Remember these eyes? ~fluttering my blue eyes for effect~

Remember this post? The one where I was ONLY HELPING TO CELEBRATE Rachel's b-day?

Remember her comment? * I am sooooo kickin' yer ass.You know that of all the possiblle Brady haircuts, mine was Jan's. NOT Carol's. Geeze.*

She hits hard for a girl.
Thank goodness I was able to cover up the black eye part.

My eye actually looks MUCH better today than what it did yesterday. I just did not have my camera here at work to document the evidence.
Doesn't she know I am a delicate flower that wilts from abuse???

Actually, I busted a blood vessel in my eye from coughing too hard but that makes for a really sucky blog entry. My eye is fine it just look horribly gross. It's the same thing as getting a bruise but you can see it more vividly.


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Kinda patriotic looking, isn't it?

  2. My word, even with your eye all gacky you are still as cute as the day is long!

  3. Thank you Miss Cheese. I am going to use your quote if I ever take out a personal ad. *grins*

  4. It looks a lot better than it did the other day Mom Gator. That is sooo not cool. I am glad that its going away. Don't forget "We've got the connection". and oh yeah I am doing the hand to eye thing.

  5. *cracks knuckles menacingly*

    Who's next?

  6. Dang! That's a beauty. At first I pictured you two rolling around on the floor with fur flying!!!! LOL.

    It reminds me of "The Three Little Pigs". Well, the Wolf actually:

    I'll cough, and I'll cough, and I'll blow your house down! LOL.

  7. Aw, geeze, Gerry! That's girl-fightin'!

    *scuffs dirt disgustedly with toe*

  8. I suggested that she wear a pirate's eye patch.....and she tried one on......BEHOLD.....SHE IS EVEN CUTE WITH A PATCH OVER HER EYE.

    I saw the whole thing.....that fight was on! LOL

  9. Rachel IS a girl fighter by the way.

    She is more of the Bo Peep kind of fighter instead of the Roller Debry minion that she pretends to be.

    She just got lucky this time.

  10. And Gerry...I really hope by *fur flying* you are NOT referring to the fact that I have not shaved my legs in sometime. *blink blink*

  11. Bo-Peep?? BO-PEEP!!!??!

    That is so seriously wrong. You are going to be really, really sorry.

    *sharpens teeth on switchblade comb*

  12. Owie! Does it hurt?

    I'd offer to help protect you from Rachel, but first, can you tell me if she knows where I live??!! lol

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    By the way, I got so distracted playing with the kitty widget on your blog sidepost that I almost forgot to comment!

  13. OWWWWWWIE!!!!! My eyes are watering just from looking at it, lol. Just send Rach over here... you know I could take her on and win.

  14. I didn't know such a thing could happen from coughing! I am hoping that it doesn't hurt the same as a bruise, just looks like one!

  15. Note to self:
    Don't. Mess. With. Rach.

  16. Ooooooie oooooie oooooie, I can't look!!!! *averts eyes* Too gross. All that red!!!

    Rach is really really scary for sure. And if that's what Bo Peep does, man, I do NOT want to meet up with any Roller Derby minions.

    *Hides under desk*

  17. Anonymous11:06 AM

    WOW!! Rach sure packs a whullup for such an old gal.

    "gacky eye" bwahahaha

  18. Ouch! Glad it doesn't hurt.

  19. If you put up a personal add with the thing saying your eye being gacky... but you sure are cute no matter which way you take that picture.

  20. College Mama5:55 PM

    OUCH! That looks painful!

  21. Ouchy! That looks really painful. Sorry about the cough, but cheese is right - you're very cute even with the injury.

  22. I was about to accuse you of framing Rachel by photoshopping all that red in!

    I hope it gets better soon.

    (And you are a cutie-pie, even with the red eye!)

  23. Can you shoot lasers out of that eye?

  24. I agree with the Cheese.

    Eye blood stuff is very dramatic.
    Can you come up with a better story than coughing too hard?

  25. Wow, that's dramatic. It must have been some cough.

  26. Anonymous4:58 PM

    ooohhh - had a friend that had that happen in both eyes in childbirth!! so sorry to hear that Rach is that mean!! LOL at teh Roller Derby Minion reference... there's a name for a new blog!!

  27. makes my eyes itch lookin at it.
    LOVE the earring (the dangly one)and so inquiring minds want to know if you made it???


    P.S. we know she loved all that attention anywho!

  28. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Sorry about your eye.
    I think Rachel should go talk to her probation officer.

  29. Holy ca -- rolly! Hope you're feelin' better!!!


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