The house? It reeks of testosterone. I am like Rapunzel in the tower only I have short hair and the tower is just 2 floors high! I am holed up in my bedroom watching Big Brother 8 *spits at Jen*, ironing, coloring my hair, taking a shower and eating pudding. Oh and connecting with you.

Why am I not downstairs? Because there are 4 teens between the ages of 14-17 downstairs right now. They are playing video games, watching a John Pinette video, eating pizza and speaking without words. The WHOOPS! The HOLLARS! The GRUNTS! The LAUGHTER! The deep DEEP laughter. I can hear them up all the way up here! They seem to be having a great time.

And me? I am loving that they are so comfortable here. They can all hang out here any time. The world is a big scary place and, for just a little bit longer, they can be safe here. There will be plenty of time to chase girls, get jobs and shave. For now, I can buy all of the pizza and ice cream that they need.


  1. I look at that picture and imagine Wonderboy at that age. That's just about six years from now, which is less time than he's been alive already!!!! How does all this happen so fast....

    You are a fantastic mom to leave them be to their adolescent foofahrah and not be scared from Whoops Hollars Grunts and unidentified Laughter!......I'd have to check on, or at least listen in every 15 minutes. (It'd be every 5 if I was O/C).

  2. Boy, ain't that the truth.

  3. I love teenage noise in the house. Of course, mine is all girl noise, but still...

  4. What kind of pudding?

    I'm glad the guys are comfortable at your house. That says a lot for you and the atmosphere you've created there.

    You cheer me up.

  5. zorra! priorities ! what colour hair?

    and what kind of pizza and icecream :) - oh that was just for the guys!

    I love it that you are pampering yourself while the lads have fun. And lol at the they can shave later.

    hugs xx

  6. thank you for providing a safe haven for teens -- and you know where they are when they are in your home... sweet.

  7. Sounds like fun! I'm snickering about the shaving. Surely not! Not yet!

  8. Anonymous6:51 AM

    We just did the same thing Friday night!
    $50 worth of junk food, three large pizza's. They were going to camp out, but at midnight decided it was too hot, so they all crashed in the living room.
    If I hear, "Duuuudde" one more time, I may snap!!

  9. LMAO Bunny on the *duuuude*.. add in *like* and you've got my house. I cringe a lot when friends are over, lol, but I just smile and walk on by. And when it's the girls ther are way too many OhMuhGAWD!! Like, that is SO.. like.. OHMUHGAWD!

  10. You go, momma!

    That was my favorite time, providing lots of food and a safe haven. My DH hated it. I overruled. At least I knew where they were!

  11. Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the "Nice Matters Award". But no obligation.

  12. We've had teen hordes recently too. Girls and Boys. One word:
    Shaving -- later.
    But Deodorant NOW.

  13. Do you ever have to spray the room after they leave? I do. It always smells like boyz. But, I'm sure I'll miss it!

  14. Alas, our teen boys are all grown up now, but I remember well the smell of pizza and boy socks.

    Jen is safe AGAIN this week! AGHHHH!!!

  15. what a great mom you are! and he will always remember that you provided a safe place and all the ice-cream they could eat.

  16. LOL
    My Bearded Spouse has the opposite problem - all women - even the cats. When both girls had bday parties this year, he appeared to set up and clean up, and disappeared (disapparated?) for the rest.

    But I love it when the house is full of the girls and their friends...


  17. And why does it look like one of those *boys * has a massive facial hair thing going on?!


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