The Recipe For Mindy
3 parts Tease
2 parts Panache
1 part Dignity

Splash of Class

Finish off with whipped cream
*REAL whipped cream and not that fake cool whipped stuff. Lick the beaters clean whipped cream.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Very fun - and fake whipped cream isn't worth a spoon.

  2. that is awesome. i love real whipped cream

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I still have some leftover real whipped cream here at the Bunster Household, and yes! I licked the beaters clean!!

  4. Oh yeah that is defiantly you. I love the recipe. I will have to do mine too!

  5. *gasp* *fist to mouth* Why Miss Mindy, have you n ever seen the truth behind whippedcream??

    Don't look for very long. It will burn your retinas. ;)

    However, that recipe most definitely is you!!

  6. "Panache" DEFINITELY. And no fake cream for me, either. :)

  7. Oh PG, that is just terrible! I don't think I can ever eat another bite of whipped cream in all my life!

    Yes, Mindy, I think the recipe is definitely you!

  8. I'm always so confused when people at Star$$ ask if I want whipped cream. OF COURSE I do.

  9. That's great! And I'm with you on the real whipped cream.

  10. Cheers & bottoms up!

  11. Whipped cream.... *snickersnort*

  12. Anonymous5:52 PM

    PG - That's the best laugh I've had all day - Thank You!!

    Mindy - I made real whipped cream last night in your honor to douse some strawberries - mmmm

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    3 parts Desire
    2 parts Elegance
    1 part Success

    Splash of Warmth

    Finish off with a little umbrella and straw

    this is me...pdw

  14. Mrs M -
    I am with you! If I am going to spend $$$$$ on a cup of coffee it had better be:
    sugarred up
    and loaded with whipped cream!!!

    I won't think about the cow...


  15. only a splash of class - that can't be right!

    hugs xx one of the puppies came to visit today (to buy dog food) she was the biggest one - we nicknamed her Tankki - but she's really called Tuikku (which means tinkerbell) - she's still bigger than Misty but looks so like Mindy with the four legs - almost as beautiful as you :)

    I'm of to Tallinn in a week - when I get back I'll plan my trip out to Texas to see you ... that's a promise. I'll have to get a new passport (with a barcode) which is why I've been delaying but 2008 is the year - I can't wait any longer!


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