The Silence Right Before Jack Pops Out of the Box

I had very little brain last week.  I had an oncology appointment to check my labs (ALL good! Thanks Tamoxifen!), sick with that coughing crud that is going around and having to make some major decisions that I did not want to make.  Between the stress, coughing, hot flashes and not sleeping, I was one exhausted girl.  

In the midst of all of that, I made a decision that I hated to make. Bits and pieces have been in my head for weeks.   I put it off until it came to a head.  Making that decision felt like I was going against this year's word---DO.

When January started and I got my word, I imagined do as a happy positive moving forward word. That is how I treated it.  Do rides around in a shiny candy apple red convertible  princess waving to all the adoring fans on the parade route.   Do is having a list and checking things off of it when they are completed and then posting pics so people can oooohhhhh and aaaahhhhhh.  Do lets you lay your head done at night on a soft pillow happy tired but pleased with that day.  Do means getting my hands dirty and then being satisfied with the results.   Do deserves it's own School House Rock video.

A friend sent me this saying.  It helped.  It made sense but I could not, for the life of me, see what the lesson was supposed to be.

I think I finally got it.  I was not happy with the lesson cause I want my hands in the middle of everything but....I got it.  

Last week I learned that do can mean letting go....taking my hands off of something because it needs me to.  That is hard for me to do because I think I am all of that and a bag of chips most of the time.  I am fond of saying that *people really  should call me cause I could run their life and fix things that need fixing*.   Frankly, I am surprised the President has never called me.   I realized last week that, by letting go, maybe someone else can take things farther than I could.  It was not a light hurt.  I am still sad over it.  I still want wildly happy success for that it even if I cannot be a part of it. 

Do sometimes means standing along the parade route and waving as the floats go by.

 I am still dealing with feelings of *I lost* or *I failed*.  My rational brain knows that is not the case at all.  It's just hard to keep my irrational brain in its locked case.  It's case looks like one of those old timey jack in the box cases.  ~shudders~  Even though I know I should never ever turn that little metal handle....I do.  That is on me.  

 I am at peace with the lesson.  

It was just not a definition of Do that I had every considered.  Mindy sometimes has to get out of her own head and, trust me, that is NOT an easy thing to do.

In the midst of all of this happening, cards and little gifts kept coming my way.  Many of them had words affirming my decision even though very few people knew about what what happening.  I found a penny.  

The Universe sure does love me.

So, this past weekend, I took it easy and did not work on my house like I had intended to.  I went to the movies, got to see my daughter and the boys in Happy for a birthday party, I broke my Whole 42 and had a bit of birthday cake and popcorn (I'll start it again soon),  stayed in bed a little later, had a long slow Sunday with a good friend, wonderful food, laughter, a nap and The Walking Dead.    I re-grouped.  

*You are exactly where you need to be.*  NEED to be.  That is the sentence that keeps running around in my head.  I have not been able to hash that out yet. I have a hard time sitting still.   So, I am going to let it be a banner in my head.  I am going to hang that banner right about the irrational thoughts box so I can see it every time I am tempted to turn that handle.  

......And not one single soul was physically assaulted last week!


  1. I love this, and you, Mindy! I HAVE one of those Jack-in-the-box boxes! From now on, I'm going to think of that handle when my own mind starts spiraling down into irrational, unhealthy ramblings. Thank you! <3

  2. You can take out a lot of aggression watching Walking Dead. I'm glad "perspective" reigned as temporary word of the week.

  3. I hear you....I too have "issues" letting things go. Because, like you, I feel that I can fix everything. So I'll learn from you, and "do" nothing every now and then.

  4. Good lessons, well learned.

  5. Mindy, you are amazing.

    I love it that your DO includes letting go, and of taking a list of 'do' like time with family, birthday cakes, slow Sundays and yes waving those floats on ... Are filling your tank in ways you hadn't imagined ...fabulous, you are fabulous!

    The president may still call ...but it will be to learn that from you! Oh yeah!


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