Thursday, February 04, 2010


How many of you grew up in a home where there was a TV and everything on it was only in black and white?

How many of you were your parents personal remote controls?? You know what I am talking about. They would send you over to turn the knob on the TV to see what was on the other 2 channels.
I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights with the family. Sometimes my daddy would go get up bottled coke. We liked to poke a hole in the top and suck it out slowly to make it last.

There are two of us that live in this household. We have 3 colors televisions with satellite and dvr.
What DID I do before dvr??? We also have 2 laptops.
How far we have come in such a short amount of time!!
The Internet has become a lifeline.

I visit with my friends, check out the weather, get the latest updates with the news, pay bills and enjoy a fair amount of popularity with this blog and facebook.
And seriously people....if you do not want someone to see you, make yourself private! You would be surprised to see what juicy tidbits I have found with just a few keystrokes. The net has introduced me to concepts I would have never considered. It has taken so much of what I thought and blew it up into a totally different way of thinking.

We have lost the net the last two days shortly after getting to work in the mornings.

We have been very cranky.

3 Internet and technology

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


My friends will think I have lost my flippin' mind when they see this picture. Know why? Because I always make my bed...each and every morning. They think I am insane. I think it feels better when I get ready to get back in it at night. Fresher somehow. You would have thought I would have tidied up a bit before taking the pic wouldn't you???

I love my bed.

I really do. It is queen size. It has 4 tall posters and...well....I just love it! It was bought new over 21 years ago. The slats have fallen apart and have been pieced back together. It has been moved hither and yon is still MY bed.

I love to read in bed.

I love to watch TV in bed.

I love to sleep in my bed.

Not any snuggling goes on in my bed unless you count the cats. ~sighs~

I love my electric blanket on my bed. It is one of those that goes on the mattress. I like to turn it on high and get it warmed before I go to bed. You do not have to search for the cats when it is time for bed. They are already right there where the electric blanket has made it nice and cozy.

I have LOTS of pillows. I also have the first quilt that my grandmother ever made for me. I know it was made for me and I am certainly that many prayers were said while it was being made for me.

I used to be afraid of the dark. That is when I learned the secret of the sheet. Even when it is hot, I have to have a sheet on me. See, if you can keep your hand and feet under the sheet, nothing can get you. Not even anything that might crawl out from under the bed.

Don't be rolling your eyes. I am 47 years old and nothing has gotten me when I had that sheet!

This is our routine every morning. I work at making the bed and she works at stopping me from making the bed! She loves my bed too. Gingerbean will take longs naps with me. But if it gets dark, she will hop off my bed and get into her crate.

I guess she loves her bed too.

Wanna know what I miss?

I miss halfway waking up in the night and hearing someone breathing beside me. There is a comfort in that. It is something that can annoy the heck out of you until it is not there. Trust me on this one.

#2 on the thankfulness list---BEDS

and I know y'alls minds went straight to the gutter when I asked if you knew what I missed in bed! Naughty girls!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


As you can tell from yesterdays post, I am very blessed and I realize it. I have a very very sweet life and there are many reason why. I thought that I would take this month and count down (or count up) my thankfulness list until we reach Pantipalooza and maybe beyond. These are in no particular order.

I decided I would start it off with friends.
I did not grow up with many close friends. I am not one of the fortunate ones that can introduce you to a friend that I have had since grade school or anything. I like to think that I was friends with everyone but no one that close. I have many people that I went to school with on facebook but few that I really keep in touch with.

Along came the Internet and my friend world exploded!! I have friends that I have not even MET in real life. People that love and adore me and I love them back. Friends that I email, call or text and BAM they are right there! I saw it most when my daddy was in the hospital. All of your text and emails helped so very much.

Before that, back in 1996, I landed at this place I call work. Oh lawsy, did I ever land in a strange land!! I thought that these chicks were weird! Then I got to know them and realize that they were just like me. I just did not know that was what I was like! Even odder, 5 of our paths had crossed at one time or another in my life and I did not know it until I got here. They calm me when I panic. They tell me to suck it up if my henny penny mode checks in. They sent me pictures on my phone when I was at the hospital when they were all dress up like cats. They laughed with me and cried with me. Heck, Rach's plan is to come live with me if the Apocalypse happens cause I have my 72 hour pack. I hope she brings her own beef jerky.

They are my homegirls.


I worked in one of our other counties yesterday. This morning I came into my office and THIS is what greeted me.

This was the brainchild of M2. Who GLEEFULLY told me that she got it for about 50 cents. She fully expected me to be proud of her thriftiness. It came would a mask and the noses to stick on the clown hence *PIN THE NOSE Clown Game* M2 did it but they all KNEW about it and not one of them told me. In fact I heard many *Darn...she got here before me so I did not get to hear her scream*

What WOULD I do without friends like these?

#1 Friends
......keeps hearing the song *Send in the clowns* and looking over my shoulder ~shudders~

Monday, February 01, 2010



Yes peeps! It is that time of year again! Time for the FIFTH annual Pantipalooza!! Pantipalooza grows more and more each and every year and I have all of y'all to thank for that! What started out as an *I'm not going to feel sorry for myself on Valentine's THIS year* kind of a thing has turned into such a sweet outpouring of love.

Palooza is simple. You are going to choose some woman, women or a women's group that can benefit from something you can donate or do...then you are going to do just that!

Remember....everyone can play and you can adapt the palooza to how you see fit. It is not restricted to just panties. In previous years it has included scarves, shoes, diapers, toiletries and many other things. On my thankfulness list, I always list panties. Newbie’s to my blog always think that is funny or odd and yet….I am totally serious. Fresh clean panties make the world do round.

Think of it this way, most of us have washers and dryers so we always have a fresh clean supply of panties. If not, most of us can hit the nearest Wally World and pick us up a pair! We never have to worry about clean undies. Yet, there are some women in our lives and in this world that do not have that option...that blessing. For some reason or other, life has been hard on them. Be it abuse, poverty, hurricanes, earthquakes, bad decisions or it is up to us to make a difference!

One chance encounter with a woman and one phone call is what started it all. After on of the hurricanes, I was helping at my son’s school. They were taking donations and loading trailers to go and help. One woman drove up and wiggled her finger at me to come over. She had bags and bags filled with feminine hygiene products, deodorant and panties. She said that she could not imagine going through some so life changing and not having a clean pair of panties to put on. I was blown away because I had never stopped to think about those kinds of things being needed. I wish I knew that woman. I have never seen her since that date. I know what she did made a difference in how I thought about things. I would really like to thank her.

When Valentine’s came around that next year, I called our local Crisis Center and talked to some of the counselors there. If you decide to do that, please remember that there may be some questions that they cannot answer due to confidentially laws. They told me, on average, how many women are at the safe house at any given time. I explained to them what I was sort of looking at doing. They explained to me that they get things donated such as shampoo and lotion but it is usually the generic stuff. They suggested body sprays or lotions that smell nice. I will put those things on my list to pick up. I am also donating...PANTIES!! They told me that they can always use panties at the Shelter in all shapes and sizes.

If not a shelter, other suggestions would be just asking around and finding one woman to zero in on. This is a hard holiday for a lot of people for many different reasons. Singles, widows, divorcees and couples having problems would just be a place to start. You are all very creative people and I just know that you will find the perfect person to touch. What about the chick that always checks out your groceries? Why not hand her a gift certificate for a pedicure? A Valentine left on the windshield of a teacher that explains that, not only are they appreciated but WHY they are appreciated. A Sonic card, McDonald's certificates, an offer to baby sit for one evening, an oil change certificate.....Come on! Put on your thinking caps and let me know what you come up with!

The outpouring over the last few years has been wonderful! I took the advice of one of the woman at the crisis center and am donating panties in my size...that way I am helping some woman that is a lot like me. If you decide to participate, please leave me a comment!! I want to know how far this reaches. Also, feel free to steal the idea and put it on your blog.....only good can come of it! This year I learned how to make a button! You can grab it there on the left hand side of my blog! Please post it any and every where!

Delivery this year is from February 12th until February 15th. Valentine's is on a Sunday this year so. That is why I am extending the days for pantipalooza this year.

We learned it when we were little. BIG TAKES CARE OF LITTLE. All of my readers are big in spirit and in heart.
So, what do you say? Let’s put on our big girl panties!! Go ye forth and DO!

......has PLENTY of big girl panties cause she is a big girl!!