OMG...Ya Gotta See This!!

I was very upset at the beginning of this week with horrible anxiety brought on by the moose-napping. Poor Mr. Moose is still in hiding. I hear that he is in contact with Barbara Walters to give her the exclusive rights for his interview but nothing is set in concrete yet.

When I get stressed, I turn to my 3 vices that have been known to get me though just about, shopping and blogs. Quick frantic search through my desk drawers turned up nothing (AT ALL) edible! Not really in the mood for I turned to reading blogs. I love to find a really good blog and read it. Then, look at that person's reading list and pick one of those....and so on and so forth.

So in my stress, that is just what I did. There are alot of diffent themed blogs that I read even though my blog is not one themed specific. I read the
Revgals and so many of the people that blog with that group. I read several cooking blogs. I also love reading several different crafter blogs. I was trying so hard to distract myself from the moose shaped hole in my heart. I was reading Turkey Feathers that day and was introduced to a blog I had never visited before. This girl is a KEEPER AND A MUST SEE!

Dear is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Tabetha...safekeeper of memories. She takes your pictures and sweet little mementos and turns them into precious keepsake ornaments and even into necklace pendants. I have talked to her by email several times and she is just a doll! She uses what you send her to create her art and she adds what ever saying you would like on the back. Not only does she use people pictures but she also can use photos of your pets! She will also do gift certificates. This would be such a unique wedding or baby shower gift. She is more than willing to listen to you and work with you. She makes it very clear that she wants this to be EXACTLY what you want!

Look at some of her work (pictures stolen from her web site with her permission) :

I have more pictures to upload but blogger in pmsing today. gggrrrr

I am placing my order today! I am getting some ornaments made but I think I am not putting them on the tree. I am going to work on a way to display them all year around. next order with be a pendant.

Please take the time to go and look at her site and just gush over the awesome pictures. I think that you will fall in love with her craft just like I did. If you decide to order anything from her....please let her know that you found her because of my blog.

I have GOT to learn how to do this! I have wanted to for a long time but this has pushed me into wanting to really do this. I would love to be able to *dabble and craft* in this.....but I am smart enough to know to leave the *art* to the people who excel in this!

Check her out HERE !




  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Well your first order of business would be to get a soldering iron. I have one; they are cheap and so are supplies. I used it yesterday working on the bracelets that were going into the giftbags. Finished them off with nice silvery blobs instead of hassling with getting that d*mn memory wire to bend into a nice neat loop, lol.

  2. Wow girlie! Thanks so much. I can't wait to get started on your order this weekend!!! Anyone who mentions this blog will get free shipping!!!

  3. AWESOME......This is a gift that keeps on giving. Beautiful work!

  4. Stupid moose.

    Didn't get no damn taters.

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I'm going to look at them right now! I am so glad to hear that the soldering irons and supplies are cheap! I have been wanting to try this.

  6. hugs

    got our tree up today and rocked around it . pics over at my place. tottis is such a blessing to our family

  7. So clever and pretty! Glad you told us about these!


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