One Short Year

  I would be a lousy witness in a murder trial.  You have seen the movies where the District Attorney is questioning the witness and says *Where were YOU 14 years ago on the night of September 1st???* And the witness replies * I had just left the volleyball game where our team won 7-5 and I was wearing a red sombrero.*  You know what I am talking about!! year ago today....I remember.  I remember that day.

It was one of the best days of my life.

I was working in one of our other counties and Camille had come over to have lunch with me.  I was having grocery store sushi.  I was there when she received the phone call.

Three little boys were coming to stay at her and Shawn.   

Three little homeless boys were coming home.

These three lively spirits have turned our lives upside down and we will never ever be the same.  

People tell us all the time what a wonderful thing it is that the kids opened their home up for the boys.

Those people don't get it.  It was US that has been blessed.  We cannot imagine life before the boys.

We were lost but now we're found.

This has been a year of many first for me. First with taking things in and First in letting some things go.

I realized that I was trying to force some pieces into the puzzle that really did not belong there.  Those pieces LOOKED like they should fit.  I could press that piece in with a lot of force and it would go in but it was still a little bit wonky and off.  I realized that those pieces belonged to a different puzzle and put them in the correct boxes.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you find the correct piece that fits?  Yes that feeling.

That is the feeling that I get with the boys.  Shawn and Camille have had trying times but, through it all,  it has always just felt....right. 

Those three little pieces just slipped right into our puzzle and it's good.  It really is all good. 

I realize that the puzzle is not finished yet.  There are still borders to find and and parts to fill in.  There are odd shapes that I cannot make out yet.  There are other places that I never see coming together.  Some of my pieces are a little frayed on the edges from trying to MAKE them fit where they don't belong.

I also can see other tiny little wee pieces that will be added eventually in the future.  

One year ago today I became Momdy.  One of the sweetest things I have ever been called.

...goes around saying Mine Mine Mine


  1. congratulations, Momdy. Children truly are a blessing from God. It's been 5 years since we adopted our 10 year old daughter, and while it's been difficult (we have 9 grown children and 13 grandchildren) adding Hannah to our puzzle has been one of the best things that ever happened to us.

  2. You are the best Momdy ever! Your post warmed my heart truly it did... what a blessing to have pieces from somewhere unexpected fit your own puzzle. Cool. ~warm hugs~

  3. Made me cry...and Shawn taught the boys to say "Mommy cries cause she's a girl". That sums up my life...

  4. What a beautiful story!

  5. This is the best thing you have ever written.

  6. Well, I'm a girl too, so we will just cry together.

    God bless all of you. What a rich life you all have been given.

  7. You brought me to tears again.

    My heart is so full of joy for you.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Congratulations on your first year together.

  8. How wonderful! Happy Familyversary!!

  9. You are the best Momdy. God knows how to turn the yucky into happy.

  10. You are courageous - and this is so sweet!

  11. You are awesome and everyone got lucky in this deal!

  12. ahhhh that is the sweetest thing. precious they are and a great memory.

  13. (insert GIANT animated heart emoticon here)


  14. This made me smile! Congrats to your family for getting 3 terrific additions! I bet they feel just as blessed as you!

  15. I love the way you explain it like a puzzle, God bless the whole family!

  16. wow, that was so beautiful. I am not sure who those kids are or where they came from, but what a loving and affirming gesture.

    You are my heroine!


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