Sanity VS Insanity

I have kinda sorta decided to grow my hair out a bit. It has been short since it got chopped off in elementary school. I am hair dsylexic. The easier it is...the better.

Yesterday, Ester asked why I never just wear it teasing it with my fingers to get it texture or body. So, today, I did not too it. It is driving me nuts. It gets in my ear and tickles!! I brought stuff to texturize it just in case but Ester told me NO.
Look quick, cause I am the kind of person that will chop it off quickly if I take the notion. I KNOW it is not is just really long to me.
Look at those crow's feet!! AAAGGGGKKKKKK!!!!!
Yes! Of course this is my natural color. Why would you ask?? Isn't Loreal Preference #8A a natural color???
But this....this is what keeps me sane.....
That is my dining room table this morning. I am a person that always always ALWAYS makes my bed when I get up in the morning. But the craft table...that stays just as I left it. I can go home tonight and just dive in and start creating right where I left off.

Do you see some of the sweet little things that Preacher Mom sent to me???
I would have loved to have stayed home this morning and just create. I would have opened up my windows, started some bread to rise and played at my table to my hearts content.

This is the world that I make when I walk away from the wacky work one. This is the world that no one talks back or has to pee in a cup for me. I just DO in this world. And, if I do not like what comes of it....I can toss it into the trash.
And yes, I hunt around a lot for things on this table. But I KNOW that the item I am searching for is on the table!

These make me happy too. These are the baby Sharpies that live at my house. I run a home for wayward Sharpies. You have a Sharpie giving you trouble? Send it to me and I will whip it into shape.

What keeps you sane?


  1. i have a craft apt. that stays in constant disarray.

  2. All of the blogs I read day in day out keep me sane, for the moment.

  3. Princess Mindy,

    First of all, I LOVE crow's feet, think they're beautiful.

    Second: tapioca. When it's homemade, does it still look like there's something that might be fish eyeballs is it? (You sweet woman, for you I might try homemade tapioca, even if it is mushy.)

  4. Mrs. M, Homemade tapioca has a different texture than bought. It is a little softer (not mushier) so it does not feel like you are bitting into little fish eyeballs.

    However, now that I typed that sentence, I shall not be making tapioca tonight.

  5. First of all, your haircolor looks more natural than mine did when I was four!

    Second, what crows feet? I don't see no stinkin' crows feet.

    Third, I wish I had space and guts to keep a craft space like yours. If I left clutter like that for myself I would run screaming into the hills. You're a better person than I with that.

    Fourth, for me sanity comes with balance: a week with enough yoga, enough work, a relatively tidy house, enough healthy food, enough breathing right, and just enough. And blogging friends. Like Wyldth1ng, gotta have me some time with the blog pals.

  6. Aw, you look so cute! Look at how sweet that one blue eye looks!

    I wish I could come sit at your table and do crafts with you.

    I don't think I am sane!

  7. My my my...who gave you all of those fancy sharpies???

  8. I love the cut and color of your hair.

    You've earned those damn crow's feet. Wear them proudly!!!!

    And I personally opt for insanity. There's so much less pressure that way. LOL.

  9. Anonymous5:23 AM

    I love the hair!! But I know what you mean, I too have to have fluff and body or I think I look like a helmet head.
    Seriously, I don't see crow's feet. And, I agree that one blue eye is cute!
    What keeps me sane? Lexapro, Xanax, Captain Morgan, sex, shopping, the puppy and sleep. Oh, and my blogger friends of course!!

  10. I have known for sometime now that your bedroom is always in perfect order........but to know that your kitchen table is having fun....makes me happy for you!


  11. Your craft table looks like my sewing table when I get going.

    I like your hair. But, I'm hair impaired, so never ask me for hair advice.

    Sane? Probably reading. I love a good novel, but I'll read pretty much anything, even the yellow pages if that's all that's available.

  12. Allison6:45 AM

    I love Sharpies Mindy! My favorite is the ultra fine point in black. Its just great! =)

  13. I SAID...MY MY MY...WHO GAVE YOU ALL THOSE FANCY SHARPIES??? I didn't get to ask a question last time. My question is if you could go back and change one thing...what would it be?

  14. How come I just get older, but you get so friggin' cute?

    I LOVE your table. It looks so fun...if I was crafty, which I'm not.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUUURRRVE Baby Sharpies. I don't have any yet. But I'm going to when I grow up.
    (I don't have any need for them actually which is why I don't have them... but I LOVE THEM!!)
    My sanity(what little there is) comes from a little bit of time to myself now and then. Tonight I'm going to get my hair cut. I too have been growing my hairs out and am at a bad bad stage with it. It either has to GO or we think of some wonderful in between thing to do with it!! And then, after hairscut, I will go to the sushi place next door, order a philadelphia roll and a tuna roll and sit with my book and be ALONE! (but not alone. but you know what I mean)
    Also, an hour or so of mindless TV now and then. Since I don't smoke anymore, I allow myself the occasional Days of Our Lives Fix. It's not the same, but it's just as stupid! haha

  16. Ok first off, when something doesn't turn out quite right you do NOT toss it in the trash... you salvage every little bit and bauble you can from it and THEN you toss out the rest. And second, I am SO GLAD to see someone else who thinks tapioca looks like it has FISH EYEBALLS swimming in it!!! EEEWWwwwww that is just the most gross disgusting looking stuff EVER. And Mindy, just how do you know what it feels like to bite into fish eyes anyway???

  17. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Warm home made Tapioca pudding is the absolute best ever!!!!

  18. I love everything about this entry, especially your hair.

  19. thanks for reading funky finds & for entering the stitch swag bag giveaway! i am in arlington tx & am dying to know where the fiberglass cows are!? do tell!

  20. So cool!!!

    I love the concept that if ya don't like it in this world, you can toss it out. And the home for wayword sharpies? BWAAHahahah!

  21. I love your baby sharpies - still have the highlighter one you sent me.

    When I visit I'll take LOADS home with me :)

    is June ok with you? I'd really love to visit.

  22. PaperMate felt tip pens keep me sane. Keeping a routine. Coffee. Cooking. And my medication.

    I take my sanity seriously since I haven't got a lot of it.


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