6:00am The news is on and they are announcing the weather. *Well Plainview that snow is not even going to make it to the ground where you are! Going to just be evaporating above your heads! *

7:30am: The scene from outside. So much for evaporation.

You do not know how much I LOVE this weather! Our high today is supposed to be in the 40's so this will all melt in the next few hours. But it was mine to enjoy for awhile!!

** I have sent out emails pairing up everyone for the Valentine Swap. PLEASE email me if you did not get your email from me or if you have not heard from your partner. PATTI.....I sent you an email but have not heard back from you. Please email me.

**Bebo drove in the snow for the first time ever today. Of course, being in Texas, he may not have that opportunity for 6 more years.

**LOST 2 hour season premire comes on tonight. DO NOT CALL ME OR COME TO VISIT ME. I will not be picking up the phone. I watched the re-run of last season's final show last night. And YES, I cried AGAIN when Charlie died.

**I have already filed my income tax. I file online. Lawsy, if I can do that ANYONE AT ALL CAN DO THAT. This year, it did not cost me anything at all to file.

** I am so ready for the writer's strike to be over. At least let the writers of The Office go back to work. I miss that show.

**My eye is so much better and back to normal!

**Yes, I have vacuumed up the rice.

**Rach is now calling herself Sporty Spice. I think her thyroid is off again.

**I am in the mood for answering questions. Anyone have a question for me? Come on, don't be shy. Stop lurking and ask!

***All questions pertaining to how I keep this incredible body are off limits. It is a trade secret.


  1. I'm so jealous! I LOVE snow! (And yes, I'm jealous over that body too!!)

  2. Trust me Preacher would NOT be jealous of this body!!

  3. Here are my questions:

    Rach is calling herself "Sporty" Spice? Would you suggest to her that "Spooky" Spice would be more appropriate? (that way I don't have to duck under my desk)

    How do you manage to accomplish so very much in your day, with a teenaged boy and deranged criminals to deal with? Do you have a staff?

    Fabric softener or dryer sheets or both? and Why? (I always wonder about people's laundry. Though I do hold back from asking about stains)

    Enjoy your snow!!!

  4. If you ever get up this way, will you please come visit?
    (But you still cannot kidnap my husband!)
    What's for supper tonight?

  5. Good questions PG!

    1) Spooky spice would be more appropriate than Sporty Spice. I think the problem lies with the *Spice* part. I am thinking of calling her Snotty Spice.

    2. I wish I had a staff! I have always said I need a housewife. Some days I accomplish things...some days I do not. I always make my bed and that makes people here nuts.

    3. Dryer sheets. I LOVE the Downy scented ones right now and will only buy them when I have a coupon. Nothing at all against the liquid but I never remember to go back and add it in. And I cannot find my Downy ball.

  6. Bunny, if I ever get out that way it will ONLY be to visit you!! I promise!

    Supper tonight is pizza. Lost is on and Bebo and I are going to give it our total attention.

    But I am cooking a meatloaf tonight to have tomorrow.

    And I am working on our Super Bowl Menu.

  7. Y'all know she is a damn liar, right?

    Sporty Spice my a**!

    I would call you Unrequited Diva Spice, but it doesn't have much of a ring to it.

    My question is: How does a Downy Ball work? I thought perhaps it was alien technology that we harvested from the whole Rosewell fiasco, but I could be wrong...

  8. Rachel, when it was discovered that the Tidy Bowl man could not swim....he was fired.

    Downy hired him and he lives in the Downy Bowl and releases the Downy liquid during the rinse cycle.

    Kinda like a hamster in a plastic ball.

    Heifer Spice does not have much of a ring to it either.

  9. Snow! I hope you built a snowman (or snow cow at least).

    If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

  10. 1. How's the eye?
    2. When are you coming to see me?

  11. is already gone!!

    I have always wanted to go to Australia. Don't know why. There are lots of places in the US that I want to go to. I want to go to Washington DC or to Disney World or Land.

    And I JUMP at the chance to go to Austin.

  12. Zorra...the eye is MUCH better! *flutters her eyelashes*

    I am in hopes to get down that way this summer. I want to meet you!!!

  13. Our taxes, fed and state (state taxes suck) were done two days ago and already showing up as approved and we should get refunds within the week. Always costs us though... but still way cheaper than having *people*.

  14. Oh don't even get me started on *people* flutterby. I get so angry when my clients run in and get charged $300 so they can get their refund back fast. Heck, I already get my refund back fast!!

  15. OK here are more questions:

    On what will you spend your tax refund money?

    Why do you think Rach seems so grumpy today and why does her behind have **'s instead of proper ss's?

    If you go to visit Red Heeler Ranch, would you just keep on going and come on out to Glendale?

    And re: the Downy Ball......had a picture in my head of teenaged geese, wearing formals and tuxes, at a debutante ball. :)

  16. Silly girl! If I have a questions I just ask you. But I will be a good sport and play along. Have we heard any "new news" on the current situation or termination of said situation? And you know what I am talking about. Lol, I love having a secret and no one else gets to know.

  17. Hey again PG!!

    I will not spend my refund money just yet. I always put it in savings and spend it through the year. With only one income, I like to have a back up plan.

    LOL...Rachel and I would have both liked to have been home today. Plus she has to work tonight. She was really in a happy mood today.

    I am going to start referring to myself and chubby spice. Think that will work?

    I will eventually make my way out to see you. I wanna see you and see a lot of other things out where you live!! One being the famous Ben.

    Now I see the teenaged geese in my head!!!

  18. Hey babygator!

    *grins* I no nothing of the secret in which you speak.

  19. Hey babygator!

    *grins* I no nothing of the secret in which you speak.

  20. Looks like that global warming thang ain't workin' out for you Texans either! We're freezing our arse's off up here on the left coast as is the rest of the U.S.!!! Ol' Al Gorelioni's theory ain't workin so well....

    I don't watch tv any more 'cause it sucks-- hence the reason why I'm always in my studio (yer welcome any time by the way). I wish they'd hire funny writers like yerself...or some other bloggers who write better stuff than those Hollywood jerks? Netflix is my savior....

    Clairol or Loreal?

  21. OK,
    I have serious questions...

    paper or plastic?
    boxers or briefs?
    wax your eyebrows or pluck em?
    acrylic nails or real?
    shave or nair?
    dogs or cats?
    Bozo or Casper?
    Batman or Robin?

    There. I know you have enlightening thoughts on those. :)


    P.S. I think we should have a "name the spice" contest.
    P.P.S. My word verification is:
    "waxnow" LOLOL

  22. ...oh... and if you EVER plan to come to DC, we had BEST make plans!!!

    Just sayin

  23. You call that snow? I'll show you SNOW honey! (kidding...don't throw snowballs or anything).

    Big Brother starts this week!!!!

    Question: Can anything good come of blue food? Really. Food should never be blue. Especially in a slushy drinkable form.

  24. I'm glad your eye is better. That looked so painful!

  25. paper or plastic? Paper

    boxers or briefs? those bicycle short looking one

    wax your eyebrows or pluck em? pluck

    acrylic nails or real? Acrylic baby!

    shave or nair? shave...nair breaks me out

    dogs or cats? both

    Bozo or Casper? BOZO IS A CLOWN! *shudders*

    Batman or Robin? Robin

    And I think you are totally right about having a spice contest!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Sue! Hi!!

    Big Brother starts this week!!!! It makes me happy too!

    Question: Can anything good come of blue food? Yes. Blue corn tortilla chips.


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