I am going to give you a sneak peek of some of the things that I have been doing in the bed room.  *blink blink*  Don't EVEN look at me like know perfectly well what I am talking about!  I am really working on using the things that I have, using out of my stash  and re-purposing things from other parts of the house. That means  cheap  THRIFTY!

This is the light switch for my bedroom.  Now why in the world would someone replace the plate but not the dirty switch????  If you are going to replace the switch, be sure to turn off the electricity at! the! box!  It is not enough to just switch off the light!  The replacement is actually very simple.  All you need is a new switch ($1.49) and a screw driver.    I was able to do it easy peasy!  There are even youtube videos showing how to do it.  
Cost:  $1.49
Then I covered the plate with a little Mod Podge and scrap fabric.  See!  So much cleaner looking!

This is the cloche that I made to house a green glass ornament that I adore.  The tag attached is my lucky fortune cookie that I got the night my daddy forgot who I was.  The base is a candle stick with a plate glued to it and then spray painted. 
Cost:   $-0-
I have totally re-done my storage space.  You are seeing my box of warranties/important papers, photos, cows in storage and new pillows.  I stock up on pillows when we black Friday shop.  I already had the plastic containers. 
Cost:  $-0-
These are the only 2 things that are now under my bed. The large container is full of wrapping paper.  The smaller holds tissue paper and gift bags. Cost:  $-0-

At any given time you might just find a black cat or a corgi under the bed.   Molly says *HHEEEYYY*
THIS is the trash!  The box and the sack are what was trashed from the room.
Two boxes for donation!  They have actually already left the house.  That is one think that I have learned by watching Peter Walsh.  If it is going to be donated,get rid of it before you can change your mind!

Gratuitous Corgi pics.  Chappy wants you to know that REAL Corgi boys can rock pink.

I love milk glass and thought that the white went well with the room.  I used an old jar and put a label on it. I antiqued it with watered down brown paint. The tiny pic I put together with paper scraps.  I had the frame in my stash. I painted it and then distressed it.  I had the doilies in my stash.  I bought them years ago at a garage sale.
  Cost:  $ -0-

I wish that I had painted the little while spot on the wall before I tool this pic!'s now been painted.  I spray painted an old frame and some window screening.  I hot glued the window screen in and then added the tulle netting to make a bow. Then I took all my earring out of that jumbled mess of a jewelry drawer and hung them up!  I found earring that I did not remember having!!  It hangs behind my door and I am loving it!

See how happy they are to be out of the drawer!  I had everything on hand but the screen.  I have enough screen to do lots of these.  If you need some, give me a hollar!  
Cost:  $4.00
This was made with a candle stick and a light fixture.  Do you know how much you can do with items you already have, glue, paint and candle wax??  It is amazing!  ~laffin~  I added ribbon and an old key.  Again, all items that I had on hand.  
Cost:  $ -0-

If you want to know more about anything that I have made, let me know and I will try to do a tutorial.

Remember this is just a sneak peek!  We will totally MOVE THAT BUS  In the next couple of days!! 

Remember there is still time to get in on the book and book mark swap!


  1. You are SO amazing!!!!

  2. ~grins at Sue~ You always make me feel so good!

  3. I love it!!! I love the switch plate...... butt kicking idea.
    I think I might do that in my bathroom.... I know don't you wonder about the dirty switch thing? Scary....

    I think you've done a dang good job girl!!

    I stash my plastic wrapping paper container under guest room bed.... :)

  4. DUDE!!! I have been planning to make one of those ear-ring thingies for YEARS! If you will make me one, I'll pay you - actual cashola.

    There shall be no pink, however. ~evil eye~

  5. Ayekah you can totally do it! I used fabric but you can even use scrapbook paper.

    Yes, the dirty switch kinds icked me out. And you should have seen how dirty it was under the plate!


  6. It all looks really good, Mindy! I have to tell you that if I am seeing those brown shoes you are giving away correctly, I have the exact same pair! I don't wear them much anymore, they hurt my feet! Guess I should donate them too!

  7. If you will give me what ever frame you want to use and tell me what color, I will totally make you one for free. Heaven knows I have enough screen! *memo to self* no pink for Rach

  8. LOL Annie I think those shoes are so damned cute but they hurt my feet too!! lol Great feet think alike.

  9. My, you've been very busy! Love your creations...and the dogs are cute, too!

  10. Kudos on taking on the wiring! Above and beyond decorating!

  11. LOVE this! You did a fantastic job and I'm loving the earring holder. Very cool idea. Best thing is that you're so right. You can do so much with what you already have. Nice job, princess!

  12. Thank you Winny. I just got a new cordless screwdriver. Well, I guess ALL screwdrivers are cordless! lol

  13. Great job...I especially love the earring holder in the frame.

    Thats awesome.

  14. Great post, Mindy.

    I've always wanted to cover my switch plates but haven't. You did such a nice job.

    Peter Walsh is awesome and so wise. I'm a big fan too.

  15. Thanks Nicole! Covering those plates are totally easy. I also like the fact that, if I get tired of them, I can soak them in water to remove the fabric and start all over again!

  16. Look at you go, Crafty Lady! I love that earring holder...hint hint...

  17. in love with your switch plate smartness, AND the replacement of the switch itself. You are my Guru of Craftyness!!

  18. WOW MB! I have never been called a Guru before!!

  19. You've been busy! I love the earrings holder...very clever idea. Everything looks great!

  20. I'm loving that you did this at zero cost. As everyone has already stated, I'm liking the earring holder. Thanks for your kind words on my jewelry pendant.

  21. Oh my gosh - we have sooo many funky light switches - but the covers are sooo pretty (rolls eyes). You are a genius.


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