Monday, July 30, 2007


~Raises her water glass and taps it several times with her dinner fork~


Thank you and now you may return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Okay, let's talk about something else now.

One of the big television stations in this area takes a week and reports from a different small town each night of that week. Last night it was our turn. Babygator, Ming Cow Veal and I made it girls night out and went to the TV party. Ming was going to represent the new herd that we are trying to get going here. She was really apprehensive. You know how a pet will dig their feet in? That is what Ming was doing on her way down the stairs. Silly thing was stiffening out her legs making it hard for me to carry her.

Finally we made it down the stairs without incident. However, she was a bit frightened at getting into a vehicle that she had never been in before. She poked her head out of Babygator's Jeep and cried! I finally realized that the poor thing thought she was not going to get to come home!! I talked to her and calmed her down. I explained to her that this was her HOME and that she would be coming back. I also told her that Babygator would be extra careful driving. (I think Bebo might have told her about how his sister drives *snickers*).

Finally we left the house and got to town square. Ming was happy by that time and insisted that her sister carry her.

I think that the two girls have the same smile. *grins*

We had a great time and actually saw a cow I did not know about! This is the cow that belongs to one of our dairy's. She is a pretty Holstein! She was really into doing her job well promoting milk and her dairy! That is the dairy's canopy behind her. Guess who is desperately wanting one of those purty cow spotted canopy's? Moi! Send your cow canopy donations to the 800 # flashing on your screen now!!
And I can get it at Tractor Supply. *grins* I wonder how many of you can say you have ever been into a Tractor Supply?? That's what I thought.
These were country cows come into the city. They were not impressed.

And how many of you have milked a cow? hhhmmmm? Be honest now! This is another thing that the dairy was doing. It was a cow milking contest for kids.
Look at those kids go!

This was Ming doing her job telling people to buy fiberglass cows! (I almost typed Buy US Bonds!) The man next to her is in charge of geo-caching. Our cows are in on the geo-caching craze!! Ming is also wondering why her sister is always on the phone.

I got to be on TV during the newscast as part of a *herd* of people in the background. I figure that makes me pseudo-famous.
Have your people call my people and we will do lunch.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am in a poor Mindy funk. Having a hard time being alone. Not 'I have the whole house to myself' alone but 'significant other' alone. I know what I know but dammit.....really....are all the good guys gone?? Is there someone out there for me? And, if so, where in the world is he hiding???

So, instead of writing a whole pity party blog entry, I am going to show off some pics.
The hollyhocks are from my mom's flower beds. Are they so pretty?

The sunflower is from my daddy's garden. He has a whole garden FULL of sunflowers and they are just stunning.

The two young men in my life that I love dearly. Tybo and Bebo acting silly.

Friday, July 20, 2007

TEH CLOWNS *shudders*

I make it no secret...I am not into clowns. They creep me out. If you need to catch up, here is the story. Scroll down to clownage issues. Some clowns are worse than others but, as a general rule, I just steer clean of them all.
That is why I have not blogged about the McDonald's cow and calf until now. And ONLY for you sweet readers...only for you.

I sucked it up and went to McDonald's this morning in order to take pics. I was a big leery so I approached them from behind. (and no, I did not have an Egg McMuffin)

I was in stealth mode so I could just get the pics and get out of there.

If you look closely, you can see that Mama cow is peeking at me out of the corner of her eye.

When Mama realized that I was there and had a camera, she was MORE than nice. She worked really hard at putting me at ease. She explained that she is a COW first. Then she is a clown. She also told me that she did not put up with that clown pestering people nonsense. That made me feel a lot better.
She also admired my shoes and asked where I had got them. I forgot all about my fear and told her at my thrift store find. I found them at Goodwill on Sunday. They were brand new and had never been worn and they are COMFORTABLE! The arch support is out of this world. I paid my $2.00 for them and happily took them home. Since today is casual Friday, I wore them. I noticed that they had the name tag on the side so I Blingo'ed them. I am wear $90.00 Chaco sandals that I bought for $2.00!!
Who knew that talking about thrifting and sandals would make me let my guard down with a clown??

She does have a nice face. She was very patient and talked to me about all of the photos that she and her little one have had taken. Being on the interstate and in front of McDonald's means a whole lot of kids have stopped by to visit.

She told her calf to stand really still so that I could get a good picture. He was really well behaved.

Isn't this the sweetest little tail? I love the little swish in it! Now who out there does not like a sweet baby's butt?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


1. Amber, suck it UP already! Sheeze!

2. Standing in line waiting to be weighed at WW the other night. Lady in front of me gets ready to be weighed. The conversation went like this:

Weigher: "Well, let me go ahead and give you your 50 lbs weight loss magnet!! I am so proud of you!"

Weighee: "Thank you so much!" *and tucks it into her purse and hops of the scales*

Weigher: "Oh. Oh my"

Weighee: "What is it? Is there something wrong?"

Weigher: "You are going to have to give me that magnet back. I thought you would be at your 50 today but I was wrong. Give it back."

Weighee: ~blink blink~

Me? I was thinking that the weigher would have to crawl over that desk and freaken rip the magnet out of my chubby little hands if she had done that to me!

3. Watched The Break Up. I kept waiting for the happy ending. *SPITS* Hated the movie. Made me think about all of my past regrets and put me in a funky mood.

4. Read Cold Mountain and love it until the freaken last 8 pages! I have decided that is what is wrong with the world...there are no happy endings anymore!!

5. I am smart enough to know not to watch the movie now.

6. The last comment on the kid's pic is not to be missed.

Diesel said...
Did they make you say that, Mindy? It looks like you took the pic from on the floor, with them threatening to beat you if you didn't post something nice. If you need help, post a comment on my blog telling me I look like a young Brad Pitt.

Diesel is a nut and his blog is funny! Well, the parts that I understand. Sometimes I think he is a lot smarter than me. But then, he would not let me win the picture of him photo-shopped into a Lost scene so he lost points on that. Bet that upsets him.

7. I miss Lost.

8. Coffee Shops would make a butt load of money if they could package how them smell and sell it as air freshener. I love going thought the drive through at Star Bucks and having them open that sliding glass window. I am tempted to say "Don't need a thing! Just huffing!".

9. I would love to hold hands with John Craigie just once

10. Oh! I forgot to tell you! The kids and I are going on vacation in August. We are going to Albuquerque and to Santa Fe. And guess what the best part is??? I am getting to meet up with Flutterby!! We go way back from before blogs. We met up on a message board and have been fast friends ever since. I just wish that she lived down the block.

11. I am altering a clock. Wanna see? Would you also like to see how to wrap a package and make it look really special without spending a lot of money? I mean....I GUESS I could show off if you REALLY want for me to.

12. I am saving my pennies for next summer hoping that there is a BIG blogger meet up! Maybe then I will not be so jealous.

13. Is my favorite number.

14. Best comment on Friday Cow Blogging goes to The Reverend Mommy with this comment:

"Poor poor cow. But at least someone got a piece of tail.(ooo.... I can't believe I said that!)" *snickers*

15. I adore all of your comments.

16. My new lotion smells like Jergens and it reminds me of my paternal grandmother. She always had a big white bottle of the stuff. She would also make sugar cookies and would trace our hands in the dough so that we each got to eat our own hand. I miss her. I wish I had gotten to know her better.

17. I talked to one of my guys today and the awesome benefits of soap and water. Some people...they ain't like us.

18. I so want to buy a house.

19. So what are ya'll up to today?

Saturday, July 14, 2007


These two take my breath away each and every day. I cannot imagine my life without them.

Friday, July 13, 2007


My Mom and Bebo came yesterday to stay with me for a few days. Since they were coming, I made sure that the house was nice and picked up. Everything in its place.

Babygator was in town and going to come by and eat supper with us. We were sitting around in the living room watiting for her when Bebo got quiet and whispered to us "Be really really still and look over there at what is peeping out from behind the bookcase."

Nothing freaks you like a 14 year old boy really really still.

Of course my mom and I whipped our heads around just in time to see a lizard looking out at us.

This lizard usually lives under my front porch. He has for years. And he is a long lizard about 10 inches long. Well, he looked more like 26 inches but that is beside the point. It may not be the original lizard but I feel sure that it has been his children...then grandchildren....great grandchildren and so on and so forth. It has been a literal lizard legacy played out at my place. He has always lived there in peace and I am happy believing that he is eating all sorts of little creepy crawly bugs that I do not want to see anyway. At least I hope that is what he is doing. He and I have only had one previous altercation when he can across the top of my foot while I was out watering my plants. Oh what stories I am sure that the neighbors told when they saw me screeching and dancing along the lawn that morning.

Then there was last night.

Bebo and I promptly went into hunter mode. Armed with our trusty lizard extrication tools, we began to track the lizard. He was fast! And I have a whole lot of things that make the most excellant little lizard hiding places. Who knew that I was practicing lizard fung shue?

Anyway, before any time at all, the living room began to look like this.

We had moved the bookcase and the TV cabinet from the walls because he kept running up under them. He also was able to run across pillows that were used as a barrier. Well, he outsmarted us.....ran across the room and behind the couch.

So the couch then was pulled out from the wall.

Lovely mess for a lizard. Bebo and I actually got really cracked up while trying to chase down the lizard. We kept giggling and had to stop and catch our breathes.

My mom saw no humor in the whole adventure.

Cricky look at the size of that beauty!

This is him as he slowly came from behind the couch and I CAUGHT HIM!! Well, he may have just been giving up but I prefer to think that I was channeling Steve Irwin.

Important lizard extrication tools. No home should be without them. Baby gator finally got there and she and Bebo were in charge of lizard relocation. I told them that he had to at least go across the street so that he did not shoot back in the door before we could get it closed.

The lizard whisperer

Then the damned thing did not want to leave! I am thinking that he thought he had just aquired a new condo or something.

Rachel pointed out that he was probably just there to sell me some insurance.

My mom was a really big help in the capture. We really think that her yelling the words, *PUT THAT DAMNED CAMERA DOWN AND CATCH THE THING!!* from her lofty perch was just what we needed to get the job done.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I am here! I was gone for the holidays....then got busy...then got sick. But you know me, I always come back.

Fireworks purchased at the fireworks stand while Bebo slobbered (and my brain is thinking we might as well be lighting dollar bills): $29.99

Roman Candles that are not called roman candles any more and a buy one get one free box of pop its: $ 8.49
All photos courtesy of Bebo who does not know that I have posted this story.
Bebe then reading the sides of the roman candles and the fireworks and beginning to crack up at the use of the words *blue balls* and *shoots flaming balls* as any 14 year old boy would : $Funny
My mom looking at Bebo and saying deadpanned "Well, I guess you will need to wear a cup." and then seeing the look on Bebo's face when he realized his sainted grandmother was talking about BALLS! .......