Oh my goodness! Social Security must not be going as far as it used to. Bat Man has had to come out of retirement and take a job at our local Starbucks.

I never knew that Bat Man had retired to Texas. He always said *Crime doesn't pay.*. Well, it looks as though crime fighting doesn't pay either.
Poor man did not even budget enough for a new car. And just where is Robin? He is working down at Burger King? I mean, I would not know it if he were cause I boycott Burger King cause of that damned big headed king that gives me the creeps.

I feel like I need to go and put some more money into my retirement account.

I did not go in to take Bat Man's picture. I understand how celebrities are with their privacy.

That is EXACTLY why I did not bother Jim Bakker when he was going into Drug Emporium on Saturday wearing his little Sansabelt slacks. You know, he really is not a very big man.


  1. That burger king guy gives me the creeps too!

  2. OMG! I laughed so hard I farted!!!
    Excuse me while I strike a match.

    That is the funniest car ever.
    The flames............

  3. Man, Your Town is clearly the place to be!

    Love the flames.

    and, Jim BAKKER!?

    Drug Emporium?


  4. Bunny Buster, you are so funny with your carrot fart!!

    ROTFL. This is what makes you so famous, dear. You are ALWAYS in the right place at the right time with your fabulous new camera. Too bad Robin isn't also working at the Starbucks: "Holy Mochiato, Batman, Mindy's froth has gone flat!!"

    And Jim Bakker lives in your town, while wearing Sansabelt slacks? Does he know how lucky he is?

  5. This is so funny! Great pics and an even better narrative!

    PG, you are too funny, too!

  6. Someday I'm going to wet myself and you're going to owe me a new pair of knickers.

  7. OMG, is that thing street legal? I'm just speechless!

  8. Only in Texas, Mindy.

    And in NJ, where I'm from. There are a bunch of wackos there too.

    Everywhere else, people are completely normal. :)

  9. Only on Mindy's blog.
    did you decorate the car with the flames.

    All I can say is Holy Batfart to bunny bunster.

    I thought this was going to be a semi serious post reading the title. Heee, should've known better.

  10. I heard Jim Bakker is actually Robin. He just was not wearing his spandex that day.

    I wonder what it is people are thinking when they do stuff like this to their cars?

  11. i gotta know sumpin'
    when you enlarge Batman's car and look at those tires, it looks as though it has duct tape on it.

    Mindy, where in the world do you come up with these interesting items?

  12. OH, wow.

    Cub has an Ace the Bat-Hound costume, but I think it would make that car jealous.

  13. Oh man! This is the most hillarious thing ever!!! HAAAAA hahahaha! Love it!

    (Jim Bakker as Robin would explain a LOT of things, if ya ask me...)

    ((Do you think Benny Hinn is the Joker?))

  14. Too bad the Vegas act didn't work out for him.

  15. I love it when people do stuff like this to their cars! We have a guy who glued dozens of Happy Meal toys to his car hood with superglue. Love it!

    I want to visit your town!

  16. I like how it looks like he made it into the Batmobile on one drunken afternoon.

  17. ROTFL.This is hilarious! You are so funny. I love your blog!


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