Bits and Pieces and Cause Rach Did It Too

**I am currently in a poverty training based on the work of Ruby Payne . Fascinating. The class ends today so I will tell you more about what I have learned later.

**I cannot see my desk.

**I hate the attitude that comes with 14 year old boys.

**14 year old boys probably hate my attitude right about now too.

**It is going to be in the 80's today. Where the hell is fall?

**My Repeat Offender class ends tomorrow. Hallelujah!

**Ted Haggard. How sad. My heart goes out to his family. I hope that he finds what ever it is that he is looking for. How sad too are the Christians that are attacking him and/or laughing. Did he mess up? Oh yes and in a very public arena. Did he bring so very much of this upon himself? Every last bit of it. Are sins assigned a point system? No. I keep hearing...*why would any non-Christians wanna be like us after what he has done?*. And I wonder...*why would any non-Christians wanna be like us after they see us circling him with blood on our words*?

**I am really wanting some of these with *Princess Mindy* printed on them. I would bet you a dollar that I order some before this week is over with.

**Found a blog that is gathering up bloggers to do wisp. Her blog is called A Beautiful Craft. (post on 11/4 and 11/5) Such beautiful things there!! Anyway I hear you asking what is a wisp? It stands for Works In Slow Progress. NICE was to say...all those craft projects that you have been wanting to do but just have NOT gotten them done!! I am going to post all of the crafts that I want to complete here on my blog and play along. It will start in 2007. And ya'll will be along for the ride.

**The pin cushions addictions has sort of slowed down over the last week. I have just not had the time. I am in hopes to get some more done starting this next week. Also, going to try to make some really cool pin heads to go along with the pin cushions.

**Next person that raises their voice to me or at me....I am going to smack. I'm just saying.

**If I made the thankfulness list on a certain day of each week, would others play along too?

**Just an observation: People have stopped commenting so much on the blogs. Not just my blog but on almost all the blogs that I read. Are blogs on the way out? Are they not as fashionable anymore? Are we so last season?? Or just lazy? I am really thinking of ditching bloglines cause I believe that is really part of the problem. I am going to really try harder to start leaving comments. A *Spread the love* kinda thing.

**GO VOTE. I voted in the early election and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new voting machines. Now it's your turn if you have not already.

So tell me what you know.


  1. Yes I voted. We get to vote absentee here without any reasons or excuses. I prefer it because I can take my time on it. I can sit here and read real info about everyone without having to rely on campaign propaganda or having to try and remember it all at the polls. (I stop at the trash bin on the way in from the mail box and toss all the mailings in without even reading them.) Hub and I sat at the kitchen table with the newspapers and my computer looking up things on those we knew nothing about; we sat there for over 2 hours. And while we do influence each other a bit, there were also some we canceled each other out on. I will never understand people who just mark the "straight party" line and leave it at that. That is just ignorant in my own humble little opinion. We vote all over the place depending on who we think has done a better job or has better ideas and actual plans. It bugs me seeing all these candidates going on and on about problems, yet they often don't have any real plans they talk about implementing themselves. It's easy to criticise; show me your PLANS! Ok. Long enough, lol. I am writing my own blog here on your blog.
    And I swear if I see this freaking bimbo on the NutraSystem commercial one more time I am going to throw the nearest heavy object I can find right through the TV.

  2. And I think I will do a random yammer on my blog too.. and I am calling it... Random Yammering.. lol.
    And maybe there are fewer comments lately because everyone is busy taking VERY SERIOUSLY the right to vote and have been studying the issues and candidates so they can vote wisely.

  3. I have noticed the comment thing too and wanted to tell you that I'm still here and reading!

    I think my personal network has grown so much that I can't possibly comment everywhere I read--that's my theory!

  4. I voted... in fact, I voted for YOU!! I've read some Ruby Payne stuff... entirely fascinating!

    will look forward to hearing your thoughts on that!

  5. I don't get the "staight party" thing either, flutterby. I vote for (or sometimes against) the person, not the party.

    Long live the Randomness! I thing the world is in a bit of a pre-holiday/pre-election slump and we are just not being as inspiring with our writing. Maybe that's it. Randomness rules.

  6. I'm still here Mindy!!

    I'm with reverendmother - I read so many great blogs now that I don't always have time to comment.

    I think a thankfulness day would be a great idea.

  7. I'm still here and I love you. And yeah I think we try to cover too much and that's why we don't comment so much - sort of like listening to too many conversations at once.

    I miss the fellowship

  8. I will do a thankfulness list if you will pick a day to do it on. Please not Wednesdays, because I have class for 6 more weeks.

  9. Well, I'm here. This second boy wasn't bad at 14, but the first one gave me a hard time. (He didn't like my gentleman friend at the time and enjoyed giving me grief. It doesn't help that he was right!)

  10. I like the new voting machines too! Turning the little wheel around is kind of fun.
    I'll do a thankfulness list on my blog the next time you do one.
    It is hard to comment on everyone's blog, and that does make me worry, "She/he will think no one read it, or didn't care." Of course that isn't true, it's just that no one has time to comment on everything they read. Or sometimes I still think that the cool kids might think my comment is dumb, or that I ramble on too long (like now). You are one of my most faithful commenters, and I appreciate it!

  11. Yes, I voted.

    Yes, I would join in a "thankfulness day" - at least as regularly as I can.

    Yes, I have noticed the drop-off in comments everywhere. I admit that I go through spells. Some weeks it is all I can do just to scan my regulars, much less comment. But it is rare that a day goes by without at least checking in on all of you on my regular list. Even so . . .

    Sending a little love your way!!!

  12. Personalized Sharpies?! You MUST have them!

    Teenage boys? Don't get me started.

    Thankfulness list? I'd try.

    Comments? Yeah, they're down. I think everyone is really, really busy right now.

    Vote? (hangs head in shame)

  13. Wow--you get voting machines? Were they computerized. We use PAPER BALLOTS where I come from. It's so 18th century.

  14. I'm still here. I've noticed that comments at my new place are way down from what they were at my old blog. Oh well.

    I would participate in a thankfullness day.

  15. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I'm still here, Mindy. I read through bloglines, which frankly, is the only way I get to read as much as I do. The new job has seriously reduced my available time.

  16. I think it's time for a delurking day. Or week. Do you wanna start one? Maybe on Saturday?

  17. I think it is a time crunch time of year - so we read, but maybe don't comment.

    There. I commented. :)

  18. milehighpixie4:22 PM


    Yes! Ruby K. Payne is the best! I used some of her research for my thesis on developing environments for the homeless mentally ill. You can imagine how I cracked up when I read SpookyRach's bit bout Cheese needing to learn a "more formal register" of speech. I thought I was the only one familiar with her work. Is she still working in the school system? Do tell us what you've learned.

    PS: Ted Haggard is indeed catching hell here in my new home state. I find it sad that it seems that everyone around him has forgotten the teachings of the New Testament; you know, all that stuff about judge not and love one another. Makes his friends look like hypocrites.

  19. I don't use bloglines, I use Google's RSS feeds and have folks on there that I read. I don't comment every time, but I do try to occasionally. I have noticed a huge decline on my blog...sniff...

  20. Hi Mindy - the book marks (and other goodies - bless her heart) arrived from Mary Beth today.

    thank you for settting this up :)


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