Christmas Threats

Back in June, I came upon a sweet paper mache moose at the thrift store. He had an original price tag on him of $15.00! No one loved the little $15.00 moose. His blank spaces where his eyes should be were so sad. They would have welled up with little moose tears if they had a place to well up at. He was thrift store marked at $3.00. So, just as a benevolent soul rescues an animal from the pound....I bought the moose.

I took him home and loved him and painted him so he did not have to wear his grocery sack color all of his little life. I also put a big ole Christmas wreath around his sweet neck and brought him to work so that everyone could enjoy him. I kept thinking that I really needed to take a picture of him to share with all of you dear... sweet... gentle readers. I wanted you to share him his simple message of Christmas joy. His rags to riches story.

This is where I would have put the little moose picture.


But alas....I cannot do that.

I was not at work yesterday. Today I returned to find THIS on my desk:

I fear that I will never see Mr. Moose again.

Trust me.....this group could NEVER. WORK. AT. A. BANK.


  1. Yankee....your co-workers would never treat you like that would they?

    *just gives Chevy ~the look~ cause I know she is in on this*

  2. I hope Mr. Moose plays a ping pong joke on the kidnapper.

    How dare anyone kidnap that moose.

  3. Love the 'kidnap' font.

  4. EGAD! A Moose-napping! The Horror!

  5. Tell me more about the treasure chest and the skull.

    I like your workplace better than mine.

  6. Oh how sad they took the moose. I have some pine stuff that I use to put in Chachi's cage, I thikn it is actually recycled news paper, but whatever, would that work??? I can bring it to you.

  7. eeerrrmmmmm.....blone moment baby gator??

    The pine bark they are talking about it the one made with crackers and chocolate.

  8. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Stand firm and do not give in to their evil whims, Princess Mindy! Or better yet, make the Pine Bark stuff with some chocolate Ex-Lax and wait a while. You will soon be able to sniff the kidnappers out!

  9. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Put the pine bark in the potatoes with the bacon. That'll fix 'em

  10. Oh, my. I didn't see this on any of the newswires. I didn't know.

  11. Ex-lax!!! ex lax!!!!

  12. i wonder who in the world could have done this....~cough~rach, chevey pickup, m2~cough~

    well.....i think they should have hide him a little better


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