This post is a long time time coming. I got back from a wonderful vacation and decided to take a wee break from the computer. Work was crazy like it always is when you have been gone. Babygator had a little health scare. The air conditioner at my house went out. The something happened that caused a MAJOR rant on my part. I wrote it all out here for you but then....I calmed down and never posted it. A day or two turned into two weeks. I did not write on this blog (as well you know) and I did not read any one's blogs or bloglines. Imagine my surprise to go into bloglines and find over 500 updates. People, that intimidated me and I just erased them. I am slowly catching up on blogs and, if there is anything that I need to see or know, PLEASE email me okay?!?!?!

Bebo and I took off to New Mexico for a vacation a few weeks ago. Off to see the sites and to meet up with flutterby and her family! My first blogger meet up even though I have technically met her for about 15 minutes years before blogging began.

First touristy thing that Bebo and I did was visit the grave of Billy the Kid. Only the best for my kid! I took him to the authentic *REAL* grave and not the authentic *FAKE* grave.
We made it into flutterby's town and lawsy what a meet up! She and I email every day so I knew it would not be awkward and it was not at all. It was like seeing an old friend that I had missed for such a long time! She is just like she is in her emails!
This is what we saw Friday morning when leaving our motel room. Trust me, we do not see this where I live! There were about 6 of them just gently floating above the city.
And this is what we saw when we got to flutterby's house! The most wonderful HUGH croissants with the to die for grape jelly that bunny buster sent to us!! OMG, it was just delicious and I could have eaten it all day long. The picture that I posted yesterday was my breakfast's close up. But alas, we had things to do, people to see, mountains to climb and pictures to take!
The color was just this pretty! I need a shirt made out of this color.

Look at this steeple....and look at that sky!!!!

There will be many many more pictures to come. I am just combing through all of them.
This is flutterby, mermaid and me. This was right before we left. Our children just acted like they had always known one another. I have never laughed so hard as when the three kids were cutting up. They all have a very natural humor and played off of one another like they were Lewis and Martin!
Flutterby fed us, OMG....did she ever feed us! She packed a picnic lunch for us. She is a damned good cook! She played driver so that we could enjoy every ounce of the scenery. She took us to soda damn, and to the pueblos, to a wonderful little spot where the railroad use to run and now it is a cool road that runs through two mountains with a water fall beside of it She just took us every where! Just wait until you see the rest of my pics. We even all got to go on a ghost tour in Santa Fe and got drenched by the rain. But it did not bother us cause we were just having a great time all hanging out together.
This is flutter's adorable gbaby. That face totally sums up that sweet boys personality!!

And this is me and flutterby. I missed her the moment that I pulled out of the driveway. It was a wonderful vacation and we owe it all to her and her family. They were so gracious and kind and went out of their way to include us in their family.
She has been my friend for years now. She will be my friend for years to come. I hate the distance but the internet has made us cyber neighbors.
Isn't it just amazing that the net has helped us to find friends over the miles?


  1. jealous - but so happy for you. Oh I wish I lived near by too ...

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    You are so pretty!!!!
    And kind!

  3. That's really cool! Love all the photos. Flutterby sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Sounds like a great meet-up.

  5. So glad you are home and home to the blogworld. Have missed you like whodathunkit.

  6. I think that was the only picture of my daughter we managed to get. Of her face anyway; she kept hiding. I think Bebo got one or two when she wasn't looking. IT was such a fun weekend; I LOVED playing tour guide and bossy know it all, lol.

  7. Mindy, I have gone through withdrawals with out your blogging. I was really missing you.

    It sounds as though you had a great time. I love the sign that says "real" authentic (doesnt' that just repeat itself?). :) I giggled when I saw that.
    Mwah to you

  8. Lord Have Mercy!

    I am so glad to see you blogging again. What a great vacation!

  9. I'm a bit jealous too! But it sounds like y'all had a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. And I'm glad you are back.

  10. Welcome back! (Sorry Rach and I had to have a meetup on our own, but we totally understood your BabyGator needing you.)

  11. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Sounds like a great vacay!! I ahve a watercolor of that church - if it's the one in Santa Fe - it looks like the same steeple - bought it from an artist on the street there -
    Glad you're back - both home and blogging!

  12. Fun!!!
    So glad you're back, though!

  13. I bet you guys had so much fun, and I didn't get to go. ~pouts~ stupid work. I am glad that y'all had fun. Love you!

  14. Love it! Love the travel notes and the pictures! Hooray for all of you!

  15. Now, that's what a vacation is supposed to be! What a hoot. Did you bring home left-overs?

    You look great. Still love the glasses!

  16. elastigirl, the church is in San Ysidro. But it's pretty typical of churches built in that time period so there are many in the area and in Santa Fe almost exactly like it.

  17. I missed you. Sounds like you had fun.

  18. I missed you too! I'm glad that you had such a great vacation. The pics are wonderful!!

  19. Yipppeeee!! You're back in blog land again. Just got back myself.

    Looks like you had a MightyFineTime. Those croissants look realllllly good.

    Thanks for the photos. You're so pretty. For such a skinny girl. And the glasses are perfecto.

  20. how fun... how fun...
    how jealous I am...


  21. Oh yeah. No cows? I am so sad.


    P.S. Don't make me keep commenting...

  22. Well, nice to have you back, Mindy. When you have some time, I just posted your five questions on my blogsite. And I am glad you got to spend time with Flutterby. Seems that there were several blog buddy meetings over the last few weeks.

  23. Oooooh, Mindy....

    I nominated you for something over at my place! First post of today.


  24. Okay, Mindy, here are some questions for you:

    1) when you met Rach did you know that you would be friends right away, or did you have to figure that out over time?

    2) what has been your favorite swap ever?

    3) do you prefer coordinating swaps or participating in them?

    4) How did you choose your career?

    5) How did you prefer to spend your time when you were a little Mindy?

    choose any or all of these. I know you are getting others!

  25. I'll get you some questions by the weekend! But I may cheat and ask you a couple of the same questions I asked Songbird, 'cause I'd like to get your take on them too.


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