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Should I or Shouldn't I?
Oh totally go for it! This has MADE FOR MINDY written all over it!
ARE YOU CRAZY? Christmas is just around the corner!
This is a necessity!
Foolishness....just plain foolishness I tell you. A fool and her money are soon parted I'm just saying.
What? Another thing....I thought you were trying to de-clutter!
Well, at least it is not a frog.
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  1. But I thought you really were trying to de-clutter?

  2. I love voting and then discovering I'm part of a wide majority!!

  3. ME too Songbird. We must have voted the same way.

  4. LMAO.. well I am not sure I want to be called "Wide" anything but... I was in the majority, lol. I cannot believe you found something like this! It is soooo way "Mindy" that you cannot possibly pass it up. It would really screw up the whole worlds' Karma or something if you did not paint this freaking cow!

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    You absolutely have to do this :)

  6. Well I would NOT want to be the reason that the worlds Karma was screwed up!!

  7. I voted with the um, wide majority.

  8. I voted for Pedro.

    The cow is cool. AND I thought you were de-cluttering.
    See, it's binary.

    You need to buy it and then paint it and then give it away.


  9. Did you do it yet? This is a necessity, absolutely. Oh, and I FINALLY sent the bookmarks. Jen was OK with my being late, because she is late, too! I feel so much better now.

  10. De-cluttering be damned; this is made for you!


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