...dreaming of a BLT right now....


  1. Girl, I love me some bacon. Mmmmmm...BLT.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    mmmm... BLTs are the best sandwich ever... actually had an egg salad BLT in NYC in May... pretty good but not as good as the original

  3. What they all said! In fact, Dave was in serious trouble last week because he ate the last of the bacon!

  4. I picked up the nasty habit of putting avacado slices on my BLT, but I swear it is quite good. And now that I live in Texas, I don't feel so bad. But the bacon has to be HEB Applewood smoked bacon from the deli. And Big Boy tomatoes are best. And the greenest part of iceberg lettuce. Hellman's mayo. Toasted wheat bread...
    Guess what I am going to go fix for late lunch?

  5. You know, when I first read the heading.......I though it said "whiner". :D I'm happy for you!!!!

  6. Does it play something? It didn't play for me.

    Or is that the idea? Cause you already won?

    Feeling a little dense tonight...

    ....(didja get it yet? didja? didja?)

  7. Congratulations! I'd rather win chocolate myself!

    I misread your title too at first, I thought it said "I am such a whiner". I was all ready to dispute that and then I saw it said "I am such a winner!"

  8. You know in Mexico... BLTs are BEANS, lettuce and tomato... on tortillas... WITH MAYO!!! The Harpist says that it is something that she isn't sure should be legal. ;)

    What I REALLY love with bacon??? water chestnuts wrapped in bacon and baked until the bacon is crispy and the water chestnut is hot... oh my.

    just sayin

  9. ymmmmm

    (it doesn't play anything for me either Owl. discrimination I call it!)

  10. opps I meant Presby Gal !!! But it's still discrimination!

  11. The other day I had one of those cards that was worth a dollar and I scratched off two matching numbers, but then I missed the third one and was disappointed until it dawned on me that it was just a dollar and I can save more than that making my own pizza, so I quit whining (and started winning?). Anyway, congratulations on your prize.

    We just returned from our fifth trip to Kenya. It was full of new experiences about which I am beginning to blog, if you are interested.

  12. jimmy dean... and you thought prince charming wouldn't grow fast enough... who needs prince charming if you got jimmy dean and his couz johnny walker and their neighbors jim beam and jack daniels on hand? just sayin'

  13. MMMMM, now you can make broccoli and bacon salad (the best thing I know to do with broccoli, other than hide it in cheese sauce)! If I come up there, will you make me a BLT too?

  14. Anonymous7:49 PM

    found you on facebook & sent a friend request -

  15. MMMM.......Bacon. Yes, I just quoted Homer Simpson. Don't tell anyone.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one!
    Congrats on being a WINNER!!!!

  17. You've probably already seen this but I thought I'd post the link anyway.

    I love bacon too!!


  18. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I guess I am a yankee.
    bring on the cheese!

  19. Anonymous11:57 AM

    mmmm... bacon!

    Just catching up -the house looks great! Congratulations.

  20. OH my - I'm drooling!

    And a winner indeed you are ~ I've left something for you on my blog - not a BLT but I hope it makes you smile none the less!

  21. where oh where has my little friend gone, oh where oh where can she be ...
    painting her house, eating BLTs?
    Oh where oh where can she be ???

    Sonic perhaps???


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