Wordless Wednesday 7/20/11

                            I'm going to miss this kid when he goes off to college next month.


  1. I know you will, and it will be so sweet when he returns on the weekends and holidays! He's such a cute kid-man!

  2. We will be here if/when you need us. It is a change in life...but not that awful once you get used to it! I cried in the grocery for a bit when my youngest left home. Then you kind of do a little dance of joy! *FREEDOM!* ;-)
    xo, Cheryl

  3. its so hard when they grow up. we work so hard at preparing them for the day they leave that we forgot to prepare ourselves. but treally is there any way to prepare ourselves nope think not

  4. you'll miss him, but he'll come back. they all come back.....lol

  5. Debbie's right, they do come home... they're like homing pigeons... especially boys... he won't be far away.... it'll all be good... <3

  6. College is big. Good. And hard. And doable. It sound dirty, but it is very parental.


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