Friday, August 27, 2010


I wanted to start some traditions with these grandboys of mine. For birthdays I have decided to give the number of b-days in dollar bills and a book. I did not want it to be lame and you all assured me that it would not be....but I wanted to MAKE SURE! I mean for reals...I want to be the COOL ONE! lol

So this is the first book I chose....Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray. Yep! You read that RIGHT! Farting Dog!!

I am a VERY frugal person. I ALWAYS use coupons, shop thrift stores and garage sales but when it comes to books.....oooohhh mmyyyyy....I will spend money!

Description from North Atlantic Books:
Warning: This book may cause flatulence
. Walter is a fine dog, except for one small problem: he has gas. He can't help it; it's just the way he is. Fortunately, the kids Billy and Betty love him regardless, but Father says he's got to go! Poor Walter, he's going to the dog pound tomorrow. And then, in the night, burglars strike. Walter has his chance to be a hero. Destined to become a children's classic, this story will have kids rolling on the floor with laughter. Adults are permitted to laugh too.

But I wanted to make this book personal....just for J1. So I altered the book's front and back to fit him. This is what I did....

Front inside cover:
Back Inside Cover:

Close up of all the pics:

What do you think???

...has said the word *fart* this week telling people about this book that I have in my entire life!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the WINNER is......

Well is smarter than I am. I see all the cool blogs using it and posting the widget on their blogs. "# so and so wins! and then what they said."

Yeah...well...I cannot make it do that. ~sheeze~

I cannot create a widget except for the one that generates a new number each time you press the button. I guess that could make everyone a winner. I don't think that is what CSN was looking for. LOL.

So this is what I did! I listed each comment in a document in the order that they were left and assigned them a number. I took my one comment and the deleted comment out. Then I spun the wheel at and the winner is:


Blogger Laura said...

What a Fantastic Giveaway hun!

If I won I would totally buy some fitness gear (hand weights... medicine balls)...

Or maybe a fancy lemonade dispenser? Or a cake stand? Endless possibilities!


Thank you to all that entered!!!
loves all the new followers!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Wanna know about a secret that is now sweeping the internet??? There is an up and rising super store that is taking the web by storm. I noticed it a few months ago when a blogger was hosting a giveaway from an online store I had never heard about before. Well, I won! I got a awesome little funky 8 vile vase that I am just in love with and I was hooked!

Look at these pretty Kitchen Tables! I really like this one! You can get one just like this at

This is what I am lusting after right now....isn't she purdy?!?!? Her color is Caribbean. Isn't that dreamy?!?!?!? I could use it to make that no knead bread recipe that is all over the net. One of CSN stores is guessed it....CSN carries it!

And look! It's the cousin of the Pixar lamp!! You can find this lamp at the CSN store

This SWEET SWEET SWEET rug is called....Cat's PAW!! It is also at

They also have a store called Can you smell the brisket now??? I would like to try out this smoker.

CSN recently contacted me and wanted to know if I would like to host a giveaway for my readers. I told them that I would have to think about it for awhile


CSN has been gracious enough to offer on of my lucky readers a gift certificate! I have shown you goods from, or but the gift certificate is good at any of their 200 websites! You will be responsible for the shipping but several of the products include free shipping like the smoker up above.

How much is the gift certificate for? It is in the unbelievable amount of :


Do you want to know how to enter? There are several different ways. Please leave me a comment for each way that you are entering.

1) You must go to one of the CSN stores and COME BACK and tell me what you would love to buy. You are not locked in to your choice. If you win, you can chose anything! LEAVE A COMMENT

2) Be a follower of become a follower of my blog. LEAVE A COMMENT.

3) Blog about this giveaway on your own blog and come back and leave me the link so that I can go and see it. LEAVE A COMMENT.

4) Let's play the remember when game. Leave me a comment about the best/worst thing you and I never did ~grins~ LEAVE A COMMENT.

5) If you do not have a blog, leave me your name and you will still be entered. Just tell me how you got here or if I know you. LEAVE A COMMENT.

Please leave your name and email address in each of your comments. That will just make it easier on my crazy brain.

All comments MUST be left on this blog entry.

I will choose the winner of this giveaway on Sunday night August 22nd, 2010 using

I am so excited for the opportunity to do this for my readers!! You have always been there for me and this makes me feel like I am able to give something though I am not paying for it.

Just FYI, I was not given any compensation for this post. I was simply given the great opportunity to do this giveaway from a store that I believe is a quality store.

but if you win and want to buy me that Le Creuset 2-Quart round french oven...well I would not hurt your feelings by turning it down. That would just be rude. ~grins~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Have I learned During Win, Lose or Blog???

It's coming to an end and I hate for it to be over. I needed this at exactly the time it began. I had hit a big plateau on my weight loss journey and needed to kick start it. In fact, I have thought about how I would have handled the stress that has come my way if I was NOT accountable during Win Lose or Blog. I might have gone back to my old habits. Win Lose or Blog was what I needed and was at the time that I needed it. Though I hate to see Season 1 end, it will be so much fun to watch the second round of contestants and cheer them on!

So, what have I learned in the last 2 months?

1. Perfect strangers can be in a competition against you and still sincerely cheer you on.

2. People can be your followers and lift you up when you are down. Many time I have gotten emails asking if I was okay when I had not blogged for awhile. Peeps will have your back and not forget you.

3. You CAN get burned out on oatmeal. For reals.

4. Even though I am the oldest contestant this round (I am 47), I have not done too bad if I say so myself.

5. People who suffer from PCOS and Peri-menopause have a whole lot of the same stinking ugly symptoms without the baby part thrown in.

6. That I truly am in control of what I eat and my eating habits. Stress has been at the red alert level and I am still making good choices. It would be great choices but some veggies fell by the way side a week or so ago but they are making a come back.

7. I can post full body pictures with measurements on the Internet and not die. I have been really surprised that my pics have not been stolen and posted on a porn site. ~snorts~

8. You can be assertive about what you think it right and fair and people will listen.

9. Tilapia and cloves have no business being in the same recipe.

10. That no one has ever died from not eating flour or sugar.

11. That even though losing weight is very important to weight cannot define who I am unless I allow it to.

12. A girl can never own too many bentos, tiffins or cute lunch accessories.

13. If you have a question, people WILL help you find an answer.

14. Walking corgis with two different speed settings can be an adventure in itself.

15. It really is alright to fall off the wagon as long as you hop up and climb right back on.

16. There is a big difference between excuses and reasons.

17. You cannot get burned out on bacon. I did a lot of scientific research to help y'all have concrete evidence on that one.

You're welcome.

18. You cannot always be the #1 winner. There always has to be runners up in order for their to be a winner.

19. I have learned that it is VERY important to take your measurements. I have not lost gobs during the competition but I have lost inches! I have gone done 1 size in shirts (would have been 2 if I did not have the breasts of a Russian peasant woman) and 1 size in pants. That knowledge kept me moving forward when before, I would have been upset about not losing and might have been tempted into going back to bad habits.

20. My camera weighs 1/2lbs. FOR REALS! I had to learn how to weigh, get the weight on the scale and THEN pick up my camera and take the pic.

21. I am really going to miss this and all of you.

What about you? What have YOU learned?

....does not want to say good bye.....*sniffles*

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Very slim pickin's at garage sales last Saturday. At the last one I went to, I found these dinosaurs. The sheep in the pic was already mine. I just like the *freaked out OMG they might eat me unless I stand really really still look* on his face.
My grandsons LOVE dinosaurs!! And Momdy is trying to build up a toy stash here at her house.

So I pick up the 2 dinosaurs and keep looking around when I notice a little blue eyed blond boy child following me and looking at them. I would wander... he would wander. I would stop....he would stop.

Me: These are really nice looking dinosaurs.

Him: ~missing a front tooth~ Yes Ma'am they are very good dinosaurs.

Me: Are they yours?

Him: Yes Ma'am they are.

Drats! I realize that he is having a hard time selling those dinosaurs.

Me: I was thinking about buying them for my grandsons. If you would rather keep them, I will understand!

Him: Well Ma'am they are really good dinosaurs and I love them very VERY much. But I think I can love the quarters you are going to give me for them too.

I gave him 4 quarters cause I am a sucker for cute handsome salesmen. ~grins~

Does this sticker make my ass look big???

Sunday Sunday

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. Eating the way I am has not been a problem at all....just the stress of real life. Stress mixed with peri-menopause makes for one happy girl. ~rolling my eyes here~ In fact, I shudder to think how out of control I would be if I was still 210lbs and eating everything that I could get my hands on.

Instead I just keep walking, doing yoga and not eating flour or sugar.

I am happy to announce that I have finally lost again! I am at 179.2. Yeah for being under 180!!

For lunch today we had pork chops and yummy sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are full of seriton and good for us. MMMMMMM I usually make my own but was so surprised to find that Ore Ida now makes them and they are in the freezer section!! I drizzled a little olive oil on them and then sprinkled them with salt and pepper.
When they were done, I sprinkled them with sweetner and chili powder. I love the sweet slightly hot kick!

Tonight I am trying out a new recipe and trying THIS:

I will let you know how it turns out!

Edited to add:
The fish was okay. I think I expected more since there was a butt load of spices. Instead, I found it kind of bland. If I ever made it again I would leave out the cloves. I think I will stick to the way that I normally make it and toss this recipe.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Cow Blogging

Every few days I travel to the land that time forgot to work. Life there is much slower paced.

Like syrup.

Or molasses.

I am not kidding.

So imagine my surprise when I was out walking at lunch and heard "pppsssssssttttttt" I looked around to see who might be talking to me and LOOK WHO I FOUND!! See her peeking out from between the pick-up and trailer??

I did not know there was a fiberglass cow in that whole county!!! I felt like I had found a long lost friend.

Isn't she pretty??? Look at those sweet pink udders! I have never heard about the cash cow ATM. I introduced myself and she told me her name was....*Buttercup* She also told me about the dangers of drinking and getting your own name tattooed on yourself.

I love a girl who can pull off wearing blue eyeshadow and not come off as cheap.

...wonders if there are more treasures to be found there....

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

even more answers.....

When I get tired and stressed, I give up blogging and vegetables. ~grins~

I am still plugging along--still no flour or sugar. I really have not missed them and that still just blows my mind. I did gain back some ounces last week and that put me back into the 180's. ~mutters dammit~

Miss Smarty Pants asked a question that I think she already knows the answer to:

What is your favorite new thing to eat that you never really ate before?

cous you and I figured out it was wheat. LOVE it but I only eat it every once in awhile.

I have always liked veggies but I am learning to eat them in different ways. I have been eating roasted asparagus and broccoli. YUMMY! I also learned that I can roast squash in the oven and it is good! I used to only like squash battered and fried.

Adrienne wants to know:

I'm a run for the border kinda gal ... what do you eat when you are faced with yummy chips and dip? Gracias ;-)

My word veri was covet ... I covet some cheese dip and tacos de pollo asada - what do you covet?

I EAT yummy chips and dip when I want them. Tortilla chips are made of corn so they are safe. I just don't eat the whole basket. As long as what you are dipping them does not have flour or sugar in it can eat it.

I also LOVE tacos...especially carne asada ones. I still eat them...but with corn tortillas.

What do I covet? bar b que ~grins~

I was thinking the other day that I needed to tell y'all the two things that I have NOT given up. I do still use mayo every once in awhile. I love chicken salad and it is nice and cool in these 100 degree days we are having. Mayo does have some sugar in it. I am sure if I lived somewhere where my grocery stores had some sort of a selection I could get some without sugar but I don't and I can't. So I use it every so often.

The other thing is bar b que sauce. I use that about once every two weeks. Not gobs of it but enough to feel like I have not given it up or hurt its feelings.

Cynthia asked:
I am not really trying to lose weight right now, although I could use it. (You know that I was just recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and that I am trying to deal with all that right now. Your non-posse folk wouldn't know that.) But in the midst of the whole medication changes and lifestyle changes going with all that, I am eating healthier stuff. I do a Mediterranean diet. Lots of whole grains, veggies and fruits, healthier fats (olive, etc), and, since meat makes my RA flare up, I am eating it very sparingly. If I weren't bloated from the gigantic doses of prednisone they had me on I would be losing weight. I am going to go sugar/flour free when the medications are stabilized. What is the best trick for that first week of going cold turkey? Or should I taper off?

I can only tell you what I did and what I believe, COLD TURKEY. Your body will detox itself when you stop eating those two things. To me, if you are still putting some of those things into your body, you are not giving yourself a chance to truly detox. I think that you will suffer the side effects of detoxing for longer is you prolong it.

Sugar has never been my big thing. I think that is why I can have mayo and bar b que sauce in small amounts and not begin a craving thing again.

I have realized that flour immediately makes me tired and makes me want more of it. If I have a little bit of flour today, I will be hungry the rest of today and into tomorrow. I will be hungry even if I have eaten so much that I know that there is no possible way that I can BE hungry. It is all in my head.

That is why cold turkey worked best for me.

...has not made her bed in 4 days. For the peeps that know me...THAT should tell you lots!