So glad you could make it back!! When you walk into the front door you are immediately in my dining room. The dining room connects to the kitchen. This is a before shot with the nasty fridge that they left and we had to move. Notice the wallpaper.


No! Really! Notice the wallpaper! Let me help you out with a closer look! This woman loved her some birds and flowers. The wallpaper also matched the curtains she had in there and I know that, in their time, they were not cheap. But the birds just HAD.TO.GO.

This is the view in the kitchen looking back into the dining room. The front door is there on the left. And even thought that black blob looks like Molly, it is really my camera case.


Add a little paint, a little stencil, new light fixtures and LOTS of elbow grease and free labor and....



And still closer....~sighs I just love to stencil...for reals~ The words are vinyl letters and they were SSSOOOO easy to do!

And this is one of my new favorite pieces! My mom found this old tea crate at a thrift/antique store and knew I needed it. Someone had added a top to make it into a table. It is between the kitchen and dining room. I still need to decide what I want to put on top of it.

This is where my new black cook top and built in oven will go WHEN THEY ARE DELIVERED TODAY!!!! Can you tell that I am just a wee bit excited?!?!?!!?

Miss Molly began throwing a fit at the front door last night. I have a glass screen and I keep it open so that she can see outside. She loves it and will lay there for hours. She suddenly begins to throw herself against the glass wanting OUT. She is not an outside girl so I told her NO. I glanced outside and guess what I saw on the front porch eating late blooming June bugs?!?!

Yep, I am right where I am supposed to be. I shall call him Albert and make him wear his crown on special occassions.

My bedroom next or the spare bedroom?

who has no problems attracting frogs but wears the wrong perfume to attract a true prince....


  1. That really is some kinda wallpaper. I would have a headache if I had to look at that b4 I had coffee...

    I LOVE your stencil.

  2. The new house is looking great! Love the stencil and paint... that wall paper was, um, something else!

    I vote your bedroom next!

  3. Yeah - the bedroom. We call all be in there and it would be the most fun going on there since...

    *runs away fast!*

    That's a really IMPRESSIVE frog.

  4. Wow! You are very gifted! (No surprise there, but still.)

    Maybe a nice tea set could go on the tea table?

    You gonna try kissin' that frog? Might just be worth it. All signs are pointing to a very happy ending these days...

  5. You are one excellent stenciler! Now, I could not do those vinyl letters. They would come out crooked and slanted. That also takes talent.

    Love the table.

    And I had to *blink* at the frog. When you receive your housewarming gift from some of us bloggers (which was conceived BEFORE himself showed up there on your porch) you will be amazed!

  6. Your bedroom! your bedroom!

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Very, very cool!

  8. okay i'da kept the birdie wallpaper if that meant albert there woulda stayed outside... i'da peed my pants if he was in my house! augh... and this from the hotcup who kills snakes in her laundry room... snakes one thing. frogs quite another.

    looks like you're making great progress! love the artistic touches...

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Lookin' good so far kiddo!!
    I vote the bedroom!! (wanna see mine?) ;-)

    Nice froggie!!

  10. Your room next! Your room next!!!

  11. What an amazing job you did! We didn't have birds in our dinning room ... just HUGE magnolias. Did I mention that they were LARGE ;-) Ribbit ...

  12. Do the bedroom. Skip kissing the frog...salmonella, yikes...and wait to kiss a real prince. Yep, your bedroom, first.

  13. Wow, wow, wow, WOW! LOVE that wall!

    And I can empathize with the "before" wallpaper...remarkably similar to one wall of our den when we moved in.

  14. You are so awesome!

  15. Your bedroom next, of course!
    The stenciling looks great.

  16. Blogger ate my previous comment! Bad Blogger!!

    I was going to say make my sweet tea with extra ice. Sonic, if you have it.

    I LOVE what you've done with the place.

  17. You sound like you are having so much fun. And you're doing a wonderful job. Can hardly wait to see what's next!

  18. WOW. Isn't it amazing what different tastes we all have. Because whoever put that wallpaper up loved it enough to get matching curtains. "shudders"

    Your new version is much more to my liking.

  19. Dang, you sure have put your stamp on the place quite nicely! I LOVE that little table! And the stenciling and the saying, I love that too! And yes, you did well, covering up the busy wallpaper.

    Can't wait to see more!

  20. I know you're really busy.

    Even so, I gave you an award at my place.

  21. I am loving the tour! The stencils look great and the quote is perfect!

  22. You are so awesome! And I love stenciling, too.

  23. It's a toad.. not a frog.. a Fowler's Toad and most toads secret poison from glands under their skin. It's what keeps him safe from predators. Won't kill you but can give you a nasty rash or worse allergic reaction if you touch it... especially if it ends up on your face somewhere so... don't touch the toad!

  24. You. are. flippin. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the wall. LOVE the stenciling. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you are making this the most cool and entrancing home EVAH.

    Now when you get bored, can you come fix up my house? Because (blush) other than Reedy Girl's room and the newly finished basement, we still have boring "sell your house white" walls.

    But let that be our secret.


  25. Mindy, I love sweet tea. I'll bring the peach pie.

    (I feel ridiculous saying this to someone I don't know IRL, but I am so flippin' proud of you, honey!)

  26. The new place is looking so wonderful!!! More pics please!

    LOVE the stenciling.

  27. I don't know Mindy - Albert looks a little big around the middle. You might want to have his cholesteral checked before you decide to keep him. You don't need all those medical bills with a house payment.

    Looks great. I can't wait to see the rest.

  28. wow you are so talented. Loving the tour Mindy. love you :)

  29. Hope those birds flew south for the winter for good!

  30. I realize you are probably elbow deep in your next project, but let us see the progress! We miss you!

    On another note the word verification is mrholy - maybe I should change Gifted and Talented's name to Mr. Holy. After all he's taken to being a preacher's wife pretty well.

  31. Beautiful! I love your new home!!!!

    I have a toad living in our courtyard named "Verbena". Maybe she and Albert could meet and begin "hopping" out...

    St.Casserole, stuck in Cat blogging


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