I still have not come up with a good name for my year long project!!  I need your help....throw out some suggestions please.   

The project now has a name!  We are going to call it Mindy's Extreme Home Makeover---Non-sobbing edition.

I really have been busy working on my bedroom.
I have discovered that I have a BIG problem with simply putting.things.UP. 
That sweet little thin thing?  That's the new TV I won!
I have little piles of stuff all over the house.  Like I am a hoarder in training. 
One just needs to connect the piles to make me a full blown slob.
 The pic of the closet.  I have no idea why all of my shoes are at the top of the racks and not the bottom!  It is not like I am 7 feet tall!     And yes...that is a hula hoop.  Why are you looking at me like that?

This is the top of the closet.  I could not have told you what was in those containers even if it meant saving my life!  They were put up in the top of that closet when I moved in over 2 years ago and not touched since.

Jumbled jewelry drawer.
And the sock drawer.......MOST of these will SO be out of here! 
This is the plan broken down by months:

January: My room that includes the closet, under the bed and dresser.

February:  Storage...THIS will be a BIG undertaking.  I plan on y'all trying a rope around my waist so that you can pull me out if I go under.

March:  Kitchen.  The Kitchen includes drawers and cabinets, fridge, window treatments and back splash.  Cellar....want it done before tornado season.

April:  Craft room....oh how I have missed you.

May:  My bathroom.  That includes caulking the tub and tiling the floor. Man Cave

June:  Front and Back Yard

July:  Cade's Room...won't THAT be fun.  ~rolling my eyes~

August:  Extra Bedroom

September:  Living Room

October:   Cade's Bathroom

EXTRAS:  Small Pantry, Large Pantry, Front Closet, Mail Box, Put up a Flag Pole, Unstick Windows.

That leaves November and December open for what ever did not get accomplished.

**The book swap is still open. You have until 1/30 to sign up.  I will try to get you partnered up that day.  If you have not already done so, leave me a comment telling me you want to play!

And just let me apologize right now for THE most boring blog post of ALL TIME!  Sheeze...even I snoozed when I went back and read it. 


  1. I'd like to swap! Hugs...

  2. I want to swap closets!! That closet is LOVE.

    Nice TV win, BTW.

  3. A girl after my own heart!

  4. Yeah! I love your plan of action. You have more of a plan than I do... I just am doing it. One. Day. At. A. Time.
    You go!

  5. My favorite organizing tool for the kitchen is a wall grid that uses "s" hooks for hanging things up. Plus you can get little drawers to attach for things like spice envelopes and such. Very nice for a pantry. And I like these for socks. Though you could make your own from other things. I'll come help you!

    Your room looks sooooooooooo inviting. I'll lay on the bed and watch you clean. Keep you company. Encourage. Uplift. BOSS.
    "Clean that, do this, do that...HEY, you missed something!" Seriously. I need help. My philosophy is if you have to store it? IT is so OUTTA here. Tell me that about my cartons I moved into the barn when I moved here three years ago! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. XO, Cheryl

  7. Mindy, sounds like you have a great plan in mind...I think if you do it one room at a time you will find that its not so overwhelming :)

  8. I want to give you the Stylish Blog Award


  9. I believe we have the same four poster bed...How comes it looks better in your room??? :)

  10. Mindy - Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me I'm a smart girl!! You soo know me!! LOL

    I love your plan! Good luck and I'll be watching!!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  11. I didn't snooze, I am just thinking to myself..."Mom is one of the most orgazined people I know..." What happened???

  12. LOL Gator...I love to organize for OTHER people! I am lazy when it comes to myself.


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