I get to meet my mom and Camille in
Amarillo today.  My mom is getting new glasses
and she cannot see without her glasses on.
We make her try on all sorts of funky styles until she realizes
what we are up to.
You would think she would know better by now.
I wonder if I can take her pic 
with red ones on???
If so, I will post it to facebook.
But then
I bet I will be cut out of the will.

But that ought to be worth like
a million facebook points.
My mom hates her pic made.
I have lots of the back of her head
cause she turns so fast.
I hope everyone is in a good mood.
For reals.
Pray for me.
I replaced the corn because it got stinky.
Someone asked me about the fonts I am using and how I did it.
You have to turn your blog into
draft mode.
Sorry I did not answer that sooner.
I could not find my phone this am.
I finally found it beside the litter box.
I made a detailed list for today
and printed out coupons and
my groupons.
Point and laugh at my frugality all you want.
Bon't come knocking on my door when
the Zombie Apocalypse happens
and you only have one box of poptarts.
I will not let you in
Not even if you bring your me
white chocolate.
Well, maybe for white chocolate.
But NOT for dark chocolate or raisins.
This is where Cade would call me a racist.
I miss the old SNL.
and I think The Office has 
jumped the shark.
You could leave me alone all day long with a chocolate cake
and I would not eat it.
For reals.
I really need to get started back on no flour/sugar.
But not today.
I have grocery store sushi on my list for today.
Don't judge me until
you have walked a mile in my yellow box sandals.
Why can't they contact me about test driving
their sandals?
Why could I not have been a foot model?
Someone told me yesterday that I was just like the lady
from The Closer.
gotten this year.
Now that I think about it,
I hope she meant Brenda.
I sent The Vampire Diaries
back to Netflix after just watching 
the first episode.
The vampires really should sue.

What are you rambling about today?


  1. FIRST COMMENT! WHOOOHOOO! Now what was I going to say? For reals. For reals is very big these days. I've been back on no sugar/no flour since 2/28 and I feel so much better. I'm convinced that sugar is poison. But I still love it.
    xo, Cheryl

  2. I think I just laughed my butt off. I have to go look for it now... "I hope they meant Brenda." HAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

  3. No one is getting into my house after the apocalypse unless they've got their own supplies and weapons. I hope you have a pitchfork and a baseball bat along with your food stash. Oh and don't forget toilet paper. That will be looted faster than food.

  4. Of course I pray for you, lady.
    Have a magnificent day today.

  5. Wow...your cats have been making cell phone calls while on the potty downloading apps like "tuna finder" and "Hot kittehs of 2010" and "Daily Meows to live by"....Maybe they are planning ahead for the zombie invasion??


    Hope you had fun!

  7. be sure to keep Ginger & Chappy away from your momma's glasses, or your glasses... cuz baileybean ate my sunglasses last night.

    yep. ATE. no lenses, no little screws, no bling on the corners. ate. he needs a butt whoopin' for sure if he keeps this up.


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