If You're Gruntled And You Know It Clap Your Hands

I saw something on facebook last week bout the word gruntle.  I had never thought about there being an opposite to disgruntled.  SURPRISE!  There is!  Here is my list of things that make me gruntled.....in no real order.
  1. Snail mail.  OMG, I love opening that mail box and seeing something other than bills or political ads.  I did get a seed catalog yesterday and that made me positively giddy.
  2. Finding whiskers that my cats have left behind.  I am not sure why that makes me happy.  I just love kitty whiskers.  The first *book of poetry* that I wrote was entitled kitty whiskers.  I suspect it will be published after my death and I will be wildly famous...dead but famous.
  3. Voting early.  
  4. Being able to do jumping jacks finally.  For those of you that think they are easy, just know you are talented and it's a skill.
  5. Feeling myself get stronger and being able to go just a little bit longer.
  6. Finishing 8 cups of water or more in a day....not a week.  
  7. Hitting the publish button on blogger.  
  8. Cooking.  I love to cook.  I had gotten into a bad habit of relying on convenience foods.  Since 1/2/16, I have packed my breakfast and lunch every day for work from honest to goodness home cooked food.  
  9. Coffee with cream, cinnamon, butter and coconut oil.
  10. People who take the time to hear me and know me.  I know I am not the most easiest person to be around. 
  11. Postcards.....sending and receiving.
  12. Text from people I love and who love me.
  13. Completing a project.  As we speak, everything that touches the floor of the craft room is out except for one table that I cannot get out by myself.
  14. My children.  Despite it all, they turned out well.  Very well. 
  15. Prince Harry when he guards me....which is all the time.  He is such a good dog and such a good friend to Gingerbean.  He has come a long long way from the first day that we met.  

.......it is gruntled with my soul.  ;) 


  1. I hear ya on the jumping jacks. I never realized, as a kid, that they could ever be difficult. But, damn!

    1. YES! Why is that something that we lose? I took jumping jacks for granted all that time....

  2. Of course we turned out well!! We have the very best example in the entire world!

    1. LOL and the best example of what not to be.

  3. I love your list! Your are such an inspiration to me!

    1. LOL takes one to know one. You open my eyes all the time.

  4. And now, of course, I am singing "it is gruntled (it is gruntled) with my soul (with my soul). It is gruntled. It is gruntled with my soul."

  5. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I love your list and the reminder to look at what makes us happy. CT

  6. I have been searching through comments on my blog to see who is still around and still blogging! So happy to see you are still active!

    I totally agree with #1. I love getting catalogs in the mail, or cards, anything but the usual advertisements, bills, and random junk.

    1. I have just kinda tried to start back! thank you for coming by!!


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