In The Name of All Things Good and Right....WHY???

 A group of my really good close never met in real life except one of them friends has started a page on facebook to try to get us really into blogging again.  

This week there was a prompt with questions so I am going to do my best to answer them for my adoring fans *insert princess wave*.

First off...Why?
Lordy there are so many different reasons.  I began my blog because Rach had a blog and she knew I would like it and pushed me. Poor girl had to teach me so much and she was sssooo patient.  There were times that I thought that she would move her office.  That was 2004.  I had nothing at all to say.  Heck....I STILL have nothing to say but that does not stop me from flinging words out into web space. 

I guess you could say that the #1 reason for me blogging is for the attention.

There!  I said it!  I love attention.  I have felt like there were times in my life that I have been forgotten.....misplaced.  I do not have that feeling on my blog.  I love comments.  They make me feel like the cheerleaders have asked me to sit at the popular girl table in the lunch room....and not in a Carrie and pig's blood kinda way. 

What you expect?
 I do not expect anything.  I am not a focused on a certain topic kind of a blogger so I do not think that there is anything to expect from the world outside of my blog.   

In not expecting anything....I have gained so much.  I have a strong group of female friends that I could call on in a moments notice for help and they would be there....even though they have never met me in real life.  That sweet.

I do expect for people to be kind and respectful on my blog. I have had a troll here before....that was not fun.

How it makes you feel?
Sane.  My blog is like my craft studio.  It is my place to do and say what I want.  I have worked through a lot of issues on my blog stuff in between the fluff.  You may not have even realized it at the time but you were there for the ride and that was all that mattered.

Why have you fell out of practice?
Sometimes I convince myself that I have nothing to say and so I stay quiet.  Other times life just gets in the way.  I blog in my head all the time ~grins~  but it does not always get onto the net.  

And Sometimes I get totally overwhelmed.  Today there are over 500 post in my google reader.  I have gotten out of the habit of reading blogs and I so want to get better at that.

However, if I have to be honest with you....I don't really fall out of practice.  I have never tried to hide the fact that I have some depression issues and am on Lexapro.  When I am not blogging, it is because something is going on in my real life that I am trying to work through or I am trying to hang on.  You can normally tell where I am in life by my lack of post.  My daddy usually knows something is up when I am not posting.

I have said that to say this......Now is the perfect time for me to write again.  I have been working through some things but the last 2 weeks have brought me to a sweet place and I am very happy.  My life has come to a bittersweet place but it is all good. 

Doing it professionally vs for fun?
Once upon a time I dreamed of being famous for my blog.  LOL Isn't that silly!  I have come to realize that I am much to spastic to be diligent enough to have a famous blog.  

So I guess you could say that I am in it for the fun.  I find myself getting more and more irritated with the ones that are professional.  The first blogs that I can remember reading were MiMi Smarty Pants, Crafty Chica and No Martha.  I cannot stand Dooce.  I am sure she is nice but she reminds me of fingernails on chalkboard.  Love Pioneer Woman.  I remember reading her when she just first started out.  In fact, we exchanged several emails because she is fairly close and I know people that she knows....but her blog is too big for me now and I rarely read it.  I do read her recipe site at times.  However, I think that she is prolly a most awesome person and would love to hang out in her kitchen.

Hiding from your real life?
Oh heck no.  Y'all know all about my divorces from the ex, my fear's, my home, my struggle with my weight,  and being on welfare.  I am sure that there are things that you wish you did NOT know.  I do not hide.  Y'all know more about me than what you really want to know.  LOL What you see with Mindy is what you get.  Most everyone that reads me already knew my family but I decided a few months ago to drop the nick names and use my families real names.  I will continue to do that except where my grands are concerned.  I will protect them fiercely.  They are the ones that I will hide.  ~grins~ 

was there something else you wanted to know?  If so, just leave it in comments.


  1. The title made me laugh, but the "not in a Carrie and pig's blood sort of way" made me snort. :D

    Feels good to be getting back to this.

    I seriously need another writing prompt.

  2. Good for you! I've been trying to get back into the swing of things writing as well. Hmm, maybe you can inspire me.

    I hate Dooce too! I never did quite understand her, but theBloggess still makes me laugh.

  3. Well, here we go. And who is going to put up the next prompt?

  4. It could just be a word or a phrase or a picture...the prompt, I mean.

  5. I really like this post. I love your total honesty - we need more of this kind of stuff on the inter-web ;-)

  6. Kind of funny but I was just thinking it is time for me to get back to work with my own. I have a lot to post and have little excuse.

  7. WONDERFUL to hear from you, Mindy! I am the same...sometimes just quiet. I'm glad you are working through stuff. That is always good.
    xo, Cheryl

  8. jagcasper1:49 PM

    I love to read your blogs. They are soooo good.

  9. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Well you are famous now! And international!

    Good for you for kickstarting the ole bike here!



  10. I am half laughing too at the title, I could say the same thing... all good things and right.... that's pretty much me... that's why we're so much so much alike.

    Thanks to the Spook for making Mindy blog or we never have known her.... it is good to be known... maybe that's why we write too... to be known, to others and ourselves... sometime I surprise myself with things I come out with!

    I love that you know how to laugh because I think it is so important.
    And lastly and most importantly, my life is good, right and richer for having you as my friend. amen.

  11. Mindy, I was glad to read about you and the fact that you will be blogging again, I sure missed your sense of humor, it really cheered me up!
    I do a M-W-F blog and that works for me, I do have a Motormouth Monday where I talk about what ever, and on Wednesday I do some sort of worship to my Lord Jesus Christ, and I am host on Friday of a Twitter Tree and its for my etsy team "bluebird", maybe start with a schedule, that might help, oh and you can schedule your blogs.

    PS how is your Diesel?, my Diesel is doing good...

  12. So glad you wrote this! My dad had an aneurysm in May and ever since, I've found it very difficult to post anything I thought to be interesting. I was so darned tired from the whole episode and I didn't want to share Mom and Dad's personal life. So I stayed quiet. Never sure as to if anyone on earth reads my blog (due to lack of comments of any kind), I asked myself, "Why put the time and energy into it if no one is reading it?" So tell me, should I blog for myself? For posterity? Facebook had taken over the beautifully written word, thought, ideas. To compact in under 300 characters (or whatever the number is) is kind of sad. That's what life has come to these days. Under a certain amount of characters...and we accept it. Go figure.

  13. Everybody is famous to somebody. That's what my kids say.

    I love Dooce. Don't hate me.

    I was always slightly jealous of you because Spookyrach would always talk about you and I thought she was so cool that I wished she would think I was cool, like she obviously thinks YOU are cool.

    So maybe we should just all sit at the same table and share our Doritos.

    Great post.

  14. You're still here. I'm still here. All is well with world.

  15. Katherine4:10 AM

    I'm glad you're back - I've missed your blog

  16. I missed you when you don't write, but now I understand. I don't write as often as I should, well, I do in my head, but it never gets on paper (or blog page).

  17. Yeah! I'm glad to hear you'll be back around more. I enjoy reading your posts.

    I don't like most big blogs either. I skip a lot of them on my reader. I find the bigger a blog gets the less personal they get and it becomes more and more about what their blog brings them as opposed to what they bring to the blog. And I don't even know who Dooce is... :)

    And I blog in my head all. the. time. I finally started scheduling the ideas onto a calendar so it's not work to come up with post ideas and I can get them out of my head. Then I write my posts for the week (m-f) on the weekend and schedule them (unless it's something I planned that can't be written until the day or or something). It works for me.

  18. I know how you feel, I've lost that bloggin' feeling ... and now it's gone, gone, gone ... wooooooh. Glad you are back!

  19. Thanks for sharing. I like learning more about other bloggers.

  20. welcome back from the other side!

  21. love this post. and who says you aren't famous? I bet you have hundreds of lurkers here. what don't we all? don't disallussion me like that. haha

  22. Here's the thing. You wrote to me and I wrote to you, and I liked you. I did not realize until now that you were as country as you seem now, but that's all good. The hub is in jail. I gotta find a real job and move and sell the house and the bills just keep coming. My old boss is broke and owes me a thou. that's maybe why I am not blogging. I write stuff and it comes out sad and I erase it. that's where I am. Thanks for being there.

  23. I'm so glad you told us this. Now, when you're not writing, I'll especially know to pray.


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