You see this handsome boy??  Yeah he is in the middle of blowing out his winter coat.  Corgis are notorious for shedding.  He looks good here but he is beginning to look a bit...well....like he is molting.  Since he is so skittish, I only furminate him for short periods at a time.
This is the first pile of corgi fur after about brushing him for about 3 minutes...FUR REAL!!  

Do you think it is odd that I use craft items for size references??
And you read it here first and you will hear it here again...VALSPAR paints freakin' rock.

Back to the topic.

This is the next day.  Again, about 3 minutes.

We are not even 1/4 of the way through.  I told him that he had to be hiding another corgi in there.

He told me that he was going to donate it all to corgi locks of love for little bald corgis.
It looks like I have opened a barber shop for gray haired old men in my home.

I am telling you all about Chappy and his fur problems to avoid telling you this....It is March 1st and the second room is not totally ready.  Almost...but not quiet.

So, with great embarrassment....I  show you what the room looked like when I started.  This is a spare room and it was just catching everything that did not have a real room.  It also was the catch all at Christmas.
Honestly, this is what my brain has been looking like.  For reals, but I am working on it too and making some good progress.  It really is hard to show you the state of my house and what I am doing.  But, in doing so, I make myself accountable to you all.  I do much better when there is accountability.  House wise and brain wise.
The room is just about finished.  I have to pick up a few things when I go to Amarillo on Thursday and then I can show you the big reveal!!  I am really working on economizing so I had to wait for a trip to happen instead of just running around willy nilly.

LOL I know y'all have got to be so bored with this already but I really do appreciate you being along for the ride.


  1. You make me laugh - for reals.

    I bet you pop up with another doggies ... or a really great wig in the next week ;-)

    Love the blue in the room that looks like my entire house, car AND my brain. sigh.

  2. OH honey I will trade you Corgie blowout for constant Sheltie undercoat ANY day, lol. I can spend an hour combing out Bella, fill two paper grocery bags with fur and still only be halfway done with her... then I have one more to comb out when she's done. I ALWAYS end up wondering why they both aren't bald yet but two weeks later I do it all over again. So far Dolly has not developed that nasty undercoat, and hopefully won't ever.

  3. You are so funny and I adore you...fur real!

    Can't wait to see your room...if I were very brave, I'd show you my stupid pink sewing room. Pink...what grown woman paints her room pink?!

    You are my hero!

  4. I wish I could get inspired to do something about my messies! Keep up the good work, Mindy!

  5. Oh, well, you wouldn't think that Noah, being a short-haired hound, would shed, but honestly, that dog sheds EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.OF.THE.YEAR!!!! Those piles of hair from Chappy looks like what I get up off of my hardwood floors on a daily bassis...FUR REALS! I sometimes have to vacuum twice a day! Who ever would have thunk it? I keep telling him he should be bald by now...maybe one of these days he'll need Chappy's "puppy locks of love"!

    Your blue room is going to look gorgeous once you get it finished. Everything just takes time...so don't be so hard on yourself. Some people's homes are works in progress forever!



  6. I'm thinking - will there be any Chappy left after you get through "furminating"?? Love that term!

    I have a long haired outside girl pup that I clip because I think I wore my arm out trying to brush it out.

  7. LOL your Dogs hair that is soooo much and I thought that having had 2 Golden Retreivers that I had a lot of hair around but they never molted like that all at once!

    Looks like u get getting somewhere with the rooms

    Take care

    PS I think there should be a way you could donate that hair, its so much!

  8. Corgi locks of love. Have I told you lately, that I love you.

  9. Sweet corgi fur creations. A whole new craft!!!

  10. Mindy,
    Corgi Locks of Love? Where do we sign up? You are a few weeks ahead of us in the shed dept. I just gave Chelsea a bath the other day and I'm happy to report that she did NOT plug up the drain...but I don't think the big shed has started here...(as I write...THIRTY SIX degrees in the Hoosier state!)
    XO, Cheryl

  11. I am with you on the corgi hair. Mine have started to shed, molt, whatever they do. I have been brushing and combing for a week now. Don't know where all the hair comes from. To bad you could do something with that hair, like stuff pillows or something.

  12. Huh. I live 3 doors down from a Corgi: I never knew they were such epic shedders! (I'll have to ask my neighbor whether Mr Mickey contributes so many "Locks of Love"!)

  13. Hahahahaha! Can't sleep and you gave me a reason to laugh at 3:00 a.m. Now THAT's saying something! :)

  14. Tracie the Red6:39 AM

    Hey I saw an article some years back that talked about a woman who used the fur that her cats shed to weave into purses; she'd card and clean it, spin it into thread then into yarn, and make little bags out of it. No joke!

  15. I had to read thru this twice. Well, the 1st time I was scrolling thru while watching Harry's Law....until I got to the Modge Podge and dog fur. And I just knew you were about to make one of those "furry rugs" or glue it on a foot stool or something. Whew! Glad I went back thru and really read it during a commercial break.
    Love your BLOG, BTW.


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