For reals
if you are going to try to pick a fight with me
bring your eyebrows.
And don't put them on with a thin Sharpie.
I love me some Sharpies but that is not their purpose.
So stop using them for evil.
The world would be a much better place if people
would just listen to me.
I wonder why the people in control have not called me??
Why have we not gotten any rain?  
Do we need to sacrifice someone to get some moisture?
Cause I totally have a list ready.
Shaving your brows is NEVER a good option
when it comes to brow wear.
 Real friends don't let friends shave those puppies off.
Have a designated plucker or waxer.
It is day four of no flour/no sugar.
Can you tell?
Why no, I am not prickly
Why do you ask?
At least buy an eyebrow stencil.
YES there IS such a thing.
And it has now been 6 days
since I have had a diet coke.
I won't be giving up iced tea
so don't ask.
Why do people put their brows on 
WAY too high
but never too low?
I am hungry for figs.
Tania brought fresh figs to me
when I got to meet her.
My mouth still remembers how good they were.
Tania is one of the sweetest people
I have ever met.
I wish that we lived closer.
And I am eventually going to meet more of you.
It is really hard for me to concentrate
on someone's words when their brows
are all catty wonkered and pointed
in every which way.
Gingerbean was not knocked up.
My mom had to have a sonogram.
Wasn't she surprised to learn that they were doing on the
and not the outside!
She is worries.
Well, other than her dignity.  ~grins~
I am watching Twin Peaks again
from Netflix.
Women sure did wear a lot of dresses and skirts in the early 90's.
And everyone is talking on phones anchored to the walls.
Even the log lady had good eyebrows.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul....
then your eyebrows are the throw rugs to your emotions.


    I used to have big ol' Brook Shields eyebrows but I tweezed them and tamed them and I think they are normal now. I do NOT get that thing of shaving off your brows! WTF? Oh my. I bet after they shave one off they say "OOPS." But what do you do then? It is like shaving off half of your mustache.
    When are your going to meet ME?
    This is my Thursday ramble.
    xo, Cheryl

  2. Cheryl I am coming out to meet you when you move closer to your girls.



  3. Good point - why the heck DON'T they ever draw them in too low? Or why don't they draw them angry? Or sad? Why is it always surprised???


  4. could even add concerned or quizzical.

    CLOWNS even get their eyebrows on correctly.

  5. I remember being in court with a defendant that has some WILD penciled eyebrows....I told the D.A. that the defendant should go to PRISON for just the eyebrows! LOL

  6. Better yet, you know how at the Dr.'s office there is a chart with faces to describe PAIN..... there should be a stencil with listed expressions so maybe it can be done somewhat NORMAL!

  7. It sure was good to see you yesterday, I'm glad you were less crazy then. I love you....crazy lady.

    ~thinking about crazy eyebrows~

  8. I knew I was middle aged when I had to start paying someone to wax my eyebrows because I needed my glasses to see to pluck them, but I couldn't get to them with my glasses on.
    But shaving them off and drawing them back on is just wrong.

  9. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I used to date a guy whose mom shaved off her eyebrows - weird!! I love the idea of sassy eyeborws drawn on quizzically! or in the middle of an argument: "wait I need to draw on the angry brows!" I'll bet she wants to be a human potato head!
    love you!!

  10. Anonymous7:56 PM

    random: did you know you have to be 18 to buy Sharpies?!

  11. Well you come with me to get my brows done? They are teeny bit bushy, but I need a new person, as my old one is in the other place that I used to live.
    I did try dying my brows once. I thought it would be cool if they matched my hair. NOT!
    Instead of blonde they were orange...bright orange.
    Yup, you heard it from me.
    Jack had one of his missing on Will and Grace.

  12. My friend's husband's mother drew her's on and one time, while she was napping, they wiped one off, and the rest of the afternoon she went everywhere with just the one brow. I don't know why, but it makes me giggle uncontrollably every time I think about it.


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