The alternative title could be *I bet my postman is getting a hernia*.

Cause I have MAIL!!! I am in several different swaps right now and they have all started to roll in! I love mail!!

This first one is from JudyB. She is my swap partner from
Sweet Goodness Swaps. This is a three month swap. I got a pumpkin trick or treat bag, some candy and she made me a scarf. Such pretty colors! Just wish that it was cold enough to start wearing!

Then I got
Deb's envelope. It exploded upon opening cause it was so stuffed with wonderful colorful goodness! She sent me pink and green fabrics (love LOVE the kitties!!), bits and pieces of leftover projects and I already know where I am going to use a lot of them, tiny little starfish, jewelry finding, confetti (which I LOVE), blank greetings cards with envelopes and all sorts of swag!

Look at the wonderful colors! And look at that frog!!!

But this is my favoritest thing of all...

Teeny tiny little brown, black and white COW SPRINKLES!!! Man I am in COW HEAVEN!!! She told me her little one found them at the grocery store for me....I owe that kid something!!!


Then I had a sweet lady from Texas, Bec, emailed to ask if she could be in our envelope swap even though she did not have a blog. Told her SURE and I swapped with her! Look at her package!

She sent me a cute tote from the Humane Society, Halloween pumpkin and sweet ghost pot, suckers, BUSINESS CARDS (cause ya'll know I love them) A cookie cutter (and it is awesome and I do not have anything at all like it) and a sweet sweet angel. She also sent me the most awesome vintage postcards!!!

And then she sent me wallpaper sheets to use for my paper crafts! Is that not cool?!?!?! These are just a few of the sweets and I love them.

In the middle of all of this, she decided to start a blog so it is my pleasure to introduce BEC!!

I have had such a good time with all of my swaps. Have ya'll been getting your envelopes? Share your pics with me??? PLEASE?!?!?!?!


  1. That Deb is a creative l'il swapper. I just wanna know what was in that pill container.

    My envelope from Rev. Hrod was wonderful: a LTSP t-shirt that I am wearing even as we speak (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia), beautiful fall colored leaves, really nice earrings with green beads that she made herself, a magnet that says "What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?", a cool tote from 4imprint.com/puzzle, and chocolate peanut butter candy and treats. A little of which I shared with my son. Sorry no pictures because some nasty burglar has broken into my calendar and stolen ALL my time!

    Loved the swap!

  2. I do not know what a swag is, but in the military a SWAG is a Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

    But it is very interesting.

  3. Oh, that kitteh fabric is adorable!!!

  4. I got some really cool stuff from BabyGator!! The highlight was of course the giant wintergreen Lifesavers stuffed into every nook and cranny, lol. I am so addicted to those. She sent a bunch of ribbons; a really cute cow print one, and a tiny shiny gold nail polish and some really neat cookbook pamphlets and marked some recipes in them and I know I am forgetting stuff...

  5. WOW, you made out like a bandit! Where will you put it all???? LOL

  6. ROFL... CONFETTI was in the pill container!! Honest! Pink and Green (natch - it was for Mindy) of flamingos and palm trees. Yes, really.


    I have pics to put up and will tell you when I do...


  7. Here. I blogged it. Serious Fun

  8. charging the battery on my camera now so I can blog my loot - all greatness!!

  9. You been tagged!!


  10. Cute, cute stuff! Those cow sprinkles are too much!

  11. Hey, what's i the medicine bottle? Oh, wait, I'm behind.

  12. *tapping foot*

    ....a week is too long to wait for a new Mindy post......

    Just sayin'

    Your fans grow restless......

  13. I'm with you, PG... WHAT is going on in Mindy-Land???


  14. Well she is quite obviously NOT participating in NaBloPoMo....

  15. Swapping is so much fun--I do a lot of it through a board I'm on. Totally cool.

  16. cow sprinkles. wow :)

  17. My envelop was such fun too :) I will post a picture soon like presbygal "some nasty burglar has broken into my calendar and stolen ALL my time!" :(

    hugs xx


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