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Do you have any suggestions for really cute Christmas gifts that an idiot might be able to make?

First off, I do not think you are an IDIOT!! I am working on some things that I am really liking right now. I am making some covered notebooks and altering a clock. No clock pics right now but I can get some up if you want to see them. The notebooks are TOTALLY easy and cheap. If anyone is interested, I can post a tutorial. The little one is 4 1/2 x 3 1/2. You can buy scrapbook paper in ANY theme. I think they will make nice teachers gifts. The big one cost around $2.00-$2.50 to make. The little one around $1.00-$1.50.

I swear...totally easy. I have been making them here at lunch.
I signed up under Patti and one other blogger playing the pay it forward game. I think the little ones if what I am going to offer as a give away. Or some of the 25 pincushions that I still have!!

Also, the blog Sew Mama Sew, is posting a new tutorial each day this month for some really cool things to make.

What would be a good gift to make from the Sunni triangle that needs to pass through Navy customs and not be any type of war trophy without express written authorization and still be simple enough for a Marine to make?
Eeerrmm....cookies and leggos??

Bunny Bunster
What color is the nail polish?

OPI’s *I’m Not Really A Waitress* Love that stuff! And I am so addicted to the color even though it is so out of season now.

And did you paint them or have them professionally done?

I paint my own toe nails. I hate how anyone else does them. I have never had a pedicure that was as good or better than what I can do myself. Now my finger nails are a totally different story!!

Well I personally wanna know where the rest of all those bazillion pictures went that you took while you were out here. *hhrrumph*. And Bebo's too.

Most are on a flash drive that I left at home. This is one of my favorites from trip (one of my 1,100 favorites from that trip.)


If you could go back and choose a different career for yourself, what would it be? And, do you see an opportunity for doing this in the future? As in Grandma Moses who didn't start painting until she was in her 70's.

Would I choose a different career? No, I truly love my job. I also know that many MANY people cannot honestly say that. If I had gone to college right out of high school (like I was supposed to have done) I would have been a drama/speech teacher. I think I would have done well at that if I could have gotten over this sense of shyness that constantly follows me. *snorts*

I do know that I have always wanted to be an actress. I do not see that happening this late in my life. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would so totally go into a more creative job...maybe a tea shop or a bakery?


What's for dinner?

VERY good question! We had leftovers. I have been trying to use what we have and it has made for some interesting meals. I never buy actual bacon in the packages anymore. I buy *bits and pieces* bacon. I discovered it when we first started camping. It is a big box of the ends and bits and pieces all packaged together. MUCH cheaper than bacon in the sweet little packages. You always get big chunks. So, last night, it was bacon sandwiches.

Mary Beth

What are YOU getting for Christmas? What is your Christmas wish?

Oh WOW! I already know what I am getting from my parents. They started giving us money each year. Easier for them and it helps me out. I love gift cards. Love massages. I am easy to please. Would love me some more of Patti's potholders! Those things are beautiful!


What's with the cows?

Frog opened her blog up awhile ago and allowed us to ask her questions in return for getting asked a question. Her question was about the cows. I cannot tell you how much I just love these fiberglass cows. I was there when the original herd was brought in years ago. It's weird but I just love them. I like the idea of them. I like the creativity of them. I have still done NOTHING with my own calf! I think it is because I know that, once I do something with her, I will have to let her go. ~cue the music to Born Free.......~

Bonus Question that ya'll did not ask but has been brought up before....

What is Blingo?

You will notice that I have a Blingo button on my side bar. I would totally appreciate it if you will click on that button and sign up under my name!!!

Blingo is powered by google. Blingo is the search engine that gives away prizes every day like movie tickets, iTunes gift certificates, plasma TVs, and even a Ford Mustang, just for searching the Internet.

It really works. I have won movie tickets using it just like I would google. Flutterby used it and won an i-tunes card. Since she was signed up under me...I won one too!

This was fun! Anything else ya'll wanna know??


  1. Please please please post the tutorial!!!!

    No, i'm not totally enchanted or anything. My claendar for next year goes in an 81/2 by 11 binder, but the binder is rediculously expensive, and this would be so much more fun!

    Oh, and a question -- what's the weather like in your part of the world today?

  2. I will get one up for you KP.

    And it will be in the 80's again today. ~sighs~

  3. Ends and pieces are the BEST. There is almost always lots of good slices and the chunks are good for soups and beans. Or chopping up to fry for omelets or salads.

  4. I just don't hink I will be making cookies, there is no oven.

    Interesting thing about the blingo button.

  5. Yes - a tutorial please! These are adorable! Thank you so much!

  6. Good damn point! Where the heck ARE the photos? I haven't even seen them!!! Are their naked people in them or something? What gives????

    Perhaps it is just your natural shyness *snort* that is keeping you from sharing...

  7. Hell. I meant "there" not "their".


  8. good stuff...
    I love OPI polish... though I hardly ever wear any polish at all except on my toes. but them OPI colors/quality is/are am is was were the BEST!

  9. Yup I'm wantin' that tutorial as well. And the pictures.

    And I signed up for Blingo and am hoping that your contest winning mojo rubs off on me!!

    And thank the Lord Rachel visited her Grammar!

  10. Your kitty cat's tail is lying over a question.... something about cows.

    Did you know the mail runs from your place to my place????? :)

  11. I love the notebooks! Are they those marble comp books??

  12. i had tons of questions it was too hard to choose just one. like what is you fave craft? why did you pick you children's names? or what is your proudest moment as a mom? i thought it would be selfish to make you answer all of them, and i couldn't pick just one.


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