Finally the Interview questions from the Lazy Interviewer

Ok SpookyRach, here they go:

1) What are you truly afraid of since it is not ghosts, cemetaries or things that go bump in the night?

2) What is the most trashiest book you have ever read?

3) In camping, what is the #1 rule to remember?

4) Just what DID you tell the Postal Inspector?

5) What is your biggest pet peeve?

And for my Baby Gator:

1) How fast can an Officer with the Canyon PD run on foot?

2) How did you get that scar on your eyebrow?

3) Just how many holes are there???

4) How many fish was it?

5) If you could return do a year over, what year would you do and why?

Okay, ya'll remember the rules. You have to post the answers on your own blog and agree to interview others. Pleae be sure and post the rules of the game!!


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