I am still around. You are not getting rid of me that easily. Just really busy right now.
Lots of work. Christmas coming up. Shopping online. Just usual stuff.

Just a teensy bit antsy. It helps to pull back from the internet when I get that way. Nothing is wrong at all and life is sweet. It's just rushed and hectic and I am a bit lazy. Just kind of floating.

Plus, I have nothing to say. ME? With nothing to say? Odd I tell you.

I do know I refuse to cover up my toes and wear actual shoes until the temp fall below 80 degrees!

So, for fun, I am opening this blog up to questions. What would you like to know? Leave your questions in comments and I will answer them in a blog entry tomorrow.


  1. Hey! Glad to see you back. I understand that "I'm here but don't have much to blog right this minute" feeling.

    A question, huh? Well, my craft-loving fried, do you have any suggestions for really cute Christmas gifts that an idiot like me might be able to make?

  2. No questions, just glad to see you back and love the beautiful pictures! And that is one nice pedicure!

  3. Hmmm . . . let's see. A best friend who is a Lucille Ball fan, another good friend - very practical - who works too much to sustain hobbies. Oh, and she loves beach stuff and flamingos. Based on the way my Christmas budget is looking, I could probably send you a list of all my family members . . .

  4. What would be a good gift to make from the Sunni triangle that needs to pass through Navy customs and not be any type of war trophy without express written authorization and still be simple enough for a Marine to make?

  5. eerrm....Wyld...sure....let me think.....

    ~Runs off to google Sunni triangle~

  6. Not so much as a question, but more of a statement: If you are ever near Southern Indian, be sure to look me up!!
    OK, I lied. Well, not about the visit thing, but I do have a question.
    What color is the nail polish? And did you paint them or have them professionally done? Love it!

  7. I just recently learned how to spell the name of the state I've lived my entire LIFE in........

    ** Indiana **


  8. Well I personally wanna know where the rest of all those bazillion pictures went that you took while you were out here. *hhrrumph*. And Bebo's too.

  9. Yay Mindy's back!! Cool pictures. Nice pedicure.

    And here's the question:

    If you could go back and choose a different career for yourself, what would it be? And, do you see an opportunity for doing this in the future? As in Grandma Moses who didn't start painting until she was in her 70's.

  10. I hear ya. Me too. At least you're posting lovely pictures. Love the toes.

  11. Love the fall photos! And the toes!

    I can't think of a question at the moment, I may be back.

    Ha! My word verification is caftjm!

    What do you make of that??

  12. I meant;
    What's for dinner.

  13. What are YOU getting for Christmas? What is your Christmas wish?

  14. I wanna know how you make those books Mom. They are really pretty. I especially like the pink one.

  15. Mindy, I love those pictures.

    I hear you about needing to step away from the blogs.


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