Does Your House Look Better?

All of you know that I ALWAYS make my bed. Always Always Always.
How could I even tell if a clown was hiding under my bed? So thankful that there was not a bra in the midst of all the chaos.

But what does it matter if the rest of the room is a mess???

In fact, I am not enjoying my home like I should because of the way it looks.

So I am thinking I am going to come up with a plan to tame my house. I need to wrangle it back into submission.

What? You don't own a fox tail? You don't have that many shoes?

I think 2011 will be the year or organization and clarity.

I am working on a 12 month plan. I am going to choose a room or project a month. Then I will chrono my progress here on the blog.

I am going to focus on organizing, cleaning, re-using, purging and freeing myself up.

Are you with me?

If anyone is interested, I will work on a really good easy to follow plan for us. We can take before and after pics. We can also take pictures of what we are throwing away and donating. I can even make (or try to) a blog button for us.

It will be a help to me if there are others on this journey. I love to organize for others but for me...well I have a hard time putting things back where I find them once I am finished using them.

I was not home when the tornado hit my craft room. Thank goodness!! LOL Where's Waldo?

Leave me a comment if you interested.

fears that she is the only one with a messed up house


  1. i love you--messy or organized, neat? Yes, I think you are super neat-o. But good for you for having some nesting fun. I am a little OCD about it, or I'd join you. xo

  2. Sounds great! Not sure about my follow through...When I travel for work the house goes to pot then when I get back it takes weeks to months to whip it back into submission.....

  3. I'm on board! I was just telling the husband, how I feel the need to get my focus back! To get the house organized and get control back...

    Let's do it, Mindy!

  4. I'm great with others too, but what gets me is the paper. UGH! I'm working on my house as well. It doesn't help that I'm married to a pack rat.

  5. Mindy, I love ya to pieces and think that you have some of the best ideas! I am actually a pretty organized person (almost anal retentive!) and keep things picked up. I used to be a super clean freak but as I've gotten older have fallen away from that. I need to find a happy medium, so that will be my goal for this year. I know you'll accomplish any thing you attempt, so I'll be here to watch your progress!



  6. I am SO in. I don't own a fox tail but I have lots and lots of bunnies ~smile~

  7. OH no. You should see our house. We lived only on one floor for 3 months during renovation so there are PILES OF STUFF in my study... in my bedroom... in the hallway. UGH. I'm with ya. And I'm ready to get into the give-away-away-AWAY!!! mode.

  8. speechless........ I'm on...... although I have OCD so be warned.... :) and my friend is redoing the closet systems previous owners spent big bucks on and they stink.........

  9. My daughter called on New Year's day evening and asked what I was doing. I was cleaning out the junk cabinet in the kitchen- the one that holds all of the storage containers- you know five cool-whip bowls and seventeen lids? I told her that I had to clean out at least ONE cabinet on New Year's Day!
    Can you just come to my house and do it for me? XO, Cheryl

  10. I'm in. but I won't post pictures... just take my word for it. It's bad.

  11. ok even with 2 big dogs i'm a bit of a freak at home... everything has a place etc. however... the office, the home office, my only office is THE project at hand. could i be a better pastor if i was organized? if i wasn't always losing stuff? maybe i need to purge the office...

  12. LOL. Nope, I don't own a fox tail. But now I want one. *grin*

    I (loosely) follow Fly Lady which is hokey, but I love the idea of Zones. Basically each week you give a certain area of your house a little extra love. That way you know your dining room won't go more then a month without a deep clean and assessment. (That is, of course, in addition to your regular cleaning and tidying.)

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  13. Yowsa! lol LOVE your craft room. I think your closet is very impressive and I also think that the 1 room per month is a fabulous idea. Pretty sure we'll be moving early on this year so I will most likely have to do ALL rooms in one month. Blech!

  14. OK, I'm doing it my own way. We have the same urge. I've not been good at the "before" pictures. I'll do better....

  15. Hi there, I have missed your blog somehow, oh we ALL need help in this area, you are not alone, I have a closet that is getting out of control and I thought it would not happen so soon since I moved in 13 months ago and its a huge closet, but all that yarn and I have too many clothes...thanks for the motivation...btw how is Diesel?

  16. after 6 years of seminary?? I'm still digging out on stuff I forgot I ever had. Just re-did my study since I moved all the books to my church office. I'll post pics soon - although I think I was too ashamed to take before pics. I'm in - still lots to sort through.

  17. I LOVE the idea!! But I think my husband would be happier with an accelerated 'clean' in 3 months..yikes!

  18. I always always always make my bed, too! Well, that's not true. On Saturdays, when I change the sheets, I leave the bed completely stripped for a couple of hours so it can "air out." Got that from my grandmother.


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