They drove up and all tumbled out like a car load of puppies last night around 8:30.  The cats slink around with crazed eyes. The corgis are BEYOND ecstatic.

The grands are here.

It is 7:00 am as I write this.  They are sleeping and it is peaceful.  I know it won't be long until they are all wide awake.  Their energy knows no bounds.  I brace myself for it.  You really never know what it going to happen.

Their energy is infectious and I need it.

They were all there baptisted last Sunday.   Since then, one has gotten into big trouble for saying really bad words he learned at vacation bible school.  One is sporting a big scratch from a fight with one of his brothers.  

Isn't that just the way it is with Christians?  We scrap and scrape and love.

We think that they might need to be re-dipped seasonally.  

Today, the five of us are starting out on an adventure. We are all getting into one car and going to San Antonio.  Fiesta Texas, HERE WE COME.   We have packed sandwiches to eat at a road side park.  We have our snacks ready.  I have packed shorts.  Only shorts to wear on my legs.  IF you know me, you know that is big.  I have packed my frog togg.  I am expecting to melt.  I am used to packing a bag and just going.  Just taking care of me.  This is different.  I have to remember to be patient.  
I have never traveled this far with them.  It will be something new for me.   I figure I will not have much quiet time until they all go home on Sunday night. I am alright with that.  They are growing so fast.  For siblings, their personalities are so different.  I love them all....and love who they are turning into. 

One just stumbled out of bed and into where I am.  He is snuggled up against me, still warm from sleeping.  He mumbles *I love you Momdy.  I am so glad you are going with us.*.    We turn the TV from the news.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on.  The boys totally remind me of the heroes on a half shell.  All bumbling, fumbling getting themselves into trouble....but always do good in the end.

CCoowwaabbuunnggaa DUDE!


  1. You guys have fun and make memories. One thing you should of tr thought was those donuts, u know you are going to fill them full of sugar and load them in the car with you. Lol there is a great park with tables maybe at the center of texas or one of those towns. Safe travels, love you.

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  3. Let them out to run periodically! Take a ball for that. Love to you all, praying for a great day. xx

  4. What fun! Cannot wait for a road trip with mine.

  5. Sounds like such a great time! Enjoy!

  6. I want to seeeeeeee you.

  7. Enjoy your time immensely!! Boys will be boys...but what a joy they bring! Safe travels and ((hugs))! Love ya Princess!��

  8. Have a wonderful time!!! Take lots of pictures and have someone take a group picture. And may this be the beginning of more road trips with the dudes!

  9. ROAD TRIP! Have a fabulous time, Mindy and Co.

  10. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Great fun to be had by all. What great memories you all will have. CT

  11. You are a better person than I. ;)

    Y'all have a SPECTACULAR time.


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