1.What is your first memory of me?
I remember meeting you at the probation office....not because I was on probation but because I went to visit my aunt who worked there. We didn't say much to each other....but I knew you were cool.

ME: I can remember you and your sister walking up and down the hall. I cannot remember ever talking to you. I remember YOUR HAIR! I knew you totally were related to your Aunt. The first time I remember praying for you was when you and Marg were going to Lubbock and your car blew off of the overpass. I know you have been here 2 times since we have gotten close and I missed seeing you both times! For someone I love so much, I never get to see you. lol I love it when you random text me. Especially pics. My favorite in all the world was the one of Bish titled the new general manager of wal greens.
2.Tell me all about your job and why you love/hate it?
I'm a sociology professor....and I LOVE, LOVE my job. I think I could have been a career student, if money was no object. So, being an instructor is the next best thing. My dad always says he can't believe people pay to listen to me talk....Bc I've ALWAYS TALKED. I can honestly say that I love what I do and what my discipline has to offer people. I try to be who I am in and out of the classroom-which means that sarcasm is constantly dripping. I strive to be the most authentic person I can possibly be. I truly want to get to know my students and because of that I feel that sometimes, that requires that as an instructor, I have to show some vulnerability-whether they means sharing a personal experience, dragging my spouse into a class (he willingly agreed) so that students could ask questions about our marriage and family and even admitting that "I don't know"...but am willing to partner with my students so that we can learn together.

ME: I think you are perfect for your job! I love when you share notes your students leave you. I have known some of the things that you have gotten to do and my heart swells. You are one of the ones that is truly changing the world.
3.Who is your hero and why?
There are so many people....my parents are the smartest people I know...I didn't ever think that growing up....then I had kids. They have managed to form a great relationship with each of their kids and I hope to do the same with mine. They really, truly love each other. The best thing my dad has ever done for me is loved my mom the way that he does....and because of that we've all won.
My husband-he's overcome a tremendous amount and is still probably one of the most selfless people I know..I always tell him it's because of God's grace he is who he is. Plus, lately with a newborn, he tells me to go take a nap....and that's pretty heroic. He's makes me laugh and he wants good things for us-always.
ME: I know your parents were just out there with y'all. I love that your Dad got out there before your Mom and you have him babysitting. We were lucky with the Daddy's that we got. I love your husband and have never met him! lol

4.Which is your favorite tat and why?
I have a cross on my left ankle. It reminds me that things are far greater than me.

ME: You did not follow directions and send me one. LOL It's all about the new baby, isn't it??? Since you did not send me a pic, I am forced to use this one.

5.If you could host a dinner party and invite 5 women, (alive, dead or fictional) who would you invite?
Gloria Steinem, Jane Elliott (she's the teacher who did an eye color experiment with her classroom), Mary Magdalene because I'd like to hear her story from her, Murphy Brown, and Mother Teresa.

ME: That is a great list. I love that you would invite Jane Elliott. I had never thought about her on the guest list but she would be fascinating.
6.Your worst habit?
I bite my nails....when I'm nervous:...which apparently has been the majority of my life.

ME: Stop it! There, I fixed that for you. Just pretend you have on your Spanx. HAHAHA!

7.What do you collect?
I have a bazillion crosses......I JUST now made the connection that I also have a cross tattoo....it's only been 20 years!

ME: Me too!! I did not know that!

8.Favorite saying and why?
To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; This is to have succeeded.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I love this.....I read it at a senior graduation banquet where I was the guest speaker in college and I also read it to a dear friend about 5 years ago. She was dying and the last time I spoke to her, I told her that she had made a difference in my life and that I would do anything to make things better for her....and she told me to stop crying....that "everything was going to be okay." It was okay.....I miss her tremendously and think about her every day. This just reminds me that success comes in so many different ways-even when we don't realize the impact of your actions.
ME: On honey, I love the story about your friend. What a perfect thing to read to her. If you blogged, you could write a whole story about that. hint....hint...
9.Scrambled eggs or over easy?
In a burrito-scrambled....with bacon and egg, please. I also heart them over easy.....I love eggs and could eat them every single day. Actually, I think I do eat them....every.single.day.
ME: I pretty much eat them every day. Over easy *ggaahhh ggaahhh* how special.
What do you eat on them?
If you have a burrito-you need salsa or pico and some sour cream. (And don't give me that non-fat sour cream-turning up nose-)
Me: We don't have non-fat sour cream in Texas. You really ought to come back.
10. If you could put a tat on me, what would it be and why? Where?
# A hashtag.....because by putting this symbol in front of something, you add people.....or people can find you. you're always near.....and I know I can always tag you in when I need you and I heart that.

Me:  Well hell, my eyes are leaking now.  I am always here for you sweetie.  Anytime, unless it is late.  Then I won't hear my phone but I will get back to you in the morning.  Unless, I forget to hit SEND and then it will be a few hours after I wrote the original text.  But, you knew that already.

Seriously, I love you big bunches.  You are tribe.  You don't judge me and you hold my secrets.  You change the world each and every day.  I love being able to call you my niece.  

I am still a little miffed that you did not name the baby after me. However, I do think you would have let me deliver if I had been in Florida.   Maybe the next one??


  1. Your friends are magical. 💛💚💙💜❤️

  2. I wish I'd gotten to k ow Julie better!! And I am way jealous of the hair. Way.

    Plus - sociology just amazing. I am so DONE with psychology these days, but sociology is completely fascinating.

    Glad to know more about you, Julie!!

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I love meeting your friends through your blog. Hello Julie! ct


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