I think my mailman has pulled a muscle! *grins* I have never made it a secret....I love snail mail. There is just something so special about getting mail. Knowing that someone took the time to send you something....there is just nothing in the world like it.

And boy hidey! Have I got mail!

Lovestoexperiment had this sweet SWEET sheep soap sent to me! Isn't it just adorable!!! He is just adorable and smells so so good!

Remember the apron swap that I was in?? I showed you M2 modeling my apron and Rach modeling disgust?This is the swap package that I sent to Karen in Canada. She was a first time swapper but you sure could not tell by what she sent to me! OMG!! First off, my very very own apron! I do not have an apron that was not bought and I have never made myself an apron. I am in love with this one! Sweet black and white checks! Not only did she send me an apron, she sent a tissue holder, a nature CD, a Canadian patch, wine candy (tastes sort of like out gummies), and a Canadian Living magazine.

Check out my initial on the pocket!!! Isn't is so cute!

And look what else she sent to me! A little loon call. He is just adorable and sitting on my desk as we speak. I am afraid to try him out for fear of call up 2 legged loons instead of winged loons! *snickers*
This was a *fill the envelope* swap that I was in over at greenbeanbaby's. My swap partner lives in Singapore and WOW can she stuff an envelope!! She sent me all sorts of sweet ephemera and candies (what? you cannot see them in the pic? Where in the world did they go? "she says with her mouth full") She sent me papers, tapes, candies (the white chocolate was Divine!!), the polka dots is material, an Asian cookbook and just tons of wonderful things!!
Our own sweet Lorna sent me the most calming CD that I own. I have played it over and over and I am just in love with it. It makes me feel centered and closer to Lorna. She also sent me that wonderful little bookmark!
Last....but CERTAINLY not least! Bunnybunster, who is fairly new to this blog, sent me a package that sure surprised me! I was JELLIED!! *snickers* She sent me grape jelly that she MADE people!! And it is the prettiest jewel color! AND she sent me BATH AND BODY WORKS! She sent me Black Raspberry shower gel, body lotion and perfume spray. OMG...I am the bestest smelling probation officer around. I am taking the jelly with me to New Mexico and Flutterby and I are going to EAT IT ALL UP!!
Just a few weeks ago I was moping around and whining about being alone....and ya'll show me over and over and over again that I am not alone. You do it by your snail mail, emails, gifts and comments. Thank you ALL so much for taking the time. It has made a difference to me.
Mindy's Thankfulness List
1. a job with vacation and sick days
2. snail mail
3. gas in the CRV
4. a blogger meet up!!
5. time
6. real friends
7. a cell phone with changable colors...currently PINK!
8. coupons
9. Grace
10. postcards
11. Bath and Body Works
12. Popcorn
13. air conditioning
14. friends voices on the phone *waves at MB*
15. WW
16. a home
17. Each and everyone of you!
18. Text messaging
So what are you thankful for today? Come on! Tell me the little things that just make your day!
Now please excuse me. I am turning the computer off....Bebo has the bags in the CRV and we are so GONE!


  1. because you are worth it

    oh and text messaging ... you could try sending here :)

  2. It's nice to be nice to the nice!!

  3. YOU. I am grateful for you. Oh, and lemonade in the sweltering heat. But mostly, you.

  4. #20 clean underwear --- where did the clean panties on your list go??? Do you not have any?

    And... I knew you were something, but didn't know you were a probation officer. Bless you... not an easy job.

    We love Mindy!!!

  5. Having just been there and purchased a few new things that smell really good, I echo #11.

    And this evening I'm thankful for thunder & lightning and rain storms that bring the tiniest relief for our drought.

  6. I'm thankful for you Mindy. Enjoy the vacation!!

  7. When do you have time to do all these fantastic things!!! You're amazin' darlin'. And you best be having a really great vacation....

    Today I am especially thankful that God was kind enough to share the likes of you with the likes of me. What a gift it is to know you.

  8. MINDY!!!

    We heard this story while getting ready for work this morning and thought of you.

    And we knew you would've never exhibited such a lack of regard for parking regulations had you been the one behind the wheel of the Weinermobile.

  9. I heard the same story as dog blogger. I shook my head, knowing you would never have made such a mistake if you were driving the weinermobile!

  10. please write me stcasserole over by your google type mail.
    I have something to send to you. I've gotten your address from three people, but lost every durn one of the pieces of paper....

  11. There are a few pics and posts from the Mindy visit on my blog if anyone wants to see... more to follow!! And I have been passing out the promised hugs.

  12. :waves: BYE! Have fun!!

    Thankful for...
    - blogpals
    - sunsets
    - cat purrss
    - family
    - rockin' out at church
    - people with Jesus eyes and Jesus smiles (you know who you are)
    - vacation... soon at the beach... ahhhh...


  13. where is Mindy? Are hyou on a REALLY REALLY LONG vacation?

  14. No she's not still on vacation.. she's been back for almost a week now and I am waiting to see some of the more than 487,000 pictures she took besides the 4 I have already seen!!! YO MINDY!!! Post something already!!!

  15. *tap tap tap tap* (that's my foot)

  16. Mindy, yoo hoo... we need a vacation report!

  17. Well, today's my anniversary, so that's kind of cheating.

  18. Waah, when are you coming back? I miss you!

  19. HelllooooOOOooooooo?????
    Did you die from food poisioning?

  20. *brushing off cobwebs after checking all corners*
    Come out come out wherever you are!!!!
    Ollie Ollie Ox and Freeeeee!!!!

    Please come baaaacccckkkk.

    Missing you muchly.

  21. AHEM but EXCUSE me bunny... I FED her for 3 days and I SENT HER BACK ALIVE. and WELL!! I SWEAR!!!

  22. You deserve it. Now where are you?

  23. We want Mindy!
    We want Mindy!
    We want Mindy!
    We want Mindy!
    We want Mindy!
    We want Mindy!

  24. ello? ello? has Mindy run off with her cows???


  25. Allright Mindy!

    The TTOJ is coming to YOUR town if you don't write soon!

    (Wait, she might never write if she thinks we are going to come find her...!)


  26. M - is for her being so Milce-hearted
    I - is for her Illywhacker counseling job
    N- is for her prodigious Nexility
    D - is 'cause she's our Dragoman of fake cows
    Y - is for our Yapness for our Mindy to COME BACK.

  27. Oh my goodness, PG has started it.
    Give me an M for mwah
    Give me an i for irresistable
    Give me a n for her new camera
    Give me a d for delightful
    Give me a y for youdee youhoo.

    Who do we have??????

    (Who's next?)

  28. I think she's going for a long pause for dramatic effect or something.

  29. No, I think she's trying to see how many comments she can collect on one post. That's what I think. Hmmmph.

  30. LOL David I was coming in here this morning to say that EXACT THING! I am thinking we should just ignore her little bit of emotional blackmail. But of course in saying all this I just added to her growing list of comments.


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