Look at what they started over at The RevGals!! Anyone at all can join in the Thanksgiving/Delurking!! Place this image on your blog and announce Delurking Week, starting today and going until November 26th. When you visit a blog, you can either just say "Thank you for blogging" or place a blogstone (o) (The invention of PPB of The Ice Floe) . ANYONE can play!! (And might I say I just LOVE that cow!!)

As for me, I have so very much to be so thankful for. I may not always act like it or even acknowledge it but I have such a sweet life. God has been good and faithful even when I have not been.

My list for Monday:

1) Hot Water

2) A beautiful sunrise

3) A job to go to

4) New shoes

5) Panties (please remember that it will not be long until we start gearing up for pantipoolaza!)

6) My childrens voices

7) Thrift Stores

8) Lexapro

9) Family

10) Finished projects

11) My education

12) Grace even though I will never understand it

13) Off buttons

14) You

Okay...your turn....delurk and boost my self-esteem *giggles*


  1. You know, I would LOVE to go on a road trip with you. We would have a BLAST.
    Of course, we would also need a convertible.... and lots of chocolate.

  2. AND a map that shows all of the Sonic's RM!

  3. Love my West Texas blogger girlfriends!

    I'm always happy to see bloglines reporting you have a new post and run over to read it.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

    (o) and love from QG

  4. Happy Monday!

    And I LOVE the cow!

  5. What a great list!

  6. you da bomb, mindy! happy thanksgiving! (o) you and spooky rach and lawdog give me something to laugh at a lot! keep on blogging!

  7. hugs and heaps of blessings

    can I come on the road trip too? giggling!

  8. Oh course Lorna...it would not be a road trip without you!

  9. somebody mentioned a RevGals mission trip to Mississippi. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!!!! THe ultimate road trip!

  10. Anonymous9:03 AM

    (o) Love it - chocolate and a road trip. I just saw a new clutter that I love...
    "I am a woman of many moods and all of them require chocolate."

    It might just be my new sig file... :)


  11. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Count me in!

  12. Delurking -- and thanks for the reminder I happen to need today about being thankful to have a job to go to!

  13. Thank you for inspiring such a great idea!

  14. Just keep that convertible away from the freakin' Grand Canyon y'all. I'll put up a roadblock on the other side of the state so you don't wander in too far if you come to visit me, lol.

  15. You have piqued my interest - what is pantipalooza?

    And, about that road trip....
    sounds like me need a convoy!!! what ya think.

    soon as I get home and situated, gonna be thankful for a lot, check out the blog later tonight.

  16. a Rev Gals Convoy.

    Now there's an idea :)

  17. As I look out the window at the snow coming down I'm thankful for heat and a hot cup of tea (and clean panties, of course).

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mindy. We're all thankful for you.

  18. Snow? Who has snow?? I am soooo jealous.

    I love your blog, Mindy ... and I'm de-lurking now.


  19. ROAD TRIP!!
    I'm there!

  20. Thanks for your influence in the de-lurking efforts too.

    We are thankful.

  21. As always, thankful for you, sweet friend

  22. i'm interested in finding out more on pantipalooza too! sounds fun!

    btw, i LOVE your format--beautiful!


  23. Mindy! You are a bright light! Thankful for you!

    I can't remember what the panty palooza is. What a concept it must be!

    Happy Thanksgiving to You!!!

  24. A RevGal mission road trip to Camp Casserole sounds like a GREAT idea! Sign me up!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving delurking week. Thanks for your heart for others and the challenge that is to all of us.

  26. I keep forgetting where I have and haven't de-lurked... thanks for blogging!

  27. Happy thanksgiving may you be blessed.

    I like reading your posts. You are a great person, with lots to offer.


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