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Okay, first and foremost, no one was harmed or maimed in the taking of these pics. Rach was very gracious and allowed me to do this. (~laffin~ only cause Rev Mother wanted to see!!). Rev. Mother made the comment that creative people have messy desk. Rach is probably the most artistic person that I know. You all should really get her to show you some of her work. Actually, she usually has her work stacked in 3 different piles....for reals. I am sorry that I could not show you the rest of her office: the flying bat, her hispanic Wonder Woman, the Goddesses, her filing cabinet with her *unique* filing system, her Edward Gorey print.....the list goes on and on....


  1. Its not just a flying bat, its a weather bat! It tells me which way the air conditioner is blowing! Ha ha!

    Thanks for the free publicity! (Makes me look real busy.) (Or just messy???)

  2. Uh, where's the mess?
    That looks pretty neat to me!

  3. Any less messy and we would be sure there isn't much work being done there,even though we know there is.The rest of the office is much more interesting. I do miss you all.

  4. Oh, I am so honored and tickled pink!

    On first glance, it may not look too messy, but there's at least two piles of papers/binder several inches deep that I can see. That's a special mess--not just a thin veneer of messiness, but messiness with topography. lol

    Isn't blogging fun? Although maybe I'm a little TOO into it--it's creeping into my subconscious. Last night I dreamed I met Rach and Mindy! I don't remember anything except the feeling of being in flat Texas under that huge sky.

  5. It's like a sneak peak into her brain!
    But how have I missed your connection to Rach? You work together?

  6. Anything for you Reverend Mother. And I am glad that we have gotten to meet even though it was between awake and asleep.

    Yep ppb...Rach and I work together. Our offices are right next door to one another. In fact, I am hollaring at her now from where I sit carrying on a conversation. I hate it when she moves her desk cause it screws up all of the sounds waves. We also go to the same Sunday School class and we camp together. I am pleased to count her as a friend. Except when she hides that damned clown doll where I will find it ~shivers~ Then she is just EVIL!


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